Title Description Image_Link Page_URL Price SKU UPC_EAN Unique_ID Shipping Cost Stock_Quantity Categories Model_Number Condition Weight Alt_Image_1 Alt_Image_2 0786 birthday gift Click a smile on the face of your sweetheart with this 16 ferrero chocolate, cake and heart shape 60 red roses.   https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2108-gesf1459.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/0786-birthday-gift.html 7,650.00 gifts 0009 999999992108 FDMAKATI-gifts 0009 100 Cake gifts 0009 New 0.5 kg 1 Dozen + Ferrero Heart 1 Dozen Rose Vase With Ferrero Heart https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/997-1red-vase23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/1-dozen-ferrero-heart.html 2,900.00 combo42 999999999997 FDMAKATI-combo42 100 Combo items combo42 New 2 kg 1-Roses- 1-Roses-holland-blue https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1467-blue-600-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/1-roses.html 1,350.00 Blue 39384 999999991467 FDMAKATI-Blue 39384 100 Holland Rose Blue 39384 New 0.5 kg 1'll be there for you 6 Red Roses with Couple Bear Heart , pilow and Ferrero Chocolates. Perfect for your Valentine's Gift https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/998-lovethoughts.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/1-ll-be-there-for-you.html 3,400.00 combo43 999999999998 FDMAKATI-combo43 100 Combo items combo43 New 2 kg 10 items Chocolate Basket 10 item of different imported chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/201-201-chok52.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/10-items-chocolate-basket.html 2,700.00 choco63 999999999201 FDMAKATI-choco63 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco63 New 0.5 kg 10 Purple & 10 Pink Tulip Hand Bouquet 10 Purple & 10 Pink Tulip HandBouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2008-10-purple--10-pink-tulip-hand-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/10-purple-10-pink-tulip-hand-bouquet.html 6,300.00 tulips001 999999992008 FDMAKATI-tulips001 100 Tulip tulips001 New 0.5 kg 10 sunflower bouquet 10 sunflower bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2147-best33333333.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/10-sunflower-bouquet.html 3,700.00 sun 3743 999999992147 FDMAKATI-sun 3743 100 Flowers Arrangement sun 3743 New 0.5 kg 10 Tulips Hand Bouquet 10 Orange Tulips Hand Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2009-10-tulips-hand-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/10-tulips-hand-bouquet.html 4,500.00 tulips002 999999992009 FDMAKATI-tulips002 100 Tulip tulips002 New 0.5 kg 100 Mixed Roses basket 100 Mixed Roses basket red pink orange pomelo yellow peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1527-100-mix-roses4000.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/100-mixed-roses-basket.html 11,800.00 valrose 5566888 999999991527 FDMAKATI-valrose 5566888 100 Roses » 100 Roses valrose 5566888 New 0.5 kg 100 Multi Colored Roses 100 Multi Colored Roses red pink orange pomelo yellow vase not included for provincial area https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1512-100-multicolored-roses-100238-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/100-multi-colored-roses.html 11,800.00 multi 8878999 999999991512 FDMAKATI-multi 8878999 100 Roses » 100 Roses multi 8878999 New 0.5 kg 100 red 100 red bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1112-for-you-only--99-rose-bouquet-pic0006847.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/100-red.html 10,500.00 spl 6688 999999991112 FDMAKATI-spl 6688 100 Roses » 100 Roses spl 6688 New 2 kg 101 Mix color Send this wonderfull Heartshape Arrangement of 101 Mix color Roses to your loved ones in PHILIPPINES and heighten their celebration.  red pink yellow orange  pomelo peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1487-gai2-igpffhrt003.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/101-mix-color.html 9,250.00 valheart 5566 999999991487 FDMAKATI-valheart 5566 100 Heart Shape Basket valheart 5566 New 0.5 kg 101 Red ROSES Capture a romantic mood with our Sweet Expressions Bouquet. Soft and sweet, these luscious 101 Red long stemmed roses will melt your Sweetie's heart. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/695-rosb38.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/101-red-roses.html 10,500.00 rosb38 999999999695 FDMAKATI-rosb38 100 Roses » 100 Roses rosb38 New 0.5 kg 11 Red Carnations 11 Red Carnations with green leaves, beautiful package. For our great Mother. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1739-11-red-carnations.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/11-red-carnations.html 2,850.00 653 999999991739 FDMAKATI-653 100 Mother's day Flowers 653 New 0.5 kg 12 blue & 24 White 36 Roses ( 12 blue & 24 White ) Bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1025-showimage-5.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/12-blue-24-white.html 6,000.00 MIX 8888 999999991025 FDMAKATI-MIX 8888 100 Roses » 36 Roses MIX 8888 New 2 kg 12 BLue + 12white 24 Roses ( 12 BLue, 12white ) Bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1031-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/12-blue-12white.html 4,100.00 MIX 37444 999999991031 FDMAKATI-MIX 37444 100 Roses » 24 Roses MIX 37444 New 2 kg 12 Blue Roses 12 blue roses please order 2 day in advance. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1750-19-blue-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/12-blue-roses.html 2,400.00 580 999999991750 FDMAKATI-580 100 Mother's day Flowers 580 New 0.5 kg 12 Blues Roses 12 Blues Roses Hand Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1047-2226-rose-bouquet-29.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-blues-roses.html 2,000.00 SPl 374343 999999991047 FDMAKATI-SPl 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses SPl 374343 New 2 kg 12 Cadbury Sets 12 Cadbury Sets https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2104-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/12-cadbury-sets.html 2,750.00 cadbury 32 999999992104 FDMAKATI-cadbury 32 100 Chocolate » Cadbury cadbury 32 New 0.5 kg 12 Delux Hand Bouquet Love Pillow with 12 stalks red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1281-mother-day-07-b-09042013-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-delux-hand-bouquet.html 3,100.00 new 374343 999999991281 FDMAKATI-new 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses new 374343 New 2 kg 12 delux Pink Hand Bouquet 12 stalks pink color roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1282-rose-hand-bouquet-16-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-delux-pink-hand-bouquet.html 2,000.00 New 12377777 999999991282 FDMAKATI-New 12377777 100 Roses » 12 Roses New 12377777 New 0.5 kg 12 delux Pink Hand Bunch 12 stalks pink colour roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1283-rose-hand-bouquet-14-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-delux-pink-hand-bunch.html 2,000.00 new 123777 999999991283 FDMAKATI-new 123777 100 Roses » 12 Roses new 123777 New 0.5 kg 12 Deluxe Gran Prix Red Roses What women want and what every man needs! A romantic aqua pack hand tied design, featuring a dozen dutch grown, beautiful top grade Gran Prix Velvet Red Roses with complimentary foliage in luxurious packaging. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1080-12-dutch-red-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-deluxe-gran-prix-red-roses.html 2,100.00 Roses 374343 999999991080 FDMAKATI-Roses 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses Roses 374343 New 0.5 kg 12 Mix Roses with 16 Pcs Ferrero 12 Mix Roses vase with 16 Pcs Ferrero Rochers Chocolate Box. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1539-fham59-400hhhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-mix-roses-with-16-pcs-ferrero.html 2,800.00 combo102 999999991539 FDMAKATI-combo102 100 Combo items combo102 New 0.5 kg 12 MIX Toblerone Chocolates Famous Swiss Milk Toblerone Chocolate with Honey and Almond Nougat. Individually wrapped 30 count mini bars, Each bar weights .44oz or 12.5grams - total net weight 400 grams. With 6 roses and some seasonal flowers bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/214-11images-323232.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/12-mix-toblerone-chocolates.html 3,800.00 choco117 999999999214 FDMAKATI-choco117 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco117 New 0.5 kg 12 Mixed Roses Bouquet 12 Mixed Roses Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1020-bf1244e-12-mixed-roses-standing-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-mixed-roses-bouquet.html 2,000.00 Rose4222 999999991020 FDMAKATI-Rose4222 100 Roses » 12 Roses Rose4222 New 0.5 kg 12 multicolored roses w/hershey's heart 12 multicolored roses w/hershey's heart red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1520-untitleherrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-multicolored-roses-w-hershey-s-heart.html 3,000.00 combo96 999999991520 FDMAKATI-combo96 100 Combo items combo96 New 0.5 kg 12 NIGHTS TO LOVE 12 stalks of pink roses hand bunch with Statics and Caspia https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1210-showimage-9.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-nights-to-love.html 2,000.00 VAl 374343 999999991210 FDMAKATI-VAl 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses VAl 374343 New 0.5 kg 12 Peach +12 White Roses 12 Peach and 12 White Roses With Sala-tip Foliage And Nettimg Handbouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1023-showimage-3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/12-peach-12-white-roses.html 4,100.00 flower 4323322 999999991023 FDMAKATI-flower 4323322 100 Roses » 24 Roses flower 4323322 New 0.5 kg 12 pink + 24 Red 36 Roses ( 12 pink 24 Red ) Bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1033-bf0418e-36-peach-red.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/12-pink-24-red.html 6,000.00 Spl 32323 999999991033 FDMAKATI-Spl 32323 100 Roses » 36 Roses Spl 32323 New 2 kg 12 Pretty Pink Rose From a good friend comes this gift! Given here, your heart to lift! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/461-ros416.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-pretty-pink-rose.html 2,100.00 ros416 999999999461 FDMAKATI-ros416 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros416 New 0.5 kg 12 Purple Roses 12 Purple Roses Hand bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1178-pp003.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-purple-roses.html 2,000.00 Blues 37 999999991178 FDMAKATI-Blues 37 100 Roses » 12 Roses Blues 37 New 0.5 kg 12 Red Bunch 12 Red Roses with White Pheonix bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1187-rr006s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-red-bunch.html 2,000.00 ROses 420 999999991187 FDMAKATI-ROses 420 100 Roses » 12 Roses ROses 420 New 0.5 kg 12 Red Roses + kisses pack + teddy 12 Red Roses + ferrero Heart box. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/996-1-dozen-red-roses-bear-chocolates-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-red-roses-kisses-pack-teddy.html 3,400.00 Combo41 999999999996 FDMAKATI-Combo41 100 Combo items Combo41 New 2 kg 12 Red Roses Bouquet w/ferrero heart 12 Red Roses Bouquet w/ferrero heart https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2161-1-dozen-bouquet-roses-with-ferrero-chocolate-1024x1024.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-red-roses-bouquet-w-ferrero-heart.html 2,800.00 val 67786800 999999992161 FDMAKATI-val 67786800 100 Combo items val 67786800 New 0.5 kg 12 Red Roses Bunch - 5 Nestle KitKat 12 Red Roses Bunch - 5 Nestle KitKat https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2114-combo007-0.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-red-roses-bunch-5-nestle-kitkat.html 2,650.00 kit 334656 999999992114 FDMAKATI-kit 334656 100 Combo items kit 334656 New 0.5 kg 12 Rose bunch 12 Rose bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1045-thumb.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-rose-bunch.html 2,000.00 flower 44555 999999991045 FDMAKATI-flower 44555 100 Roses » 12 Roses flower 44555 New 2 kg 12 Roses In A Box To really impress that special somebody in your life, this gift will most certainly tell them how you feel! Alternative rose colours available - please specify your colour preference when placing your order. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1146-fs7107-12-roses-in-a-box-2-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-roses-in-a-box.html 2,000.00 box 374343 999999991146 FDMAKATI-box 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses box 374343 New 0.5 kg 12 Roses Vase 12 Roses Vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1078-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/12-roses-vase.html 2,100.00 Rose 374343 999999991078 FDMAKATI-Rose 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses Rose 374343 New 2 kg 12 Toblerone bouquet (12x50 gm) 12 Toblerone bouquet (12x50 gm) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1013-image-5ffaa6d3-d290-44ff-bdc7-e5857bb7ba35-250x2502x.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/12-toblerone-bouquet-12x50-gm.html 3,000.00 choco123 999999991013 FDMAKATI-choco123 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco123 New 0.5 kg 12-Mx-Roses-Teddy Bunch of 12 Mix Roses and 9 Inches Teddy Bear with i love you pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/977-1296650900-12-mx-roses-teddy.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/12-mx-roses-teddy.html 2,700.00 combo26 999999999977 FDMAKATI-combo26 100 Combo items combo26 New 2 kg 15 Beauty Mix 5 white, 5 pink, 5 yellow tulip mix. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2010-15-beauty-mix.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/15-beauty-mix.html 5,500.00 tulips003 999999992010 FDMAKATI-tulips003 100 Tulip tulips003 New 0.5 kg 16 pieces of Ferrero 16 pieces of Ferrero https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1410-ferrero-rocher-16pc-chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/16-pieces-of-ferrero.html 1,000.00 choco92 999999991410 FDMAKATI-choco92 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco92 New 0.5 kg 18 Coloured Rose 18 Multi Color Roses red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1514-bunch-of-20-mix-roses-magic-of-multicolor-medium-6791f6ebb3c5563b181ebac2228ce292.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/18-coloured-rose.html 3,200.00 multi 8878999666 999999991514 FDMAKATI-multi 8878999666 100 Roses » 18 roses multi 8878999666 New 0.5 kg 18 Multicolored Roses w/ferrero 18 Multicolored Roses w/ferrero red pink orange pomelo peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1517-untitledhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/18-multicolored-roses-w-ferrero.html 3,400.00 combo93 999999991517 FDMAKATI-combo93 100 Combo items combo93 New 0.5 kg 19 Pink Carnations 19 stalk pink carnations with solidago canadensis, pink paper elegant wrapped. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1806-19-pink-carnations.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/19-pink-carnations.html 3,450.00 Item #461 999999991806 FDMAKATI-Item #461 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #461 New 0.5 kg 2 Days Celebration Day 1. Bunch of 12 Pink Roses. ( Dely on 13 th Feb ) Day 2. Bunch of 24 Red Roses for your sweet heart. ( Dely on 14th Feb. ) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1453-exvl47.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/2-days-celebration.html 5,800.00 seren 09987000 999999991453 FDMAKATI-seren 09987000 100 Valentines Serenades seren 09987000 New 0.5 kg 2 dozen garden spray roses 24 stems of garden spray roses arranged in basket surrounded with leather lives. The stems are short to make the flowers last longer. It is an expression of friendliness and love. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/435-rosb520.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/2-dozen-garden-spray-roses.html 4,000.00 ROSB520 999999999435 FDMAKATI-ROSB520 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB520 New 0.5 kg 2 dozen Multi Color Roses w/ Reese's 2 dozen Multi Color Roses w/ Reese's heart box. red pink orange pomelo peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1518-hw0-511042hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/2-dozen-multi-color-roses-w-reese-s.html 3,700.00 combo94 999999991518 FDMAKATI-combo94 100 Combo items combo94 New 0.5 kg 2 dozen multicolored 2 dozen multicolored roses in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1291-rose-113.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/2-dozen-multicolored.html 4,000.00 Gift12355555 999999991291 FDMAKATI-Gift12355555 100 Roses » 24 Roses Gift12355555 New 0.5 kg 2 dozen red & pink 2 dozen red & pink roses in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1290-rose-112.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/2-dozen-red-pink.html 4,000.00 Rosebas 123777999 999999991290 FDMAKATI-Rosebas 123777999 100 Roses » 24 Roses Rosebas 123777999 New 0.5 kg 2 Dozen Rose With Toblerone Pack 2 Dozen Rose With Toblerone Pack.(300 grm) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/987-2redbouquettoblerone.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/2-dozen-rose-with-toblerone-pack.html 4,400.00 combo33 999999999987 FDMAKATI-combo33 100 Combo items combo33 New 0.5 kg 2 Dozens Roses Basket Roses are like the ponies of the rose world; smaller but just as beautiful if not more lovable. Considered "cute" roses, this large arrangement comes with 24 yellow roses. Placed into a large basket and blended with assorted greenery, this combination makes for the perfect gift on anniversaries or as a friendship gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/427-rosb512.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/2-dozens-roses-basket.html 4,000.00 ROSB512 999999999427 FDMAKATI-ROSB512 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB512 New 0.5 kg 2 Dozens Roses Basket/s Roses are like the ponies of the rose world; smaller but just as beautiful if not more lovable. Considered "cute" roses, this large arrangement comes with 24 roses. Placed into a large basket and blended with assorted greenery, this combination makes for the perfect gift on anniversaries or as a friendship gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/437-rosb502.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/2-dozens-roses-basket-s.html 4,000.00 ROSB502 999999999437 FDMAKATI-ROSB502 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB502 New 0.5 kg 2 Guylian Chocolate Boxes 2 Guylian Chocolate Boxes,180 g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1426-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/guylian/2-guylian-chocolate-boxes.html 2,200.00 choco98 999999991426 FDMAKATI-choco98 100 Chocolate » Guylian choco98 New 0.5 kg 2 Rose Presentation - Red 2 holland Rose Presentation - Red https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1123-2-rose-presentation-red-med.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/2-rose-presentation-red.html 1,700.00 Holland 374343 999999991123 FDMAKATI-Holland 374343 100 Holland Rose Holland 374343 New 0.5 kg 2 Vochelle tin box 2 Vochelle tin box 180 gm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1391-flykm.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/2-vochelle-tin-box.html 1,000.00 choco10 999999991391 FDMAKATI-choco10 100 Chocolate choco10 New 0.5 kg 20" Brown I Love you Teddy Bear with T-shirt T-shirt color may be vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/144-teddy29.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-brown-i-love-you-teddy-bear-with-t-shirt.html 2,300.00 Teddy29 999999999144 FDMAKATI-Teddy29 100 Teddy29 New 0.5 kg 20" Brown Teddy Bear with heart shape Pillow. 20" Brown Teddy Bear with heart shape Pillow.! Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/120-teddy05.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-brown-teddy-bear-with-heart-shape-pillow.html 2,300.00 Teddy05 999999999120 FDMAKATI-Teddy05 100 Teddy05 New 0.5 kg 20" Brown you are special Teddy Bear with T-shirt T-shirt color may be vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/143-teddy28.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-brown-you-are-special-teddy-bear-with-t-shirt.html 2,300.00 Teddy28 999999999143 FDMAKATI-Teddy28 100 Teddy28 New 0.5 kg 20" Teddy Bear 20" Teddy Bear https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/126-teddy11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy11 999999999126 FDMAKATI-Teddy11 100 Teddy11 New 0.5 kg 20" Teddy Bear with I love You Pillow-2 20" Teddy Bear with I love You Pillow-2 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/138-teddy23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-teddy-bear-with-i-love-you-pillow-2.html 2,300.00 Teddy23 999999999138 FDMAKATI-Teddy23 100 Teddy23 New 0.5 kg 20" Teddy Bear with I love You T-shirt-2 20" Teddy Bear with I love You T-shirt-2 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/137-teddy22.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-teddy-bear-with-i-love-you-t-shirt-2.html 2,300.00 Teddy22 999999999137 FDMAKATI-Teddy22 100 Teddy22 New 0.5 kg 20" Teddy Bear with I love You T-shirt. 20" Teddy Bear with I love You T-shirt. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/136-teddy21.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-teddy-bear-with-i-love-you-t-shirt.html 2,300.00 Teddy21 999999999136 FDMAKATI-Teddy21 100 Teddy21 New 0.5 kg 20" Teddy Bear-3 20" Teddy Bear-3 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/130-teddy15.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-teddy-bear-3.html 2,300.00 Teddy15 999999999130 FDMAKATI-Teddy15 100 Teddy15 New 0.5 kg 20" White Teddy Bear 20" White Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/123-teddy08.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-white-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy08 999999999123 FDMAKATI-Teddy08 100 Teddy08 New 0.5 kg 20" White Teddy Bear-2 20" White Teddy Bear-2 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/125-teddy10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-white-teddy-bear-2.html 2,300.00 Teddy10 999999999125 FDMAKATI-Teddy10 100 Teddy10 New 0.5 kg 20" White Teddy Bear-3 20" White Teddy Bear-3 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/128-teddy13.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/20-white-teddy-bear-3.html 2,300.00 Teddy13 999999999128 FDMAKATI-Teddy13 100 Teddy13 New 0.5 kg 21 Pink + 3 Red 24 Roses BUnch ( 21 Pink 3 Red ) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1029-showimage-10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/21-pink-3-red.html 4,100.00 MIX 344374343 999999991029 FDMAKATI-MIX 344374343 100 Roses » 24 Roses MIX 344374343 New 2 kg 23 by Michael Jordan 23 by Michael Jordan(100mL Cologne Spray)by https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1103-images-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/23-by-michael-jordan.html 3,200.00 men 3743322 999999991103 FDMAKATI-men 3743322 100 men 3743322 New 0.5 kg 24 Bright Blush Rose Bouquet 24 Bright Blush yellow Rose bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1481-edhb106.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-bright-blush-rose-bouquet.html 3,500.00 val 5566888 999999991481 FDMAKATI-val 5566888 100 Roses val 5566888 New 0.5 kg 24 Coloured Rose Bouquet 24 Coloured Rose Bouquet pomelo,orange & yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1501-24colouredrosebouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-coloured-rose-bouquet.html 4,100.00 FLB 56577888 999999991501 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56577888 New 0.5 kg 24 Hot Pomelo Roses 24 Hot Pomelo Roses Hand Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1022-showimage-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-hot-pomelo-roses.html 4,100.00 Rose 4444666 999999991022 FDMAKATI-Rose 4444666 100 Roses » 24 Roses Rose 4444666 New 2 kg 24 inches w/i love you pillow 24 inches w/i love you pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1017-teddy-bear-i-love-you-1383-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-inches-w-i-love-you-pillow.html 1,800.00 teddy4444666 999999991017 FDMAKATI-teddy4444666 100 Bears teddy4444666 New 0.5 kg 24 Long Stem Multicolored Roses 24 Long Stem Multicolored Roses . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1049-tf-flower-36.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-long-stem-multicolored-roses.html 3,500.00 SPl4444 999999991049 FDMAKATI-SPl4444 100 Roses SPl4444 New 2 kg 24 mix bunch 24 mix bunch (pomelo,peach & orange) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1503-untitled-666666669879.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-mix-bunch.html 3,800.00 val 556777 999999991503 FDMAKATI-val 556777 100 Roses » 24 Roses val 556777 New 0.5 kg 24 mix roses w/10 balloons 24 mix roses w/10 balloons https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2125-d-101.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/24-mix-roses-w-10-balloons.html 4,100.00 special 23676 999999992125 FDMAKATI-special 23676 100 Balloons special 23676 New 0.5 kg 24 mix roses+teddy+5 cadburys chocolates 24 mix roses+8" teddy+5 cadburys chocolates (65g each) 24 mix (pomelo,peach & pink) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1528-chocolates100.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/24-mix-roses-teddy-5-cadburys-chocolates.html 4,500.00 combo99 999999991528 FDMAKATI-combo99 100 Combo items combo99 New 0.5 kg 24 Mixed Roses Posy 24 Mixed Roses Posy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1021-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-mixed-roses-posy.html 4,100.00 flower 78888 999999991021 FDMAKATI-flower 78888 100 Roses » 24 Roses flower 78888 New 0.5 kg 24 Mixed roses with Cake & Balloon 24 Mixed roses with Cake & Balloon https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2095-untitled---25-sljm-fm.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/24-mixed-roses-with-cake-balloon.html 4,850.00 cake 5656 999999992095 FDMAKATI-cake 5656 100 Cake cake 5656 New 0.5 kg 24 Multi Colored Roses basket 24 Multi Colored Roses basket red pink orange pomelo yellow peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1533-133293494177777777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-multi-colored-roses-basket.html 4,100.00 FLB 56577888 999999991533 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56577888 New 0.5 kg 24 Orange Roses 2 Dozen Orange Roses with Baby Breath https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1169-36-orange.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-orange-roses.html 3,500.00 Roses 4444666 999999991169 FDMAKATI-Roses 4444666 100 Roses Roses 4444666 New 0.5 kg 24 Orange Roses Bouquet 24 Orange Roses Bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/971-roses23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-orange-roses-bouquet.html 4,000.00 Roses 1111 999999999971 FDMAKATI-Roses 1111 100 Roses » 24 Roses Roses 1111 New 2 kg 24 Orange Roses in a Box with Chocolates 24 Orange Roses in a Box with 400 g toblerone Chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1541-20-orange-roses--4fe0712f8d2df.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/24-orange-roses-in-a-box-with-chocolates.html 3,400.00 combo104 999999991541 FDMAKATI-combo104 100 Combo items combo104 New 0.5 kg 24 oranges decorated Gift your loved one this beautiful bunch of 24 oranges decorated with green leaves and make their day. The roses are beautifully arranged in a basket. Delivered fresh, budding and ready to bloom they are exceptional gifts for your loved ones in India. You can also send Gifts to India along with this rose basket through RGCards.com. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1506-gti0150.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-oranges-decorated.html 4,000.00 FLB 56577999 999999991506 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577999 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56577999 New 0.5 kg 24 pieces of Ferrero The sweetness of rich chocolates coated with rich caramel will have your lil friends going gaga about this gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/226-chok6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/24-pieces-of-ferrero.html 1,500.00 choco87 999999999226 FDMAKATI-choco87 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco87 New 0.5 kg 24 pink + 12 red 24 pink 12 red in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1114-peachy-keen-vf2963-enlarge.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/24-pink-12-red.html 6,000.00 spl 4444 999999991114 FDMAKATI-spl 4444 100 Roses » 36 Roses spl 4444 New 0.5 kg 24 pomelo roses bouquet 24 pomelo roses bouquet Flowers are hand-picked, tied, and shipped fresh from the fields https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1489-untitled-pomelo.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-pomelo-roses-bouquet.html 3,800.00 pomelo 5566888 999999991489 FDMAKATI-pomelo 5566888 100 Roses » 24 Roses pomelo 5566888 New 0.5 kg 24 Red 36 Pink 60 Roses ( 24 Red 36 Pink outside ) Bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1034-showimage-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/24-red-36-pink.html 6,900.00 Spl 3231212 999999991034 FDMAKATI-Spl 3231212 100 Roses » 60 Roses Spl 3231212 New 0.5 kg 24 Red Roses Bouquet 24 Red Roses Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1019-24-red-roses-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-red-roses-bouquet.html 4,100.00 flower 44555 999999991019 FDMAKATI-flower 44555 100 Roses » 24 Roses flower 44555 New 2 kg 24 red roses in heart 24 red roses in heart shape basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1461-images7777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/24-red-roses-in-heart.html 4,350.00 heartb 88855 999999991461 FDMAKATI-heartb 88855 100 Heart Shape Basket heartb 88855 New 0.5 kg 24 Roses Bouquet + 3 Toblerone Send 24 Red Roses Bouquet, 3 Toblerone 100 gms each with a Free Greeting Card with your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/990-247.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/24-roses-bouquet-3-toblerone.html 4,400.00 combo36 999999999990 FDMAKATI-combo36 100 Combo items combo36 New 2 kg 24 Yellow Rose bunch These gorgeous, fresh cut roses make the perfect addition to any home. Whether you're buying a gift or treating yourself, you can't go wrong with these beautiful fresh cut roses. Take yours home today! Case includes 24 yellow Bouquets, great for party decorating for any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1509-0002554245474-a.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/24-yellow-rose-bunch.html 4,000.00 FLB 56577888 999999991509 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56577888 New 0.5 kg 24" Be Mine Teddy Bear with T-shirt 24" Be Mine Teddy Bear with T-shirt T-shirt color may be vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/147-147-teddy32.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-be-mine-teddy-bear-with-t-shirt.html 1,800.00 Teddy32 999999999147 FDMAKATI-Teddy32 100 Bears Teddy32 New 0.5 kg 24" Brown Teddy Bear with I Love You Pillow. 24" Brown Teddy Bear with I Love You Pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/118-teddy03.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-brown-teddy-bear-with-i-love-you-pillow.html 1,800.00 Teddy03 999999999118 FDMAKATI-Teddy03 100 Bears Teddy03 New 0.5 kg 24" Brown Teddy Bear with Missing you T-shirt. 24" Brown Teddy Bear with Missing you T-shirt. T-shirt color may be vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/142-142-teddy27.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-brown-teddy-bear-with-missing-you-t-shirt.html 1,800.00 Teddy27 999999999142 FDMAKATI-Teddy27 100 Bears Teddy27 New 0.5 kg 24" Brown Teddy Bear. 24" Brown Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/121-teddy06.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-brown-teddy-bear.html 1,800.00 Teddy06 999999999121 FDMAKATI-Teddy06 100 Bears Teddy06 New 0.5 kg 24" Pink Teddy Bear with Heart shape Pillow. 24" Pink Teddy Bear with Heart shape Pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/122-122-teddy07.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/24-pink-teddy-bear-with-heart-shape-pillow.html 1,800.00 Teddy07 999999999122 FDMAKATI-Teddy07 100 Bears Teddy07 New 0.5 kg 25 items Chocolate Basket Chocolate Basket 25 item of different imported chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/204-204-chok55.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/25-items-chocolate-basket.html 5,200.00 choco64 999999999204 FDMAKATI-choco64 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco64 New 0.5 kg 3 Assorted Guylian Chocolate Boxes 3 Assorted Guylian Chocolate ,100 g each  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1425-chocfeb2013-19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/3-assorted-guylian-chocolate-boxes.html 1,800.00 choco32 999999991425 FDMAKATI-choco32 100 Chocolate choco32 New 0.5 kg 3 Balloons+ Chocolate Cake + Mix Gerberas Basket   3 Balloons+ Chocolate Cake +  Mix Gerberas Basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2098-gifts-india-11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/3-balloons-chocolate-cake-mix-gerberas-basket.html 4,000.00 cake 0505 999999992098 FDMAKATI-cake 0505 100 Balloons cake 0505 New 0.5 kg 3 Cadbury Sets The wonderful flavor of cadbury nuts is enhanced with a rich chocolate 65 gm each. 3 pieces. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/228-chok8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/3-cadbury-sets.html 1,400.00 choco49 999999999228 FDMAKATI-choco49 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco49 New 0.5 kg 3 Days Serenades Day 1. TWO feet tall Teddy Bear holding a heart with 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates 65 gm each.( Dely on 12th Feb) Day 2. Mouth watering chocolate cake -500gm. ( Dely on 13 th Feb ) Day 3. Bunch of 12 Red Roses for your sweet heart. ( Dely on 14th Feb. ) Please note : Cake design n looks may vary depending upon local availability https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1454-exvl45.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/3-days-serenades.html 7,350.00 serrose 00055 999999991454 FDMAKATI-serrose 00055 100 Valentines Serenades serrose 00055 New 0.5 kg 3 dozen bunch 3 dozen bunch roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1113-gorgeous-b--99-rose-bouquet-fscn1267v2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/3-dozen-bunch.html 6,000.00 roses 374343 999999991113 FDMAKATI-roses 374343 100 Roses » 36 Roses roses 374343 New 2 kg 3 dozen Multi Color Roses 3 dozen Multi Color Roses red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1511-1047-roses-multicolor-big-22.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/3-dozen-multi-color-roses.html 6,000.00 multi 8878888 999999991511 FDMAKATI-multi 8878888 100 Roses » 36 Roses multi 8878888 New 0.5 kg 3 Dozen Pomelo Pink roses Boquet 3 Dozen Pomelo Pink roses Boquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1490-xspkq3b7zktwdcsrzw3mawul9scd78kftkj.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/3-dozen-pomelo-pink-roses-boquet.html 6,000.00 val 5566888uuu 999999991490 FDMAKATI-val 5566888uuu 100 Roses » 36 Roses val 5566888uuu New 0.5 kg 3 Dozen Yellow Roses Bouquet 3 Dozen Yellow Roses Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1480-3dz-yellow-roses-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/3-dozen-yellow-roses-bouquet.html 6,000.00 val 55668888 999999991480 FDMAKATI-val 55668888 100 Roses » 36 Roses val 55668888 New 0.5 kg 3 Heart Ferrero I Love You Rocher 3 Heart Gift Pack. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/196-chok47.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/3-heart-ferrero.html 3,000.00 choco83 999999999196 FDMAKATI-choco83 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco83 New 0.5 kg 3 heart shape boxes 3 heart shape boxes of chocolates in a basket. lindt heart shape hershey's heart shape ferrero heart shape https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/237-chok16.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/3-heart-shape-boxes.html 3,900.00 choco75 999999999237 FDMAKATI-choco75 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco75 New 0.5 kg 3 PCS. RED ROSES W/ TEDDY BEAR 3 PCS. holland RED ROSES W/ 24" TEDDY BEAR and i LOve you pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1126-3-r-roses-bear-flower-delivery-848x990.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/3-pcs-red-roses-w-teddy-bear.html 4,400.00 holland 374343 999999991126 FDMAKATI-holland 374343 100 Holland Rose holland 374343 New 0.5 kg 3 sunflower bouquet 3 sunflower bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2150-hb00288a-600x600.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/3-sunflower-bouquet.html 2,200.00 sun 099667 999999992150 FDMAKATI-sun 099667 100 Flowers Arrangement sun 099667 New 0.5 kg 3-WORD 3 imported Holland Red Roses With Small Bear and Pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1209-showimage-8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/3-word.html 3,900.00 Holland 374343 999999991209 FDMAKATI-Holland 374343 100 Holland Rose Holland 374343 New 0.5 kg 30 pieces of Ferrero 30 pieces of Ferrero https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1409-001739860-001643356516688470166d5bcdd3c2586b7bf24d523806c56.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/30-pieces-of-ferrero.html 1,750.00 choco91 999999991409 FDMAKATI-choco91 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco91 New 0.5 kg 30-Red Blooms with Choco Treats Here is a special floral bouquet for your loved ones. The floral bouquet comes with beautiful 30 red roses wrapped in red paper packing and clubbed with 2 Dairymilk , 75 grm each Chocolates and one Black forest Cake of 500gm. No wonder its an excellent gift option to woo your beloved or someone special on special moment of the year. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1543-pre159.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/30-red-blooms-with-choco-treats.html 5,350.00 basok 7788888 999999991543 FDMAKATI-basok 7788888 100 Cake basok 7788888 New 0.5 kg 30" Pink Happy Valentine's Day Teddy Bear with T-shirt T-shirt color may be vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/150-teddy35.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/30-pink-happy-valentine-s-day-teddy-bear-with-t-shirt.html 2,300.00 Teddy35 999999999150 FDMAKATI-Teddy35 100 Teddy35 New 0.5 kg 36 " Lavender teddy 36 " Lavender teddy with lavender pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1015-sewsie-big-love-lavender-teddy-bear-42in-3--92532.1327379847.1280.1280.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/36-lavender-teddy.html 3,200.00 lavender 4444666 999999991015 FDMAKATI-lavender 4444666 100 Bears lavender 4444666 New 0.5 kg 36 Bouquet 36 Hot red roses Wrapped by red circular cotton paper A little modern, a little whimsical How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…If you're going to send roses fast, send roses that last, like our 36 red roses. For that person for whom 12 red roses seems just a bit short, for a person you love 50% more, make it a bountiful bouquet of 66 red roses. There may be no better way to express your truly love than this rose bouquet. It's also a great way to get into someone’s heart! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1077-flowers-l-2009-6-15-0-36-34.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-bouquet.html 6,000.00 ROSE 4444666 999999991077 FDMAKATI-ROSE 4444666 100 Roses » 36 Roses ROSE 4444666 New 0.5 kg 36 Mixed Blossoms Roses 36 Mixed Blossoms Roses pomelo,orange,pink,red,yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1504-24colouredrosebouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-mixed-blossoms-roses.html 6,000.00 FLB 56577888iii 999999991504 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888iii 100 Roses » 36 Roses FLB 56577888iii New 0.5 kg 36 Mixed Roses 36 Mixed Roses Handbouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1024-showimage-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-mixed-roses.html 6,000.00 food37434333 999999991024 FDMAKATI-food37434333 100 Roses » 36 Roses food37434333 New 2 kg 36 Orange Roses 36 Orange Roses bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1497-907.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-orange-roses.html 6,000.00 FLB 565777777 999999991497 FDMAKATI-FLB 565777777 100 Roses » 36 Roses FLB 565777777 New 0.5 kg 36 Pcs. Pink Roses in a beautiful box 36 Pcs. Pink Roses in a beautiful box Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized gift message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1456-detail-109-rose-box09b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-pcs-pink-roses-in-a-beautiful-box.html 6,200.00 rosbox999 999999991456 FDMAKATI-rosbox999 100 Roses » 36 Roses rosbox999 New 0.5 kg 36 peach,pomelo & pink 36 peach,pomelo & pink bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1526-36roses2040.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-peach-pomelo-pink.html 6,000.00 val 55669854567 999999991526 FDMAKATI-val 55669854567 100 Roses » 36 Roses val 55669854567 New 0.5 kg 36 Pink Roses 36 Pink Roses bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1498-909.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-pink-roses.html 6,000.00 FLB 565777668 999999991498 FDMAKATI-FLB 565777668 100 Roses » 36 Roses FLB 565777668 New 0.5 kg 36 pomelo roses and 40 pcs ferrero rocher Send this exotice heart shape basket arrangement of 36 pomelo roses and 40 pcs ferrero rocher chocolates with green fillers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2005-1495-1378114293-pwn-40r-r-40-fr-heart-send-gifts-to-india.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/36-pomelo-roses-and-40-pcs-ferrero-rocher.html 7,250.00 hrt01 999999992005 FDMAKATI-hrt01 100 Heart Shape Basket hrt01 New 0.5 kg 36 Red Rose Basket 36 Red Rose Basket with heart balloon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1295-36roses1900.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-red-rose-basket.html 5,200.00 Gift123 999999991295 FDMAKATI-Gift123 100 Roses » 36 Roses Gift123 New 0.5 kg 36 Red Roses 36 Red Roses bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1185-rr032-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-red-roses.html 5,900.00 mix 37434366 999999991185 FDMAKATI-mix 37434366 100 Roses » 36 Roses mix 37434366 New 0.5 kg 36 Rose Basket 36 Rose Basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1292-27roses1640.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/36-rose-basket.html 5,200.00 Gift1230988777 999999991292 FDMAKATI-Gift1230988777 100 Roses » 36 Roses Gift1230988777 New 0.5 kg 36 White roses 36 White roses, purple forget me rich periphery, lining a white or light-colored lines curling paper, round paper packaging for external use purple curling https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1734-33-white-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/36-white-roses.html 4,100.00 577 999999991734 FDMAKATI-577 100 Mother's day Flowers 577 New 0.5 kg 36" Brown Teddy Bear 36" Brown Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/131-teddy16.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-brown-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy16 999999999131 FDMAKATI-Teddy16 100 Teddy16 New 0.5 kg 36" Brown Teddy Bear with X-mas Dress. 36" Brown Teddy Bear with X-mas Dress. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/140-teddy25.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-brown-teddy-bear-with-x-mas-dress.html 2,300.00 Teddy25 999999999140 FDMAKATI-Teddy25 100 Teddy25 New 0.5 kg 36" Brown Teddy Bear with X-mas hat and Tie. 36" Brown Teddy Bear with X-mas hat and Tie. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/129-teddy14.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-brown-teddy-bear-with-x-mas-hat-and-tie.html 2,300.00 Teddy14 999999999129 FDMAKATI-Teddy14 100 Teddy14 New 0.5 kg 36" pink with pillow 36" pink with pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1300-pink-teddy-bear.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/36-pink-with-pillow.html 3,200.00 nbear 44555 999999991300 FDMAKATI-nbear 44555 100 Bears nbear 44555 New 0.5 kg 36" Teddy Bear 36 inches teddy bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/139-teddy24.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy24 999999999139 FDMAKATI-Teddy24 100 Teddy24 New 0.5 kg 36" Teddy Bear with hat and Neck Tie 36" Teddy Bear with hat and Neck Tie. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/984-119-teddy04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/36-teddy-bear-with-hat-and-neck-tie.html 3,200.00 teddy 077888 999999999984 FDMAKATI-teddy 077888 100 Bears teddy 077888 New 0.5 kg 36" Teddy Bear-2 36 inches teddy bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/133-teddy18.gif https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-teddy-bear-2.html 2,300.00 Teddy18 999999999133 FDMAKATI-Teddy18 100 Teddy18 New 0.5 kg 36" Teddy Bear-3 36" Teddy Bear-3 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/134-teddy19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-teddy-bear-3.html 2,300.00 Teddy19 999999999134 FDMAKATI-Teddy19 100 Teddy19 New 0.5 kg 36" White Teddy Bear. 36 inches white teddy bear ! Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/116-teddy01.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/36-white-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy01 999999999116 FDMAKATI-Teddy01 100 Teddy01 New 0.5 kg 40 pieces of Ferrero Add a flavor of sweetness to the happiest moments of your life with delightful and mouthwatering taste of chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/234-chok13.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/40-pieces-of-ferrero.html 2,300.00 choco88 999999999234 FDMAKATI-choco88 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco88 New 0.5 kg 42" Giant pink with pillow 42" Giant pink with pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1298-darling-heart-tubs-pink-teddy-bear-with-heart-32in--23537.1327379840.1280.1280.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-giant-pink-with-pillow.html 4,400.00 nbear 374343 999999991298 FDMAKATI-nbear 374343 100 Bears nbear 374343 New 2 kg 42" Giant teddy 42" Giant teddy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1118-ultimate-giant-gund-teddy-bear-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-giant-teddy.html 4,000.00 teddy 374343 999999991118 FDMAKATI-teddy 374343 100 Bears teddy 374343 New 0.5 kg 42" Giant teddy white 42" Giant teddy white https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1119-hot-beautiful-font-b-giant-b-font-font-b-teddy-b-font-font-b-bear-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-giant-teddy-white.html 4,000.00 teddy 374343 999999991119 FDMAKATI-teddy 374343 100 Bears teddy 374343 New 0.5 kg 42" light brown teddy 42" light brown teddy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1121-free-shipping-100cm-hot-new-font-b-giant-b-font-big-plush-sleepy-font-b-teddy.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-light-brown-teddy.html 4,000.00 teddy 4444 999999991121 FDMAKATI-teddy 4444 100 Bears teddy 4444 New 0.5 kg 42" message bear 42" message bear T-shirt color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1350-123.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-message-bear.html 4,400.00 mesage 2222999 999999991350 FDMAKATI-mesage 2222999 100 Bears mesage 2222999 New 1 kg 42" Teddy Bear with hat and Neck Tie. 42" Teddy Bear with hat and Neck Tie. ! Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/119-teddy04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-teddy-bear-with-hat-and-neck-tie.html 4,400.00 Teddy04 999999999119 FDMAKATI-Teddy04 100 Bears Teddy04 New 0.5 kg 42" white Giant with pillow 42" white Giant with pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1299-white-big-teddy-bear-5-foot-1--29333.1342049015.1280.1280.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/42-white-giant-with-pillow.html 4,400.00 nbear 22237 999999991299 FDMAKATI-nbear 22237 100 Bears nbear 22237 New 0.5 kg 5 items cadbury 5 items cadbury, 65 grm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1006-555-chok90-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/5-items-cadbury.html 1,600.00 choco50 999999991006 FDMAKATI-choco50 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco50 New 0.5 kg 5 sunflower bouquet 5 sunflower bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2149-untitled.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/5-sunflower-bouquet.html 2,500.00 sun 37436 999999992149 FDMAKATI-sun 37436 100 Flowers Arrangement sun 37436 New 0.5 kg 52" Brown Teddy Bear. 52" Brown Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/124-teddy09.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/52-brown-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy09 999999999124 FDMAKATI-Teddy09 100 Teddy09 New 0.5 kg 52" Teddy Bear. 52" Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/135-teddy20.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/52-teddy-bear.html 2,300.00 Teddy20 999999999135 FDMAKATI-Teddy20 100 Teddy20 New 0.5 kg 52" White Teddy Bear with I Love You Pillow. 52" White Teddy Bear with I Love You Pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/117-teddy02.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/52-white-teddy-bear-with-i-love-you-pillow.html 2,300.00 Teddy02P 999999999117 FDMAKATI-Teddy02P 100 Teddy02P New 0.5 kg 6 Blue Roses Hand bunch 6 Blue Roses Hand bunch. We Are Florist In Philippines Delivery Blue Roses. Blue Roses Delivery In Philippines Is Geting more Popular. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1468-bu006.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/6-blue-roses-hand-bunch.html 4,100.00 val 5566888 999999991468 FDMAKATI-val 5566888 100 Holland Rose val 5566888 New 0.5 kg 6 Dozen mix Rainbow Roses 6 Dozen mix Rainbow Roses - Give the gift of nature's variety .. red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1525-60-mix-roses2900-baht.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/72-roses/6-dozen-mix-rainbow-roses.html 9,400.00 FLB 5657hhhh 999999991525 FDMAKATI-FLB 5657hhhh 100 Roses » 72 Roses FLB 5657hhhh New 0.5 kg 6 items Fruits & pink Blooms Basket 6 items Fruits & pink Blooms Basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2156-fruits-basket-04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/6-items-fruits-pink-blooms-basket.html 4,000.00 pink 98989 999999992156 FDMAKATI-pink 98989 100 Fruit /Gift Basket pink 98989 New 0.5 kg 6 pink + 6 Red 6 pink and 6 red roses in a vase. vase may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1079-dozen-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/6-pink-6-red.html 2,100.00 Vase 374343 999999991079 FDMAKATI-Vase 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses Vase 374343 New 0.5 kg 6 Red + 6 Peach 6 Red 6 Peach Roses Hand Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1026-showimage-7.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/6-red-6-peach.html 3,100.00 MIX4444666 999999991026 FDMAKATI-MIX4444666 100 Roses » 12 Roses MIX4444666 New 0.5 kg 6 Red + 6 Peach + 6 white + 6 yellow 6 Red 6 Peach 6 white 6 yellow roses Bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1115-playful-beauty--99-rose-bouquet-fscn1330.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/6-red-6-peach-6-white-6-yellow.html 4,100.00 Roses4444666 999999991115 FDMAKATI-Roses4444666 100 Roses » 24 Roses Roses4444666 New 0.5 kg 6 red 6 orange 6 white 6 red 6 orange 6 white roses in bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1117-14roses1250.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/6-red-6-orange-6-white.html 3,100.00 Roses 24444 999999991117 FDMAKATI-Roses 24444 100 Roses » 12 Roses Roses 24444 New 0.5 kg 6 Red 6 White Roses 6 Red 6 White Roses in a vase With Forget-me-not https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1027-showimage-8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/6-red-6-white-roses.html 2,100.00 MIX 4444 999999991027 FDMAKATI-MIX 4444 100 Roses » 12 Roses MIX 4444 New 0.5 kg 6 Roses and Cake 6 Roses Bouquet and Cake & 150 gr cadbury. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/985-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/6-roses-and-cake.html 3,700.00 flower 444488 999999999985 FDMAKATI-flower 444488 100 Cake flower 444488 New 3 kg 6 x Toblerone milk 100 g. 6 x Toblerone milk 100 g. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1441-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/6-x-toblerone-milk-100-g.html 2,300.00 choco127 999999991441 FDMAKATI-choco127 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco127 New 0.5 kg 6 x Toblerone White 100 g. Delicious Swiss Toblerone, white chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Contains: 12 x Toblerone White 50 g. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1011-images-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/6-x-toblerone-white-100-g.html 2,300.00 choco122 999999991011 FDMAKATI-choco122 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco122 New 0.5 kg 60 Mix Roses gifts Bunch of 60 Mix Roses pomelo,pink & yelllow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1530-100-mix-roses-bunch-500x500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/60-mix-roses-gifts.html 7,400.00 FLB 56577888 999999991530 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888 100 Roses » 60 Roses FLB 56577888 New 0.5 kg 6pcs Roses & cadbury Haft dozen red roses in a vase w/ 2x60 grams. A nice gift when you fall in love with someone but don't know what to offer her.Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1349-untitled-3333333.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/6pcs-roses-cadbury.html 2,400.00 combo81 999999991349 FDMAKATI-combo81 100 Combo items combo81 New 3 kg 6x Toblerone dark 50 g 6 x Toblerone dark 50 g. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1442-untitled.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/6x-toblerone-dark-50-g.html 2,300.00 choco128 999999991442 FDMAKATI-choco128 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco128 New 0.5 kg 72 Mix Roses Bouquet Mix Flowers - Mix Roses Bouquet 72 mix bunch red pink orange pomelo yellow peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1546-mjivn290.-mix-flowers-mix-roses-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/72-roses/72-mix-roses-bouquet.html 9,400.00 FLB 56577888 999999991546 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577888 100 Roses » 72 Roses FLB 56577888 New 0.5 kg 8 imported Rose +4 toblerone (100g each) Toblerone (6 x 100) with 1 Romantic rose. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/203-img-0841.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/8-imported-rose-4-toblerone-100g-each.html 4,400.00 choco114 999999999203 FDMAKATI-choco114 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco114 New 0.5 kg 8 items fruit basket w/12 red roses As shown in the pic . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/389-0a503e101d7a44b1890ffbdfb0723712--fruits-basket-christmas-gifts.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/8-items-fruit-basket-w-12-red-roses.html 4,900.00 giftbas13 999999999389 FDMAKATI-giftbas13 100 Fruit /Gift Basket giftbas13 New 0.5 kg 8 sunflower bouquet 8 sunflower bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2148-201305171652.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/8-sunflower-bouquet.html 3,100.00 sun 767657 999999992148 FDMAKATI-sun 767657 100 Flowers Arrangement sun 767657 New 0.5 kg 9 White Lily Bouquet Exquisite white lilies bouquet: 9 perfume white lilies with forget-me-not, solidago, gypsophila decorated; Purple color crepe paper round hand bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1737-9-white-lily-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/9-white-lily-bouquet.html 3,200.00 938 999999991737 FDMAKATI-938 100 Mother's day Flowers 938 New 0.5 kg 96 pieces of Ferrero 2 box or 96 pieces of Ferrero https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1411-images.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/96-pieces-of-ferrero.html 5,100.00 choco93 999999991411 FDMAKATI-choco93 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco93 New 0.5 kg 96 pink 3 red 96 pink 3 red roses bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1111-fancied-in-pink--99-rose-bouquet-pic0006837v2-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/96-pink-3-red.html 10,500.00 spl 374343 999999991111 FDMAKATI-spl 374343 100 Roses » 100 Roses spl 374343 New 0.5 kg 99 orange Roses 99 Yellow Roses Handbouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1184-99-028s-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/99-orange-roses.html 10,500.00 mix 42 999999991184 FDMAKATI-mix 42 100 Roses » 100 Roses mix 42 New 0.5 kg 99 Pink Rose Bouquet 99 Pink Rose Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1042-phpthumb-generated-thumbnailjpg-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/99-pink-rose-bouquet.html 10,500.00 SPl 371212 999999991042 FDMAKATI-SPl 371212 100 Roses » 100 Roses SPl 371212 New 2 kg 99 Red Rose Bouquet 99 Red Rose Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1041-phpthumb-generated-thumbnailjpg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/99-red-rose-bouquet.html 10,500.00 Spl 232323 999999991041 FDMAKATI-Spl 232323 100 Roses » 100 Roses Spl 232323 New 2 kg 99 Roses ( 50 Red 49 white ) Handbouquet 99 Roses ( 50 Red 49 white ) Handbouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1235-bf1497e-love99.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/99-roses-50-red-49-white-handbouquet.html 10,500.00 spl 334444666 999999991235 FDMAKATI-spl 334444666 100 Roses » 100 Roses spl 334444666 New 0.5 kg 99 Roses ( 5white20blue33Pink41red) Hand bouquet 5 white 20 blue 33 Pink 41 red Hand bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1254-99-roses--5white20blue33peach41red--hand-bouquet-99-011s-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/99-roses-5white20blue33pink41red-hand-bouquet.html 10,500.00 Gift1230988888 999999991254 FDMAKATI-Gift1230988888 100 Roses » 100 Roses Gift1230988888 New 0.5 kg A Beautiful Wish in anniversary Occasion! May you find reasons to smile always ! Happy anniversary ! Product: 4 ballons with cake & flowers https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/110-2259-70421924-663697860791835-9201487718192775168-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/a-beautiful-wish-in-anniversary-occasion.html 3,373.00 BALN16 999999999110 FDMAKATI-BALN16 100 Balloons BALN16 New 0.5 kg A Best Confer  - Bounch Assorted Flowers  + Teddy 8" + 1/2 Kg Black Forest Cake + Card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1387-nwflchfck3n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-best-confer.html 5,550.00 newcom 033338899 999999991387 FDMAKATI-newcom 033338899 100 Cake newcom 033338899 New 0.5 kg a birthday celebration black forest cake 4 * 165 g big cad bury 10 birthday latex balloon small teddy 8 inches..design may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2123-45555.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/a-birthday-celebration.html 4,279.63 balloon 0133 999999992123 FDMAKATI-balloon 0133 100 Balloons balloon 0133 New 0.5 kg A Birthday Fulla Reach out to your pals/ loved ones on their special day and wish 'em a wonderful time WITH cup  cake, 24 pcs ferrero and 18 mix roses bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/573-pre158.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-birthday-fulla.html 5,750.00 cake13 999999999573 FDMAKATI-cake13 100 Cake cake13 New 0.5 kg A Birthday Tale ! Once upon a time� in this day� something special happened� You were born! Here�s wishing you a day� that�s as wonderful as you are ! Happy Birthday ! Product: 6 mayler Birthday Balloon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/107-baln13.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/a-birthday-tale.html 1,372.00 balloon5 999999999107 FDMAKATI-balloon5 100 Balloons balloon5 New 0.5 kg A Birthday Wish For Someone Special ! Happy birthday to you� happy birthday dear� here�s wishing this special gift bring lots a happiness for you! Product: 5 latex & 1 Mayler Birthday Balloon with 9" Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/105-baln11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/a-birthday-wish-for-someone-special.html 1,659.00 balloon22 999999999105 FDMAKATI-balloon22 100 Balloons balloon22 New 0.5 kg a blast of love A bunch of fresh 12 pieces red rose, a basket of 8 items fruits, 6 pieces x 100 grams toblerone and a chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/574-choc28-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-blast-of-love.html 7,200.00 cake14 999999999574 FDMAKATI-cake14 100 Cake cake14 New 0.5 kg A Fabulous Fall Bouquet 24 roses bouquet with 5 cad bury chocolates (40 grm each). free 8 inches brown teddy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1316-chocolates100555.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/promo-products/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/a-fabulous-fall-bouquet.html 3,200.00 Free 2222999 999999991316 FDMAKATI-Free 2222999 100 Free 2222999 New 3 kg A Fabulous Selection Includes an assortment of Toblerone chocolate 2 bar 100g each, Ferrero rocher 16 pieces chocolate traffle box 2 Oreo Biskuit https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2129-choco-basket14.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/a-fabulous-selection.html 3,990.00 chocs 8755577 999999992129 FDMAKATI-chocs 8755577 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 8755577 New 0.5 kg A Gift 2 you One dozen red roses bunch type bouquet w/ 8 inches teddy bear w/ pillow  and choco mocha cake. A nice gift when you fall in love with someone but don't know what to offer her. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/578-flowers-combo-001-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-gift-2-you.html 4,550.00 cake17 999999999578 FDMAKATI-cake17 100 Cake cake17 New 0.5 kg A Gift for you A romantic gift that's sure to touch your beloved's heart. 1 dozen yellow roses bunch type bouquet w/ chocolate cake.Your gift will come with a greeting card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/576-cake20-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-gift-for-you.html 3,850.00 cake15 999999999576 FDMAKATI-cake15 100 Cake cake15 New 0.5 kg A Gift for youe love This Hamper Includes 12 Red Roses with white Flowers Bunch along with 1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake and 6 items Fresh Fruits Basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/844-cake-flowers-and-fruits.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-gift-for-youe-love.html 5,650.00 cake47 999999999844 FDMAKATI-cake47 100 Cake cake47 New 2 kg A Gift to you A beautiful way to let your spouse/ sweetheart/ loved one know how much she's missed. 12 Pieces red roses bouquet, 8 inches white teddy w/ iloveyou pillow and chocolate cake.Your gift will come with a greeting card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/577-cake06-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-gift-to-you.html 4,650.00 cake16 999999999577 FDMAKATI-cake16 100 Cake cake16 New 0.5 kg A Great Love 9 red roses, 9 pink carnations and 2 perfumes lilies with solidago, green stuff decorated. Pink gauze and bowknot tied hand bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1710-a-great-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/a-great-love.html 2,800.00 958 999999991710 FDMAKATI-958 100 Mother's day Flowers 958 New 0.5 kg A Heart & Flower 3 dozen red roses in a basket and junior heartshape chocolate cake From a good friend comes this gift!Given here, your heart to lift! Your gift will come with a greeting card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/588-heartcakeheartflowers.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-heart-flower.html 6,050.00 cake26 999999999588 FDMAKATI-cake26 100 Cake cake26 New 0.5 kg A Magical Love A beautiful arrangement of 2 dozen red roses in a heart shape basket with 20 inches teddy w/chocolate cake that'll make her feel really special. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2109-magical-love-combof20-484-0c0b576b-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-magical-love.html 7,395.00 gifts 0022 999999992109 FDMAKATI-gifts 0022 100 Cake gifts 0022 New 0.5 kg A Magical Rose ! A wish for your sweetheart to make him/ her feel wonderful. 24 Red roses arranged in a glass vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/490-ros458.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/a-magical-rose.html 4,200.00 ros458 999999999490 FDMAKATI-ros458 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros458 New 0.5 kg A perfect combination Sweet, romantic, and thoughtful.a choclate basket (8 items consist), a dozen bunch of roses and a cake represents the three. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/579-choc39-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-perfect-combination.html 4,800.00 cake18 999999999579 FDMAKATI-cake18 100 Cake cake18 New 0.5 kg A Perfect Fit ! 12 cute multicolor roses way to say I love you to your special someone.Your gift will come with a greeting card. red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1513-untitled-798798989.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/a-perfect-fit.html 3,000.00 multi 88789999 999999991513 FDMAKATI-multi 88789999 100 Roses » 12 Roses multi 88789999 New 0.5 kg A Perfect Poetry Bunch of vibrant orange gerberas and mix flower with chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1279-fnp.in-fex122..jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/a-perfect-poetry.html 4,100.00 flowers 24444666 999999991279 FDMAKATI-flowers 24444666 100 Father's Day Items flowers 24444666 New 0.5 kg A Roaring B'day Wish Croon up a birthday song for your friend/ loved one with this gift.(20 mix gerbera bunch with chocolate cake & 8 inches small teddy ). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/580-pw-15-mix-ger-.5kg-chcocake-1t.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-roaring-b-day-wish.html 5,650.00 cake19 999999999580 FDMAKATI-cake19 100 Cake cake19 New 0.5 kg A Simple Greeting 9 stems pink carnations, 9 stems pink roses and 1 stalks pink lilies with fresh solidago embellished. Writing a simple greeting such as hello, good day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1813-a-simple-greeting.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/a-simple-greeting.html 2,800.00 Item #426 999999991813 FDMAKATI-Item #426 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #426 New 0.5 kg A Smile Day Nine stems red roses with nine stems pink carnations and one white perfume lily mixed bouquet, send the deepest blessings to she, wish her have a good mood every day. Pink paper round style flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1658-a-smile-day.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/a-smile-day.html 3,400.00 1051 999999991658 FDMAKATI-1051 100 Mother's day Flowers 1051 New 0.5 kg A special birthday gift Nothing can prove better than gifting a heart shaped basket of 60 red roses with small teddy  when you actually want to express your undying and regretless love to your sweetheart on Valentine Day. Together with delicious and tempting 1 kg heart shaped chocolate cake, you will be able to convey your heart’s inner feelings without even speaking a word. Your lady love will understand the same on being presented the flowers and the cake. Get yourself going and rock together on this Valentine day! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2107-gifts-delhi-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-special-birthday-gift.html 7,350.00 new 3455 999999992107 FDMAKATI-new 3455 100 Cake new 3455 New 0.5 kg A Special Birthday Gift ! I picked us something for your Birthday� wishing you a day fulla happy surprises and loads of fun. Product: 10 pieces Latex I Love You ballon with 24 pieces Ferrero Chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/100-baln6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/a-special-birthday-gift.html 2,615.00 balloon18 999999999100 FDMAKATI-balloon18 100 Balloons balloon18 New 0.5 kg A special gift Chocolate cake, cookies and 6 red & 12 white roses bunch.a perfect special gift for a very special person to you. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/581-cake04-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-special-gift.html 4,850.00 cake20 999999999581 FDMAKATI-cake20 100 Cake cake20 New 0.5 kg A very special love A chocolate cake and a dozen red rose bunch would be the perfect gift to send for a very special love. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/582-exfnp10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/a-very-special-love.html 3,650.00 cake21 999999999582 FDMAKATI-cake21 100 Cake cake21 New 0.5 kg �-Being With You-� Make your beloved feel special with this romantic 12 Red Rose Bouquet with 24 inches pink teddy bear https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1369--being-with-you-.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/being-with-you.html 3,700.00 combo82 999999991369 FDMAKATI-combo82 100 Combo items combo82 New 0.5 kg Admiration 36 red roses basket  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2075-phw-b-20-r-r.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/admiration.html 4,900.00 bqt20 999999992075 FDMAKATI-bqt20 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt20 New 0.5 kg ADORE ADORE https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1636-adore.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/adore.html 3,400.00 mother054 999999991636 FDMAKATI-mother054 100 Mother's day Flowers mother054 New 0.5 kg Affectionate 19 red roses, 2 white lilies, 2 pink lilies, with green leaves https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1816-affectionate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/affectionate.html 3,400.00 Item #38 999999991816 FDMAKATI-Item #38 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #38 New 0.5 kg Air Balloons + chocolate CAKE  10 Air Balloons + chocolate CAKE https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2099-balloonscake3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/air-balloons-chocolate-cake.html 3,100.00 cake 0222 999999992099 FDMAKATI-cake 0222 100 Balloons cake 0222 New 0.5 kg All Ferrero Rocher Includes: Delicious... The chocolate specialty with the exciting center. Chocolates with creamy center and whole hazelnut. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 24 piece,16 pcs ferrero and Heart shape. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/225-chok5.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/all-ferrero-rocher.html 3,800.00 choco86 999999999225 FDMAKATI-choco86 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco86 New 0.5 kg ALL Funeral_Here Come Those Tears ALL Funeral_Here Come Those Tears https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2047-89706546-2659412857514233-1272595008758743040-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/all-funeral-here-come-those-tears.html 4,200.00 symphaty_45 999999992047 FDMAKATI-symphaty_45 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_45 New 0.5 kg All-White Sympathy Standing Spray All-White Sympathy Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2102-044s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/all-white-sympathy-standing-spray.html 5,450.00 funerals 3334 999999992102 FDMAKATI-funerals 3334 100 Funeral flowers funerals 3334 New 0.5 kg Always Beautiful Just as roses will always be beautiful, loved ones will always be cherished. This bouquet of orange and red roses is an inspirational gift that's designed to make them smile!Just as roses will always be beautiful, loved ones will always be cherished. This bouquet of orange and red roses is an inspirational gift that's designed to make them smile! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1238-7966.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/always-beautiful.html 3,800.00 Gift123 999999991238 FDMAKATI-Gift123 100 Roses » 24 Roses Gift123 New 0.5 kg Always Beautiful The perfect choice! - This Gift Basket is filled with 6 items fresh fruit, flowers and a few chocolate for them to enjoy. The best of both worlds. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1260-easter-fruit-chocolates-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/always-beautiful.html 4,600.00 basket27 999999991260 FDMAKATI-basket27 100 Father's Day Items basket27 New 0.5 kg Always in my heart 12 Red Roses in Bouquet with Toblerone 6 Bar 100g/each. . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1479-indexggggggggggg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/always-in-my-heart.html 3,300.00 combo87 999999991479 FDMAKATI-combo87 100 Combo items combo87 New 0.5 kg Always Remember Flowers Original design, our Always Remember arrangement will bring a sense of inspiration and celebration to the funeral service or mortuary. Let them know that while there is sadness, there is also cause for celebration in a life well lived. This one sided arrangement in a classic style features assorted  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2091-85159396-624737005014607-3296531959689248768-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/always-remember.html 4,400.00 funerals 104 999999992091 FDMAKATI-funerals 104 100 Funeral flowers funerals 104 New 0.5 kg Angel Kiss 9 premium red roses and 3 pink perfume lilies, small flowers and green leaf or decorated, arranged in a beautiful vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1663-angel-kiss.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/angel-kiss.html 3,400.00 728 999999991663 FDMAKATI-728 100 Mother's day Flowers 728 New 0.5 kg aniversary pack # 1 aniversary pack # 1 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2151-125543657-190266532571646-9179900985368605293-n-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/aniversary-pack-1.html 4,200.00 pack 657898 999999992151 FDMAKATI-pack 657898 100 Cake pack 657898 New 0.5 kg anniversary caramel cake Mother's Day Cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1550-caramel.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/anniversary-caramel-cake.html 2,200.00 cake 56678 999999991550 FDMAKATI-cake 56678 100 Cake cake 56678 New 0.5 kg Anniversary Flowers Beautiful floral wishes for your parents/ friends/ loved ones to wish them joy on their special day ! 24 Mix roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/485-ros453.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/anniversary-flowers.html 4,300.00 ros453 999999999485 FDMAKATI-ros453 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros453 New 0.5 kg anthurium White Sympathy Blue flowers are said to represent tranquility and peace while white flowers are said to represent innocence, making these blue and white funeral flowers a comforting choice. Features the freshest white roses, snapdragons, carnations, blue delphinium and more.Usually sent by family, friends or business associates. Our florist's hand-design each arrangement, so colors, varieties, and containers may vary due to local availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1001-11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/anthurium-white-sympathy.html 5,000.00 symphaty_15 999999991001 FDMAKATI-symphaty_15 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_15 New 0.5 kg Arng of Carnations 3 dozen Carnations bouquet  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1269-11111img-20181008-wa0000.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/arng-of-carnations.html 4,300.00 carnations01 999999991269 FDMAKATI-carnations01 100 Flowers Arrangement carnations01 New 0.5 kg Asiatic lilies and wax-flower This delightful bouquet of Asiatic lilies, wax-flower, alstroemeria and roses makes a thoughtful gift they'll not soon forget. Delivered by a local florist in a clear fluted vase wrapped with a beautiful bow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/867-mix-flower-basket-500x500.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/asiatic-lilies-and-wax-flower.html 4,400.00 fla11 999999999867 FDMAKATI-fla11 100 Flowers Arrangement fla11 New 0.5 kg Astromedia with Yellow Roses PInk Astromedia with 18 Yellow Roses Hand Bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1188-yr003s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/astromedia-with-yellow-roses.html 2,900.00 PDl 42 999999991188 FDMAKATI-PDl 42 100 Roses » 18 roses PDl 42 New 0.5 kg Attachment of Infant Attachment of Infant contains 33 red carnations with solidago. Red, white paper wrapped and finished with bowknot. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1818-attachment-of-infant.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/attachment-of-infant.html 3,400.00 Item #411 999999991818 FDMAKATI-Item #411 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #411 New 0.5 kg Awesome Basket of Assorted Chocolates(20 items) Awesome Basket of Assorted Chocolates(20 items) FERRERO HEART TWIX TOBLERONE SINEKERS +16 ITEMS ( TOATAL OF 20 ITEMS ) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2155-2734-2093-mxc152-bas-big.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/awesome-basket-of-assorted-chocolates-20-items.html 6,400.00 chocs 8099 999999992155 FDMAKATI-chocs 8099 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket chocs 8099 New 0.5 kg AZZARO CHROME EDT PERFUME FOR MEN 100ML AZZARO CHROME EDT PERFUME FOR MEN 100ML https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1371-chomelegend-azzaro-m.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/azzaro-chrome-edt-perfume-for-men-100ml.html 3,200.00 perf 6666 999999991371 FDMAKATI-perf 6666 100 perf 6666 New 0.5 kg Bakuo Street Instantly adding sophistication your loved ones day, this luxurious display of 12 premium long stemmed red roses bursting with radiant passion, is brimming with style and elegance.Instantly adding sophistication your loved ones day, this luxurious display of 12 premium long stemmed red roses bursting with radiant passion, is brimming with style and elegance. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1228-7963.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/bakuo-street.html 3,800.00 mix 4444 999999991228 FDMAKATI-mix 4444 100 Roses » 24 Roses mix 4444 New 0.5 kg BALLOON BOUQUET 3 Mylar congrats and 3 color balloons. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1338-congratulations-balloon-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/balloon-bouquet.html 2,046.00 balloon12 999999991338 FDMAKATI-balloon12 100 Balloons balloon12 New 3 kg Balloons & cake Balloons & cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2162-bcb-21-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/balloons-cake.html 2,300.00 val 146546 999999992162 FDMAKATI-val 146546 100 Balloons val 146546 New 0.5 kg Basket beauty Palm Corned Beef 326g Ferrero Rochcher Chocolate 300g Catelli Lasagne 500g Royal Dansk Chocolate Chip Cookies 454g Libby’s Vienna Sausage 130g Nescafe Gold Coffee 100g Libby’s Corned Beef 340g Lyons Red Label Tea 40g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 850g Smucker’s Sweet Orange Marmalade 340g D ole Sliced Peaches 665g Bertolli Italian Sausage Garli & Romano Pasta Sauce 680g Spam Luncheon Meat 340g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2136-2123-3333ghhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/basket-beauty.html 5,100.00 bas 87555 999999992136 FDMAKATI-bas 87555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket bas 87555 New 0.5 kg Basket Christmas for all Basket Christmas for all Basket Contains: Ideal Gourmet Lasagna 454 g La Costena Dip Salsa Hot 453 g Dak Chopped Ham 454 g Spam Lite Luncheon Meat 50% Less Fat 340 g Libby's Corn Beef 340 g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 825 g Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 100 g Nestle Coffee-mate Original 250 g Jolly Peach Halves 825 g Danesita Butter Cookies - The Blue Collection 454 g Ferrero Rocher Chocolates 300 g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2137-2115-2493-999-feast-day-basket666.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/basket-christmas-for-all.html 5,600.00 christmas 8444455 999999992137 FDMAKATI-christmas 8444455 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 8444455 New 0.5 kg Basket for christmas # Hunts Spaghetti Sauce Italian & Cheese #San Remo Penne Rigate 500g # Pietro Caricelli Pure Olive Oil 250ml # Vino fortuna.. 750ml # Kraft Parmesan Cheese 8oz # Libby's Corned Beef Black Label 340g #Lindt Chocolate 100g # Nescafe Decaf 100g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2143-1231-basket--5777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/basket-for-christmas.html 4,650.00 basket 87555 999999992143 FDMAKATI-basket 87555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 87555 New 0.5 kg Basket for MOm Charming basket of pastel coloured seasonal flowers, typically including liliums, carnations, cerise gerberas, alstro, delphiniums and spray roses with foliage. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/870-fla12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/basket-for-mom.html 3,900.00 fla12 999999999870 FDMAKATI-fla12 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers fla12 New 0.5 kg Basket Full Of Orange Rosesà Let your beloved know how much you love him/ her with these 'orange blooms'. ( 36 orange roses and couple bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/706-heart12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/basket-full-of-orange-roses.html 5,550.00 Heart12 999999999706 FDMAKATI-Heart12 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart12 New 0.5 kg Basket Gifts and Goodies Del Monte: Sweet n Sour Sauce 325g Del Monte: Tomato Juice 19 centiliters Maling: Pork Luncheon Meat 170g Spam: Luncheon Meat 340g Growers: Salted Pistachios Family Size 100g White King: Classic Puto 400g Quick Bury:  Cookies 200g   https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2142-1281-basket-gifts-and-goodies54444.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/basket-gifts-and-goodies.html 3,450.00 bas 232090 999999992142 FDMAKATI-bas 232090 100 Fruit /Gift Basket bas 232090 New 0.5 kg Basket of fruit for MOM Oranges, apples and bananas complete this basket of flowers with the juicy, citrus sweetness they bring out. Fruits Arrangement (6 item) and stargaizer,gerbera in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/942-15be9811cf1973a843e3c623bd868390.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/basket-of-fruit-for-mom.html 4,600.00 fruit122266 999999999942 FDMAKATI-fruit122266 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruit122266 New 0.5 kg Basket of Orange 36 roses Basket of Orange https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1505-basket-of-orange-roses-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/basket-of-orange.html 5,200.00 val 55668887777 999999991505 FDMAKATI-val 55668887777 100 Roses » 36 Roses val 55668887777 New 0.5 kg Basket Of Rainbow Roses 5 dozen Basket Of Rainbow Roses red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1537-wb104.-50-mix-roses-basket-arrangement.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/basket-of-rainbow-roses.html 7,400.00 FLB 565gggkkk 999999991537 FDMAKATI-FLB 565gggkkk 100 Roses » 60 Roses FLB 565gggkkk New 0.5 kg Basket with Roses & Ferrero 36 orange roses Basket with & Ferrero 200g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1535-orange-roses-basket-chocolate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/basket-with-roses-ferrero.html 4,200.00 combo100 999999991535 FDMAKATI-combo100 100 Combo items combo100 New 0.5 kg Be mine valentine 24 pomelo bunch 24 pcs ferrero https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1496-flowers-chocolate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/be-mine-valentine.html 4,700.00 combo90 999999991496 FDMAKATI-combo90 100 Combo items combo90 New 0.5 kg Bear & Flower 24 red roses bunch & 9 inches bear with love pillow. perfect gift to celebrate your love https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1046-phpthumb-generated-thumbnailjpg-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bear-flower.html 4,600.00 combo45 999999991046 FDMAKATI-combo45 100 Combo items combo45 New 2 kg Bear +ferrero +10 items Chocolate Heart shape Fererro Rocher, Toblerone, M&M and other item of chocolate. Total 10 items foreign chocolate with 9" Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/190-190-chok41.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bear-ferrero-10-items-chocolate.html 3,700.00 combo1 999999999190 FDMAKATI-combo1 100 Combo items combo1 New 0.5 kg Bear w/ Chocolate Heart shape Fererro Rocher, Toblerone, M&M and other item of chocolate. Total 10 items foreign chocolate with 14" Teddy Bear with i love you pilow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/205-chok56.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bear-w-chocolate.html 3,700.00 combo3 999999999205 FDMAKATI-combo3 100 Combo items combo3 New 0.5 kg Bear w/ chocolate 24" Bear with 2 pack of Hershey's kisses .(235 gm each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/238-chok17.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/bear-w-chocolate.html 2,600.00 choco3 999999999238 FDMAKATI-choco3 100 Chocolate choco3 New 0.5 kg Bear w/ Chok Express your longing for her across the miles. Let her feel how you feel about her even if you are far away. Send her Miss you "Beary" much bear, it will surely make her think of you across the miles. Includes a Super soft 9 " cuddly bear, 1 pack 6-50g Toblerone bars and a Ferrero Chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/202-chok53.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bear-w-chok.html 3,100.00 combo2 999999999202 FDMAKATI-combo2 100 Combo items combo2 New 0.5 kg BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1639-beautiful.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/beautiful.html 3,400.00 mother057 999999991639 FDMAKATI-mother057 100 Mother's day Flowers mother057 New 0.5 kg Beautiful Roses.. Make him/ her feel really special with the warmth of your words and a box of Red roses. (1 dozen of Red roses) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/768-box01.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/beautiful-roses.html 2,000.00 rbox01 999999999768 FDMAKATI-rbox01 100 Roses » 12 Roses rbox01 New 0.5 kg Beautiful Roses... Make him/ her feel really special with the warmth of your words and a heart shape of orange roses. (5 dozen of orange roses) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/704-heart01.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/beautiful-roses.html 6,100.00 Heart01 999999999704 FDMAKATI-Heart01 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart01 New 0.5 kg beautifull 24 red rose and carnation round basket with 1/2 kg chocolate truffle cake. Gifting flowers and cake together on Mother’s day can uplift the mood of your mother. She just won’t stop smiling on receiving the combo pack. While the carnations and roses will fill the air with a refreshing aroma, the chocolate truffle cake will serve her appetite. The pack will help you easily convey your undying love for your mother and bring both of you together. Spend quality time with your mom this Mothers day and be a part of her happiness. Order the pack today! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/847-1397734330-1-red-roses-carnationbas-with-cakes.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/beautifull.html 4,750.00 cake50 999999999847 FDMAKATI-cake50 100 Cake cake50 New 2 kg Being Touched White roses 33 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1846-being-touched.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/being-touched.html 3,400.00 Item #55 999999991846 FDMAKATI-Item #55 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #55 New 0.5 kg Belated Birthday ! Yikes !! Did you jus' forget someone's B'day? Well you can quit worrying and choose from a whole lotta cute 'n' funny wishes to wish your buddy/ loved one/ sweetheart a very happy belated birthday. (36 mix roses and couple bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/719-heart16.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/belated-birthday.html 5,900.00 Heart16 999999999719 FDMAKATI-Heart16 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart16 New 0.5 kg Benby Basket #11 Benby Basket #11 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1139-untitled-10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/benby-basket-11.html 3,000.00 basket4 999999991139 FDMAKATI-basket4 100 Father's Day Items basket4 New 0.5 kg Benby Basket #23 Benby Basket #23 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1144-untitled-14.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/benby-basket-23.html 3,900.00 basket5 999999991144 FDMAKATI-basket5 100 Father's Day Items basket5 New 0.5 kg Benby Basket #3 Colavita Penne Rigate 500g, Dak Pear Shaped Chopped Ham 454g, Hunt's BBQ Sauce 510g, Hunt's Diced Tomatoes 411g, Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce 737g, Keebler Chocolate Chip Cookies 510g, Lay's Stax 212g, Loacker Wafer 125g, Pokka Lemon Tea 500ml, Swiss Miss Variety Pack 283g, Vita Quacker Cereal Beverage 29g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/792-giftbas9.gif https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/benby-basket-3.html 4,600.00 basket1 999999999792 FDMAKATI-basket1 100 Father's Day Items basket1 New 0.5 kg Best Wishes These good luck 24 yellow roses are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. A great gift for a traveler or any occasion! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/775-box08.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/best-wishes.html 4,300.00 rbox08 999999999775 FDMAKATI-rbox08 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox08 New 0.5 kg Best Wishes ! Wish your friend/ loved one a wonderful day with this 12 white roses arranged beautifully in a glass vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/484-ros452.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/best-wishes.html 2,100.00 ros452 999999999484 FDMAKATI-ros452 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros452 New 0.5 kg Best Wishes 4 24 orange or yellow roses bunches and mother's day card with chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/843-80.75.gif https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/best-wishes-4.html 4,500.00 cake46 999999999843 FDMAKATI-cake46 100 Cake cake46 New 0.5 kg Best Wishes... These good luck 18 yellow roses are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. A great gift for a traveler, retiree, or any occasion! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/476-ros431.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/best-wishes.html 3,400.00 ros431 999999999476 FDMAKATI-ros431 100 Roses » 18 roses ros431 New 0.5 kg BIG cadbury 165 gm each The wonderful flavor of cadbury nuts is enhanced with a rich chocolate 165 gm each. 3 pieces. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1007-559-chok06-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/big-cadbury-165-gm-each.html 2,200.00 choco51 999999991007 FDMAKATI-choco51 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco51 New 0.5 kg Big love A Ferrero Rocher Set  (46 pcs, 30pcs, 5 pcs & Heart-Shape with 1 dozen Red Roses ) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2006-big-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/big-love.html 8,600.00 combo112 999999992006 FDMAKATI-combo112 100 Combo items combo112 New 0.5 kg Big meiji macadamia meiji macadamia https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1427-1701064-meiji-chocolate-macadamia-lg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/big-meiji-macadamia.html 500.00 choco33 999999991427 FDMAKATI-choco33 100 Chocolate choco33 New 0.5 kg Big messenger Bear 36 inches bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1297-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/big-messenger-bear.html 2,800.00 mbear 4444 999999991297 FDMAKATI-mbear 4444 100 Bears mbear 4444 New 0.5 kg Big Time 5 items cad bury, 65 gm each 16 pecs ferrero vochelle tin https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1392-big-time.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/big-time.html 2,700.00 choco11 999999991392 FDMAKATI-choco11 100 Chocolate choco11 New 0.5 kg Birth Day bouquet You don't have to say a thing. Your birth day 15 pieces of yellow tulip will tell them just how you feel this day. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2011-birth-day-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/birth-day-bouquet.html 5,500.00 tulips004 999999992011 FDMAKATI-tulips004 100 Tulip tulips004 New 0.5 kg Birth Day Rose bouquet You don't have to say a thing. Your birth day12 Pink roses will tell them just how you feel this day. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/46-flb309.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/birth-day-rose-bouquet.html 2,000.00 FLB309 999999999946 FDMAKATI-FLB309 100 Roses » 12 Roses FLB309 New 0.5 kg Birth Day Rose bouquet You don't have to say a thing. Your birth day 18 yellow and 18 red roses will tell them just how you feel this day. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/64-flb329.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/birth-day-rose-bouquet.html 6,100.00 FLB329 999999999964 FDMAKATI-FLB329 100 Roses » 36 Roses FLB329 New 0.5 kg BIRTHDAY BALLOON BUNCH DESCRIPTION No Birthday is complete without balloons. This beautiful balloon bouquet comes with two Happy Birthday Mylar balloons and 6 colorful latex balloons. Delivered by a local florist just in time for the birthday celebration. Includes: • 2 Birthday Mylar Balloons • 6 Latex Balloons • Local Florist Arranged https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1131-ftd-eo-6033.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/birthday-balloon-bunch.html 1,400.00 balloon7 999999991131 FDMAKATI-balloon7 100 Balloons balloon7 New 0.5 kg Birthday Bouquet ! Wishing you health, happiness and love on your special day and always! Have a wonderful Birthday! Product: 10 latex birthday balloon with 9" teddy bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/108-baln14.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/birthday-bouquet.html 2,041.00 BALN14 999999999108 FDMAKATI-BALN14 100 Balloons BALN14 New 0.5 kg Birthday Cake Layers of chocolate nut wafers w/ rich butter cream, egg & nut filling; covered with butter icing & sprinkled w/ chopped cashew nuts. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/566-cak620.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/birthday-cake.html 2,200.00 cake8 999999999566 FDMAKATI-cake8 100 Cake cake8 New 0.5 kg birthday flowers cake balloons 30 red roses, birthday chocolate cake & balloon https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2096-1521.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/birthday-flowers-cake-balloons.html 4,300.00 cake 4545 999999992096 FDMAKATI-cake 4545 100 Balloons cake 4545 New 0.5 kg Birthday GIFts 1 24 White & Red Roses In FREE Vase, Cake with Ferrero Heart Shape Chocolate & Balloon https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2105-untitled---9.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/birthday-gifts-1.html 5,750.00 gifts 1234 999999992105 FDMAKATI-gifts 1234 100 Cake gifts 1234 New 0.5 kg Birthday GIFts 2 Basket of 24 mix colour roses with 1 pound chocolate fantasy cake with 3 heart shape balloons https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2106-36-1-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/birthday-gifts-2.html 5,050.00 gifts 0004 999999992106 FDMAKATI-gifts 0004 100 Cake gifts 0004 New 0.5 kg Birthday Smiles ! May your day be filled with lotsa fun times and wonderful surprises� Happy Birthday ! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/98-bday-cake-w-bday-balloon-28.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/birthday-smiles.html 2,300.00 balloon3 999999999998 FDMAKATI-balloon3 100 Balloons balloon3 New 0.5 kg BIRTHDAY.................. Your high flying  filled 6 balloons can express a variety of occasions. Why not let the balloons express how you feel? Your balloon * flower bouquet is sure to get a rise out of who ever you send them to. Florist arranged and delivered to impress the birthday girl or boy. Includes: • Happy Birthday Balloons • Card Message • Florist Hand Tied https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1132-birthday-surprise-with-balloons.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/birthday.html 2,800.00 balloon8 999999991132 FDMAKATI-balloon8 100 Balloons balloon8 New 0.5 kg Bithday Celebrate w/love Celebrate her special day with a gift of love.send her a flower(1dozen pink rose bouquet),5 pcs cadbury 65 g each and a cake , 8 " small teddy to make it a remarkable one. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/583-exdfnplw10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/bithday-celebrate-w-love.html 5,750.00 cake22 999999999583 FDMAKATI-cake22 100 Cake cake22 New 0.5 kg Black Forest Three (3) layers of choco sponge cake, moistened with fully aged liquor filled w/ cream & glazed cherries. Covered w/ choco shavings; top is decorated w/ flower icing & cherry slices. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/565-cak602.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/black-forest.html 2,300.00 cake7 999999999565 FDMAKATI-cake7 100 Cake cake7 New 0.5 kg BLACK FOREST CAKE Fresh mango slices on light cream filling, brimming with juicy mango bits. From Red Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/630-black-forest1-600.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/black-forest-cake.html 2,200.00 cake35 999999999630 FDMAKATI-cake35 100 Cake cake35 New 0.5 kg Black radiance watch. 1 year warranty. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/504-watch6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/wavelet-yls-126g/black-radiance-watch.html 3,200.00 watch6 999999999504 FDMAKATI-watch6 100 watch6 New 0.5 kg Blast of love A bunch of fresh 24 pink rose, ,guylian heart box chocolates and 24 pcs ferrero. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2007-blast-of-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/blast-of-love.html 5,700.00 combo113 999999992007 FDMAKATI-combo113 100 Combo items combo113 New 0.5 kg Blessing of Love 11 red carnations, solidago canadensis, gentiana or small white flowers decorated. Available for elders, birthday, get well and thank you. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1756-blessing-of-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/blessing-of-love.html 3,400.00 840 999999991756 FDMAKATI-840 100 Mother's day Flowers 840 New 0.5 kg blind love with 12 red roses bunch , 8" teddy ,5 Cadbury chocolates (40 grm each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1325-choc.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/blind-love-with.html 3,700.00 combo76 999999991325 FDMAKATI-combo76 100 Combo items combo76 New 3 kg Blooming Love Hand bouquet of 7 long stem roses and oriental lilies wrapped in colored paper and abaca https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/950-blooming-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/blooming-love.html 4,000.00 flower 4444000 999999999950 FDMAKATI-flower 4444000 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444000 New 2 kg Blooming Love The classic symbol of love for over 400 years, these carefully selected 12 red roses along withy baby breaths are well wrapped and tied with a bright ribbon in a basket along  ferrero chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1227-6769.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/blooming-love.html 2,900.00 combo64 999999991227 FDMAKATI-combo64 100 Combo items combo64 New 0.5 kg Blooms so Sweet hand bouquet of gerberas and stargazers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/951-1382777360-1-ifd28.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/blooms-so-sweet.html 4,300.00 flower 4456667 999999999951 FDMAKATI-flower 4456667 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4456667 New 2 kg Blue & yellow Roses 6Blue & 6yellow Roses bouquet... yellow roses may replace by orange roses , it depends on the availability of the product. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1266-untitled-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/blue-yellow-roses.html 3,100.00 Gift123777 999999991266 FDMAKATI-Gift123777 100 Roses » 12 Roses Gift123777 New 0.5 kg Blue Rose & Ferrero Rocher 12 Blue rose with 16 Ferrero Rocher Chocolate & Heart Shape pillow and 9 inches teddy bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1043-phpthumb-generated-thumbnailjpg-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/blue-rose-ferrero-rocher.html 3,900.00 combo44 999999991043 FDMAKATI-combo44 100 Combo items combo44 New 0.5 kg Blue Roses Arrangement with Heart-Shape Balloons 24 Blue Roses Table Arrangement with 2 Heart-Shape Balloons. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1181-bu010.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/blue-roses-arrangement-with-heart-shape-balloons.html 4,000.00 mix 4444 999999991181 FDMAKATI-mix 4444 100 Flowers Arrangement mix 4444 New 0.5 kg Blue Roses with a Bear 12 Blue Roses Table Arrangement teddy bear is for design only.(not included). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1182-bu009.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/blue-roses-with-a-bear.html 3,700.00 mix 4444666 999999991182 FDMAKATI-mix 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement mix 4444666 New 2 kg BLUEBELLES 11 Stalks of Blue Roses & 1 white rose with Eustomas https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1211-showimage-10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/bluebelles.html 2,100.00 val 42 999999991211 FDMAKATI-val 42 100 Roses » 12 Roses val 42 New 0.5 kg Bouquet carnation With Cadbury 10 Carnations Bouquet With Cadbury Chocolates (4*65 grm). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/982-ca-10834159.-carnations-bouquet-with-cadbury-chocolates-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bouquet-carnation-with-cadbury.html 2,800.00 combo31 999999999982 FDMAKATI-combo31 100 Combo items combo31 New 2 kg Bouquet For Mother Our florists have created this glamorous flower bouquet with roses, Gerbera, orchids, lilies, stock and greenery. This bouquet is suitable for every occasion https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/853-flower-bouquets-essendon-flower-order.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/bouquet-for-mother.html 3,900.00 Mother 999999999853 FDMAKATI-Mother 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers Mother New 0.5 kg Bouquet of Seasonal Flowers Bouquet of Seasonal Flowers for any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/897-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/bouquet-of-seasonal-flowers.html 3,900.00 00897 999999999897 FDMAKATI-00897 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers 00897 New 0.5 kg Bouquet with 1 Kg Heart Shape Chocolate 12 Red Roses Bouquet with 1 Kg Heart Shape Chocolate Cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1574-15-red-roses-chocolate-heart-cake-1kg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/bouquet-with-1-kg-heart-shape-chocolate.html 4,100.00 cake 5667877 999999991574 FDMAKATI-cake 5667877 100 Cake cake 5667877 New 0.5 kg Broadways Best Bursting with style, color and extravagance, this luxurious arrangement featuring gorgeous pink and green roses surrounded by stems of white lilies arranged in a glass vase, will add charm and elegance to your loved ones day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1226-avasflowers-bright-smiles-basket-deluxe-medium-11001.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/broadways-best.html 3,600.00 mix 44442 999999991226 FDMAKATI-mix 44442 100 Flowers Arrangement mix 44442 New 0.5 kg Bronze Combo Give him/her a big surprise!!! This delicate gift includes: - A beautiful 12 rose bouquet - A heart shaped balloon https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1137-fr0510-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bronze-combo.html 2,500.00 combo48 999999991137 FDMAKATI-combo48 100 Combo items combo48 New 0.5 kg Brownies Pack of 24s Both nutty and moist, chocolate fudge bars that leave a sweet and dreamy taste in the mouth. 24's brownies. From Red Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/636-cake51-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/brownies-pack-of-24s.html 2,200.00 cake37 999999999636 FDMAKATI-cake37 100 Cake cake37 New 0.5 kg Bunch of 12 Mix Roses with 24 Pcs Ferrero Rochers Bunch of 12 Mix Roses with 24 Pcs Ferrero Rochers Chocolate Box Pack. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1538-made-for-each-other-fa11834-300.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/bunch-of-12-mix-roses-with-24-pcs-ferrero-rochers.html 3,200.00 combo101 999999991538 FDMAKATI-combo101 100 Combo items combo101 New 0.5 kg Bunch of 60 Mix Roses Bunch of 72 Mix Roses with nicely wrapped. COLOR: 12 PINK 12 POMELO 12 YELLOW 24 ORANGE 12 RED https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1484-1300783520-phw-n-35-mix-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/bunch-of-60-mix-roses.html 7,400.00 FLB 56577 999999991484 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577 100 Roses » 60 Roses FLB 56577 New 0.5 kg Bunch of 60 Mix Roses Bunch of 60 Mix Roses 24 orange 12 pomelo 12 red 6 yellow 6 pink https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1500-mixed-rose-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/multicolored-roses/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/bunch-of-60-mix-roses.html 5,900.00 val 5566888777 999999991500 FDMAKATI-val 5566888777 100 val 5566888777 New 0.5 kg Bvlgari Bulgari Blv Blu 100ml EDT Bvlgari Bulgari Blv Blu 100ml EDT Spray for men https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1265-040232957-0400364362f8cf338f2febf2b189cc8be804f9df92b84cb9b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/bvlgari-bulgari-blv-blu-100ml-edt.html 3,200.00 perf 6777 999999991265 FDMAKATI-perf 6777 100 perf 6777 New 0.5 kg Bvlgari Bulgari Extreme 100ml EDT Bvlgari Bulgari Extreme 100ml EDT Spray for Men https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1264-bvlgari-bulgari-extreme-100ml-edt-spray-for-men-p2050-300x278.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/bvlgari-bulgari-extreme-100ml-edt.html 3,200.00 perf 12333 999999991264 FDMAKATI-perf 12333 100 perf 12333 New 0.5 kg Cadbury Basket 10 pcs 10 items Cadbury Basket ,(40 grm each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1009-bask-choc-rg-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/cadbury-basket-10-pcs.html 2,550.00 choco53 999999991009 FDMAKATI-choco53 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco53 New 0.5 kg Cadbury Treat 7 pcs Cadbury 7 chcobar set (65 grm each). Flavor may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/209-chok60.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/cadbury-treat-7-pcs.html 2,100.00 choco48 999999999209 FDMAKATI-choco48 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco48 New 0.5 kg Cake - Chocolate, chocolate torte Cake - Chocolate, Heart Shape Chocolate Cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1559-100100598-288429715893063-9126306725152948224-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/cake-chocolate-chocolate-torte.html 2,200.00 cakeval 5566 999999991559 FDMAKATI-cakeval 5566 100 Cake cakeval 5566 New 0.5 kg cake , flowers & ballons Black forest cake ,12 roses & 2 happy birthday & 6 ballons https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2094-2798.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/cake-flowers-ballons.html 4,100.00 cake 6767 999999992094 FDMAKATI-cake 6767 100 Balloons cake 6767 New 0.5 kg Cake Flowers and Fruits This Hamper Includes 12 Red Roses with white Flowers Basket along with 1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake and 6 items Fresh Fruits Basket. note: Fruits will be transfer to a box. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1553-cake-flowers-and-fruits.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/cake-flowers-and-fruits.html 5,200.00 fruits 56577888 999999991553 FDMAKATI-fruits 56577888 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruits 56577888 New 0.5 kg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1553-2-untitledhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg Can't Wait To Be With Ya ! Let your loved one know that you are counting days to be together.(heart shape 36 orange roses). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/721-heart22.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/can-t-wait-to-be-with-ya.html 5,000.00 Heart22 999999999721 FDMAKATI-Heart22 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart22 New 0.5 kg Care and Compassion Spray Care and Compassion Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2086-2088-105405516-603098056991258-898307769574116731-n-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/care-and-compassion-spray.html 3,800.00 nation 5555 999999992086 FDMAKATI-nation 5555 100 Funeral flowers nation 5555 New 0.5 kg Carnation % cake 20 Carnations bouquet  & chocolate cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1386-aff-exfnp86.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/carnation-cake.html 4,200.00 newcom 0333388 999999991386 FDMAKATI-newcom 0333388 100 Cake newcom 0333388 New 0.5 kg Carnation, Roses, Orchids Basket Carnation, Roses, Orchids Basket. This flowers arrangement specially design for birthday and anniversary with white roses, pink carnations, orchids and exotic fillers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/917-carnation-arrangment.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/carnation-roses-orchids-basket.html 3,760.00 flower 4444666 999999999917 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement flower 4444666 New 5 kg Carnations Bouquet With Cadbury Chocolates 10 Carnations Bouquet With 5* 165 Cadbury Chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1478-ca-10834159.-carnations-bouquet-with-cadbury-chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/carnations-bouquet-with-cadbury-chocolates.html 4,000.00 combo86 999999991478 FDMAKATI-combo86 100 Combo items combo86 New 0.5 kg Casino Filipino Hit the jackpot every time and win her heart with this extravagantly chic bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies and sweet limoniums in fiery orange, pink and fushcia colors, accompanied by a cuddly plush hearts bear. This bouquet comes hand wrapped in dainty non woven fabric and tied with a raffia ribbon.Hit the jackpot every time and win her heart with this extravagantly chic bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies and sweet limoniums in fiery orange, pink and fushcia colors, accompanied by a cuddly plush hearts bear. This bouquet comes hand wrapped in dainty non woven fabric and tied with a raffia ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1248-8096.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/casino-filipino.html 3,600.00 combo66 999999991248 FDMAKATI-combo66 100 Combo items combo66 New 0.5 kg Celebrate the day Basket of 12 Red Roses and 16 Pcs Ferrero Rochers Chocolate Box with 6 Inches Teddy Bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/981-1303290543-phw-b-12-r-r-16pcsfrroch-teddy.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/celebrate-the-day.html 3,600.00 combo30 999999999981 FDMAKATI-combo30 100 Combo items combo30 New 2 kg Celebrate your birthday today Black forest cake , mix flower bouquet & 5 cadbury 65 g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2115-tumblr-inline-ne7abkwpxf1sgrzyx.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/celebrate-your-birthday-today.html 4,850.00 new 99 999999992115 FDMAKATI-new 99 100 Cake new 99 New 0.5 kg CHCOLATE HAMPER Sweet: Toblerone 200g (Milk+White)+ Cadbury 65 g(4 pcs) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1440-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/chcolate-hamper.html 2,250.00 choco54 999999991440 FDMAKATI-choco54 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco54 New 0.5 kg CHOCO CARAMEL DECADENCE CAKE Choco Caramel Cake filled with vanilla butter creme and creamy caramel filling and iced with choco fudge frosting, topped with vanilla butter creme and decorated with a gumpaste butterfly topper. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/647-cake62-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/choco-caramel-decadence-cake.html 2,200.00 cake45 999999999647 FDMAKATI-cake45 100 Cake cake45 New 0.5 kg CHOCO CHIFFON Chocolate flavored chiffon cake with chocolate frosting. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/644-cake59-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/choco-chiffon.html 2,200.00 cake42 999999999644 FDMAKATI-cake42 100 Cake cake42 New 0.5 kg Choco Delight Choco Delight - 24 Mix Roses in Bunch, Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs, 5 Dairy Milk 65 gms each and Card valentine day card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1522-fch1kkkkkkkkkkkkkk.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/choco-delight.html 4,500.00 combo98 999999991522 FDMAKATI-combo98 100 Combo items combo98 New 0.5 kg CHOCO ORANGE GREETING CAKE Tangy zest of orange in dreamy creamy layers of orange chiffon and rich chocolate cake. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/643-cake58-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/choco-orange-greeting-cake.html 2,200.00 cake41 999999999643 FDMAKATI-cake41 100 Cake cake41 New 0.5 kg CHOCO SANSRIVAL Five layers of sansrival dough filled with sweet and creamy sansrival icing, chocolate ganache and cashew nuts. The surface and sides of the cake is decorated with cashew nuts and accented with a chocolate flower topper on top center of the cake. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/645-cake60-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/choco-sansrival.html 2,200.00 cake43 999999999645 FDMAKATI-cake43 100 Cake cake43 New 0.5 kg Choco With Love Bouquet Choco With Love Bouquet Belgian chocolates 100 g with flower bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1568-with-love-flower-bouquet-1111.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/choco-with-love-bouquet.html 3,700.00 combo109 999999991568 FDMAKATI-combo109 100 Combo items combo109 New 0.5 kg Chocolate & gift Basket Christmas Nativa Green Tea Lemon 1L Belle France Duck Terrine Delice 16oz Dona Elena Pitted Green Olives 140g Ocean Flavor Spanish Sardines with Calamansi 230g Yogi Tea Green with Kombocha 16 Counts Thai Kitchen Noodles Original 9oz Filippo Berio Green Pesto Sauce 180g Olitalia Olive Pomace Oil 500ml S&B Garden Curry Sauce Mild 240g Ferrero Rocher Chocolate T-24 300g Nabisco Chips Ahoy Chewy 425.2g Campagna Fettucine 500g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2130-2120-877-bas013333.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/chocolate-gift-basket-christmas.html 6,350.00 chocs 6899900 999999992130 FDMAKATI-chocs 6899900 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 6899900 New 0.5 kg Chocolate and Dry Fruits in a Basket Contents : Lindt Swiss Thins 125 gm 3 Lindt chocolates Kaju 200 gm Almond 100 gm https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1420-gti14989.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/chocolate-and-dry-fruits-in-a-basket.html 4,000.00 choco109 999999991420 FDMAKATI-choco109 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco109 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket--366 13 items chocolate in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/197-chok48.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-366.html 3,200.00 choco62 999999999197 FDMAKATI-choco62 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco62 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-11 13 item of different imported chocolate. Ferrero heart shape,Hershey kisses,M& m,twix,Cadbury,max , oreo,toblerone include and additional 4 items chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/216-chok24.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-11.html 3,500.00 choco68 999999999216 FDMAKATI-choco68 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco68 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-12 Contains: Ferrero Rocher T8 Heart Shaped Chocolate, Swiss Delice Fine Milk ,Cadbury Fruit & Nut,Toblerone Milk Chocolate, Meiji Macadamia, Hershey's Milk Choco with Almonds, Timtam chocolate, Meiji Pucca, Chocopie. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/219-chok27.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-12.html 3,500.00 choco69 999999999219 FDMAKATI-choco69 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco69 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-13 9" teddy bear with 10 item chocolate Mix an adorable gift for your loved ones. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/222-chok2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-13.html 3,700.00 choco70 999999999222 FDMAKATI-choco70 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco70 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-14 Includes: Vochelle dairy milk, Vochelle cranberries,Wafer, Nestle Crunch, meiji Almond, Nutlet,Hershey's Milk,Butterfinger,Toblerone, milk,toblerone white ,toblerone dark,Meiji,Vochelle,Meiji Macadamia, Snickers,Loacker, Hershey's Kisses, lindt ,ritter sport , maltesers,snikers, ferrero 3 pcs(20ITEMS). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/224-chok4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-14.html 4,600.00 choco72 999999999224 FDMAKATI-choco72 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco72 New 2 kg Chocolate Basket-15 Includes: Ferrero Heart Shaped, toblerone,Cadbury milk, Hershey's Kisses,Meiji Almond,Loacker Napolitaner,Vochelle Fruit & Nut Bar, Arnotts Timtam Wafer,Meiji Macadamia,Chocopie, m& m. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/229-chok9.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-15.html 3,200.00 choco73 999999999229 FDMAKATI-choco73 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco73 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-2 10 items foreign chocolate, makes adorable party gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/181-chok32.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-wavelet-yls-126g-chocolate-basket-2.html 3,000.00 choco55 999999999181 FDMAKATI-choco55 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco55 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-2 10 item of different imported chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/193-chok44.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-2.html 3,000.00 choco61 999999999193 FDMAKATI-choco61 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco61 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-3 Heart ferrero, Cadbury Roast Almond, Kisses Milk Chocolates, M & M's, Ritter Sport raisins & Hazelnuts, Crunch Crisp, Butter Finger, Baby Ruth, Kit Kat Bar, Cadbury. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/185-chok36.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-3.html 3,200.00 choco57 999999999185 FDMAKATI-choco57 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco57 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Basket-4 16 pc ferrero, tobelerone (100 grm), Cadbury (150 grm) and kitkat choclate in basket.. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/186-chok37.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-basket-4.html 2,650.00 choco58 999999999186 FDMAKATI-choco58 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco58 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Cake Two (2) layers of chocolate cake with caramel filling, iced with chocolate frosting. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/567-cak605.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-cake.html 2,200.00 cake9 999999999567 FDMAKATI-cake9 100 Cake cake9 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Cake Two (2) layers of chocolate cake with caramel filling, iced with chocolate frosting. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/570-cak608.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-cake2.html 2,200.00 cake11 999999999570 FDMAKATI-cake11 100 Cake cake11 New 0.5 kg CHOCOLATE CHERRY TORTE Flavored chiffon cake iced with butter cream icing and adorned with festive fruity chocolate decors. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/642-choco-cherry-torte-600.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-cherry-torte.html 2,200.00 cake40 999999999642 FDMAKATI-cake40 100 Cake cake40 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Combo basket Hershey's kisses Vochelle tin box choco pie cookies tin box toblerone 2 bar , 100 each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2133-choco-basket288.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/chocolate-combo-basket.html 3,600.00 chocs 86555 999999992133 FDMAKATI-chocs 86555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 86555 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Fudge Cake Layers of chocolate pound cake with yummy chocolate fudge filling, generously finished with fudgy chocolate icing. From Red Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/634-cake49-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-fudge-cake.html 2,200.00 cake36 999999999634 FDMAKATI-cake36 100 Cake cake36 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - Ferrero Rocher 5 Pcs, Vochelle Almonds tin box, 2 Dairy Milk cadbury 65gm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1400-1113415717534ff6c2a98add6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper.html 1,500.00 choco18 999999991400 FDMAKATI-choco18 100 Chocolate choco18 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 10 Ferrero Rocher - 24 pcs Vochelle Almonds Choco Box - 1 Vochelle HazelNut Choco Box - 1 Vochelle Fruit n Nut Choco Box - 1 ToblerOne Chocolates - 200 gms Lindt Swiss Milk Choco Bars - 4 Nos Danish Butter Cookies Box - 1 No https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1393-ges8c0010.gif https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-10.html 5,500.00 choco12 999999991393 FDMAKATI-choco12 100 Chocolate choco12 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 12 Vochelle Almonds Choco Box - 1 No ToblerOne Chocolate - 100 gms Cadbury DairyMilk Choco Bars - 4 Nos,65 grm each KitKat Chunky Choco - 2 Nos other Chocolates bar- 2 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1399-img2205.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-12.html 2,650.00 choco17 999999991399 FDMAKATI-choco17 100 Chocolate choco17 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 13 Cadbury DairyMilk SILK Choc Bars - 2 ,65 gm each ToblerOne Chocolates - 300 gms Ferrero Rocher - 6 pcs KitKat Chocolates - 3 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1394-img2204.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-13.html 2,200.00 choco13 999999991394 FDMAKATI-choco13 100 Chocolate choco13 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 19 Ferrero Rocher - 16 pcs ToblerOne Chocolate - 100 gms Snickers Chocolate - 6 Nos Cadbury DairyMilk SILK Choco Bars - 5 Nos,65 gm eaach KitKat Chocolates - 3 Nos Vochelle Chocolate Bars - 3 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1395-img1269.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-19.html 4,500.00 choco14 999999991395 FDMAKATI-choco14 100 Chocolate choco14 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 6 Cadbury Bournville Bars - 3 Nos Cadbury DairyMilk Choco Bars - 2 Nos,65gm each Kitkat Chunky Chocolate - 1 No Ferrero Rocher - 16 pcs https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1397-img2169.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-6.html 2,200.00 choco16 999999991397 FDMAKATI-choco16 100 Chocolate choco16 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Hamper - 8 Cadbury Bars - 3 Nos ,65 gm each Vochelle Choco Bars - 3 Nos ,40 gm each Cadbury Bournville Bars - 2 Nos Cadbury DairyMilk Silk Big Bar - 1 No ToblerOne Chocolate - 300 gms https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1396-img2171.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-hamper-8.html 3,600.00 choco15 999999991396 FDMAKATI-choco15 100 Chocolate choco15 New 0.5 kg Chocolate long sweets 15 items chocolate, cookies brownies https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1388-large-1498-gbm277a1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/chocolate-long-sweets.html 3,900.00 combo84 999999991388 FDMAKATI-combo84 100 Combo items combo84 New 0.5 kg Chocolate mousse Made from the finest melting chocolate and dairy cream set on a chocolate base and topped with whipped cream and chocolate bits. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/561-cak618.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-mousse.html 2,200.00 cake5 999999999561 FDMAKATI-cake5 100 Cake cake5 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Pleasure Flower Basket An enticing combination of sweet chocolate treats and an arrangement typically including chrysanthemums, molucca balm and baby's breath, cushioned in soft coloured tissue. Contents may vary. 8 items chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1974-h7.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolate-pleasure-flower-basket.html 4,400.00 choco76 999999991974 FDMAKATI-choco76 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco76 New 0.5 kg Chocolate Torte Three (3) layers chocolate chiffon cake, covered w/ fresh buttered cream, topped w/ finely chopped cashew brittle; decorated w/slivers of chocolate half embedded on the flowers around the edge of the cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/569-cak607.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/chocolate-torte.html 2,200.00 cake10 999999999569 FDMAKATI-cake10 100 Cake cake10 New 0.5 kg chocolate w/pillow 6 * 100 g toblerone chocolate w/pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1476-fl5430-1lg--51452-std.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/chocolate-w-pillow.html 2,900.00 choco132 999999991476 FDMAKATI-choco132 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco132 New 0.5 kg Chocolates for Christmas & dad Description :24 pcs ferrero rocher,3 Lind Chocolate, 200 Toblerone Chocolate, 3 vochelle box & Danish Butter Cookies https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1255-1321954052-9611.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/chocolates-for-christmas-dad.html 5,600.00 basket23 999999991255 FDMAKATI-basket23 100 Father's Day Items basket23 New 0.5 kg Chocolates in a heart box Includes: Kit kat, Snickers Almond Bar, Maltese, M&M, pack Kisses, Ritter Sport, Cad bury.(10 items) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/182-chok33.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolates-in-a-heart-box.html 2,900.00 choco56 999999999182 FDMAKATI-choco56 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco56 New 0.5 kg Chocolicious Treats ! 15 item of different imported chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/192-chok43.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chocolicious-treats.html 3,700.00 choco60 999999999192 FDMAKATI-choco60 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco60 New 0.5 kg Chokolate Basket-10 Includes: 3 pieces Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone and 10 items foreign chocolate. send to your favored person. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/212-chok20.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chokolate-basket-10.html 2,750.00 choco66 999999999212 FDMAKATI-choco66 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco66 New 0.5 kg Chokolate Basket-14 Includes: Chocopie 168g, Cadbury Fruit & Nut 150g, Hershey's Milk Choco 40g, Ferrero Rocher in Heart-Shaped Gift Box, Hershey's Kisses 40g, Toblerone 50g, Meiji Almond 70g. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/235-chok14.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/chokolate-basket-14.html 3,450.00 choco74 999999999235 FDMAKATI-choco74 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco74 New 0.5 kg CHRISTMAS DELIGHT Kraft Eden Cheese Orgininal 180g Royal Spaghetti Noodles 1k Sun Maid Raisins 250g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 850g Del Monte Whole Kernel Corn 425g Filstate Nata De Coco 340g Nestle All purpose Cream 250ml Best Food Fastfood Style Spaghetti Sauce 500g Wonderfarm Danish Style Cookies 454g Del Monte Pineapple Juice Ace 1L https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2140-1232-christmas-delight.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-delight.html 3,000.00 cheapbas 8790 999999992140 FDMAKATI-cheapbas 8790 100 Fruit /Gift Basket cheapbas 8790 New 0.5 kg christmas deluxe  Butter Cookies 454g Sparkling juice non alcholic 750ml Vochelle Almonds Chocolate 205g La Costeña Salsa Dip Medium 453g Ideal Gourmet Cannelloni 250g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 825g Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 50g Bristol Chopped Ham 326g Hunt’s Pasta Sauce Mushroom 680g Hereford Corned Beef 25% Less Sodium 340g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2138-2190-untitled-99991111.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-deluxe.html 5,300.00 christmas 860777 999999992138 FDMAKATI-christmas 860777 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 860777 New 0.5 kg Christmas Holiday Special Non Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice 750mL Alfredo Tiramisu Almond Dark Chocolate 228g Ddanesita Butter Cookies 454g Planters Cocktail Peanuts 184g Nescafe Gold Coffee 100g Nestle Coffeemate The Original 453.5g Barilla Penne Rigate 500g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 850g Hereford Cooked Ham 454g Ragu Traditional Smooth Pasta Sauce 680g Tulip Cocktail Skinless Sausages 415g Libby's Corned Beef 340g Spam Lite Luncheon Meat 340g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2132-1661-large-4128-holiday-special-666.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-holiday-special.html 7,790.00 chocs 86555 999999992132 FDMAKATI-chocs 86555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 86555 New 0.5 kg christmas Holiday Treat Ideal Gourmet Rigatoni 500g Prigles Original 161g Danesita Butter Cookies 454g Vochelle Hazelnuts Dairy Milk Chocolate 205g Swiss Miss Milk Chocolate Cocoa Mix 280g Dole Sliced Peaches 665g Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 850g Bristol Chopped Ham 326g Libby's Vienna Sausage 130g Spam Luncheon Meat 340g Planters Cocktail Peanuts 184g Non Alcoholic Sparkling Grape Juice 750mL https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2128-1662-large-4164-holiday-treat999.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-holiday-treat.html 6,350.00 christmas 86555 999999992128 FDMAKATI-christmas 86555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 86555 New 0.5 kg christmas Home For The Holidays Grape juice Sweet 750ml, Dak Chopped Ham 454g, Spam 340g Royal Spaghetti 1kg Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 836g Del Monte Peach Slices 836g Campbells Mushroom Soup Sun-Maid Raisin 250g Pringles Original 5.68 oz Magnolia All Purpose Cream  250ml Clara Ole Italian Spaghetti Sauce 1kg Libby's Corned Beef with Onion ALaska Condensada Tita Ely Nata de Coco 340g Tita Ely Kaong 340g Magnolia Quickmelt Magnolia Quezo de Bola 500g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2131-large-3847-home-for-the-holidays-copy111.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-home-for-the-holidays.html 6,300.00 chocs 8755544 999999992131 FDMAKATI-chocs 8755544 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 8755544 New 0.5 kg Christmas small Bounty Ideal Gourmet Lasagna Verdi 454g Del monte Mushroom Pasta 751g Bristol Chooped Ham 326g Swan Pork Cocktail Sausages 200g Del monte Fruit Cocktail 850g Dole Sliced Peaches 665g Pfanner Grape Fruit Juice 1L Bibica Choco Chips Cookies 300g M&M Chocolate Candies 240g Ferrero Rocher Chocolate 100g (8's) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2127-2222-large-4160-christmas-bounty222.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-small-bounty.html 4,790.00 christmas 8666 999999992127 FDMAKATI-christmas 8666 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 8666 New 0.5 kg christmas Yuletide Delight Hereford Cooked Ham 454g Jolly Lychees Syrup 565g Welch's 100% Grape Juice 46 oz Nutella Hazelnut Cocoa Spread 375g Magic Time Deluxe Mixed Nuts 326g Spam Lite 340g Sunkist Pistachios Dry Roasted & Salted 150g Nabisco Newtons Fig Fat Free 340g Nestle Chocolate Mint Merci Finest Selection 250g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2139-2288-large-3852-holiday-picnic6666.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/christmas-yuletide-delight.html 5,390.00 christmas 333232 999999992139 FDMAKATI-christmas 333232 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 333232 New 0.5 kg CLASSIC SANSRIVAL Four layers of crunchy sansrival dough filled with sweet and creamy butter icing and cashew nuts. The whole cake is iced with the same butter icing and generously sprinkled with cashew nuts. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/646-cake61-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/classic-sansrival.html 2,300.00 cake44 999999999646 FDMAKATI-cake44 100 Cake cake44 New 0.5 kg Classic Whites Standing Spray Classic Whites Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2092-78879290-444985382857576-8626659427123986432-o.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/classic-whites-standing-spray.html 4,600.00 funerals 105 999999992092 FDMAKATI-funerals 105 100 Funeral flowers funerals 105 New 0.5 kg Colored flowers mix Daisy spray chrysanthemums, asters, carnations, alstroemeria, bupleurum https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/861-fla05.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/colored-flowers-mix.html 3,200.00 fla05 999999999861 FDMAKATI-fla05 100 Flowers Arrangement fla05 New 0.5 kg Colorful basket Colorful flowers bursting with energy. Shower their joyous spirits on everyone around...... https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/425-rosb530.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/colorful-basket.html 3,600.00 ROSB530 999999999425 FDMAKATI-ROSB530 100 Flowers Arrangement ROSB530 New 0.5 kg Colorful Dreams Give Colorful surprise to your near and dear one with this 2 Days Serenade which includes : Day 1 feb 13: 12 Multi color roses nicely arranged in a vase + Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box (Net Weight : 200 gms). Day 2 february 14 : Bunch of 18 Multi Color Roses + 1/2 kg Chocolate Cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1451-gai2-igpfham02.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/colorful-dreams.html 7,200.00 seren 0998799 999999991451 FDMAKATI-seren 0998799 100 Valentines Serenades seren 0998799 New 0.5 kg Colorful Feelings 6 pink carnations, 6 purple carnations, 6 carnations with lily and green foliages https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1752-colorful-feelings.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/colorful-feelings.html 3,400.00 137 999999991752 FDMAKATI-137 100 Mother's day Flowers 137 New 0.5 kg Colourful Dreams Spell freshness with this beautiful arrangement of lilies, gerberas, daises, solidago and greens which comes in a glass cube.Spell freshness with this beautiful arrangement of lilies, gerberas, daises, solidago and greens which comes in a glass cube. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1249-8204.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/colourful-dreams.html 3,300.00 Gift12377 999999991249 FDMAKATI-Gift12377 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love Gift12377 New 0.5 kg Come on Darling This sweet arrangement of white daisies, pink mini carnations, and hot pink roses is complemented by purple monte casino and white waxflower. Designed in a handled basket, it's sure to send your special greetings with style. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/23-fla223.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/come-on-darling.html 3,300.00 MS3 999999999923 FDMAKATI-MS3 100 Flowers Arrangement MS3 New 0.5 kg conjugal love 6 Pink roses basket & 6 gerbera and 16pcs ferrero rocher with teddy in a bsaket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1326-bearchocbasket3sml.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/conjugal-love.html 3,900.00 combo77 999999991326 FDMAKATI-combo77 100 Combo items combo77 New 3 kg CONTE DE FÃ?�ES This hand bouquet comes with 12 stalks of tulips and one roses in the middle. It is also mix with eustoma flowers and beautiful leaves. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2012-conte-de-fes.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/conte-de-f-es.html 5,500.00 tulips005 999999992012 FDMAKATI-tulips005 100 Tulip tulips005 New 0.5 kg Couple + Ferrero Send bear couple with 30 Ferroro chocolate. its a perfect match to say hello to anyone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/194-194-chok45.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/couple-ferrero.html 2,650.00 choco82 999999999194 FDMAKATI-choco82 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco82 New 0.5 kg couple w/flowers & chocolates couple w/24 red roses & 16 ferrero chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2004-couple-w-flowers--chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/couple-w-flowers-chocolates.html 6,200.00 couple 65688 999999992004 FDMAKATI-couple 65688 100 Heart Shape Basket couple 65688 New 0.5 kg Crazy for You What better way to help someone feel better than sending flowers and chicken soup. This arrangement of red carnations and white daisies arrives in a decorative ceramic soup bowl and includes a packet of chicken soup. A great gift for any age. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/24-fla224.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/crazy-for-you.html 3,500.00 MS4 999999999924 FDMAKATI-MS4 100 Flowers Arrangement MS4 New 0.5 kg Cross funeral Cross funeral https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2159-244498147-1127684478059395-7775440312995074758-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/cross-funeral.html 5,100.00 cross 76767 999999992159 FDMAKATI-cross 76767 100 Funeral flowers cross 76767 New 0.5 kg Crunchy Bar Fruit Basket | Chocolate Crunchy Bar Fruit Basket | Chocolate Fruits: Kiwis Plums Gala apples Green Apples Orange Pear Grapes Bananas 7 items fruits & 8 items chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1976-crucnhy-bar-fruit-basket-300x300.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/crunchy-bar-fruit-basket-chocolate.html 4,050.00 fafruits 887 999999991976 FDMAKATI-fafruits 887 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fafruits 887 New 0.5 kg Cute Smile Bunch of 12 Red Roses and 9 Inches Teddy Bear m I love you pillow and 24 Ferrero rocher. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/976-1296650617-12-roses-24ferrero-teddy-india-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/cute-smile.html 5,200.00 combo25 999999999976 FDMAKATI-combo25 100 Combo items combo25 New 0.5 kg Dad4You 48 Red and white Roses one sided Basket arrangement. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1273-cfdssds.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/dad4you.html 5,000.00 dad04 999999991273 FDMAKATI-dad04 100 Flowers Arrangement dad04 New 0.5 kg Daisies in the basket Beautifully arranged 24 pieces red roses in a fashioned basket - long lasting beauty ! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/431-rosb516.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/daisies-in-the-basket.html 4,000.00 ROSB516 999999999431 FDMAKATI-ROSB516 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB516 New 0.5 kg DAZE DAZE https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1635-daze.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/daze.html 3,400.00 mother053 999999991635 FDMAKATI-mother053 100 Mother's day Flowers mother053 New 0.5 kg DEARLY BELOVED Send support during this difficult time with an arrangement of beautiful pastel-colored blooms. Features fresh pastel roses, gladiolas, snapdragons, mums, carnations, daisy poms, heather and more. Usually sent by family, friends or business associates. Our florist's hand-design each arrangement, so colors, varieties, and containers may vary due to local availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1005-125283228-936460280094580-1090071142613575278-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/dearly-beloved.html 5,300.00 symphaty_19 999999991005 FDMAKATI-symphaty_19 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_19 New 2 kg Declaration of Love Let her know how much you love her by sending her these 15 pieces of mix tulips ! Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2013-declaration-of-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/declaration-of-love.html 5,500.00 tulips006 999999992013 FDMAKATI-tulips006 100 Tulip tulips006 New 0.5 kg Decorated 6 items Fruit Basket with 12 Red Roses Decorated 6 items Fruit Basket with 12 Red Roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2158-201903151552642119-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/decorated-6-items-fruit-basket-with-12-red-roses.html 4,000.00 pinkcarmx 566 999999992158 FDMAKATI-pinkcarmx 566 100 Fruit /Gift Basket pinkcarmx 566 New 0.5 kg Deeply in love Couple bear with 6 pink roses and 6 * 50 grm toblerone chocolates. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1327-chocolate-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/deeply-in-love.html 3,900.00 combo78 999999991327 FDMAKATI-combo78 100 Combo items combo78 New 3 kg Delfi Assorted Chocolate Delfi Assorted Chocolate 3 Bars / 80g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1422-chocfeb2013-17.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/delfi-assorted-chocolate.html 900.00 choco30 999999991422 FDMAKATI-choco30 100 Chocolate choco30 New 0.5 kg Delicious gift Basket 111   Cadbury Choco Pie 168gm, Cadbury Rich Dry Fruit box 190gm, Delfi Twister cappucina 320gm, Toblerone chocolate 100gm, Chocolate Oreo Biskuit 137gm, Butter toffees 225gm, Ferrero Rocher 16 Pieces 200gm, Soreign Hazelnuts covered with milk chocolate 180gm, Olives Almond Stuffed 142gm, Kraft cheddar Cheese 200gm, Single estate cylon tea. Luxury Lwaf bags 40g net https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2135-2224-choco-basket412.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/delicious-gift-basket-111.html 6,250.00 chocs 87555 999999992135 FDMAKATI-chocs 87555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 87555 New 0.5 kg Delightful A delightful living gift suitable for any occasion 24 inch teddy Bear give hugging feelings with I LOVE PILLOW, chocolate cake and 12 red roses bunch type express your love, a perfect gift to express your emotions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/584-cake19-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/delightful.html 5,450.00 cake23 999999999584 FDMAKATI-cake23 100 Cake cake23 New 0.5 kg Delightful Fruit Tray Nothing brightens up a work week better than this delightful tray full of fresh fruits. Great for office or home. Substitution of contents may occur if unavailable 6 items fruits https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1230-9465.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/delightful-fruit-tray.html 2,400.00 basket12 999999991230 FDMAKATI-basket12 100 Father's Day Items basket12 New 0.5 kg Deluxe Color Palette in Petals this Deluxe colorful palette of petals! Yellow Roses - Pink Roses -Orange Lilies - Green Fuji Mums - Blue Delphinium https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1276-hw0-286927.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/deluxe-color-palette-in-petals.html 3,400.00 flowers 44555 999999991276 FDMAKATI-flowers 44555 100 Father's Day Items flowers 44555 New 2 kg Desire Roses Beautiful long-stemmed red roses and a box of luxury chocolates 24 pcs ferrero. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1147-659.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/desire-roses.html 3,200.00 combo49 999999991147 FDMAKATI-combo49 100 Combo items combo49 New 0.5 kg Devoted couple Couple bear with 24 red rose bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1328-2teddybear.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/devoted-couple.html 4,500.00 combo79 999999991328 FDMAKATI-combo79 100 Combo items combo79 New 3 kg Devotion Arrangement (URN) Devotion Arrangement (URN) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2103-181106238-951436639002618-5446629420676826367-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/devotion-arrangement-urn.html 4,600.00 funerals 4444 999999992103 FDMAKATI-funerals 4444 100 Funeral flowers funerals 4444 New 0.5 kg Distant Greetings 12 red roses, with red carnations https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1774-distant-greetings.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/distant-greetings.html 3,400.00 524 999999991774 FDMAKATI-524 100 Mother's day Flowers 524 New 0.5 kg Donn Tout Red roses 9 stems, white lilies 3 stems, match green. English news paper and with gauze packed, finished with bowknot. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1685-donn-tout.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/donn-tout.html 3,400.00 839 999999991685 FDMAKATI-839 100 Mother's day Flowers 839 New 0.5 kg Double Dutch A delightful combination of chocolate cookie crumb crust, light caramel mousse filling w/ suspended cookie pieces topped w/ whipped cream frosting, chocolate cookies & chocolate syrup. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/572-double-dutch1-600-500000000.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/double-dutch.html 2,200.00 cake12 999999999572 FDMAKATI-cake12 100 Cake cake12 New 0.5 kg Double heart double heart chocolate box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1548-imageshhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/double-heart.html 2,400.00 choco96 999999991548 FDMAKATI-choco96 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco96 New 0.5 kg dozen roses w/cake 1dozen roses w/ black forest cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2121-download.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/dozen-roses-w-cake.html 3,700.00 cakerose 564 999999992121 FDMAKATI-cakerose 564 100 Cake cakerose 564 New 0.5 kg Effective Combo You will love this idea! It's a great, cost-effective combo to have an amazing decorated cake lipsmacking, delicious creamy chocolaty filling inside with crispy wafer chocolates, soft touch warm teddy bear with long lasting, twin purple color Orchid is stunningly presented to let that someone special in your life know they are on your mind. Combo consists bouquet of 6 purple orchids with seasonal foliage in cellophane Packing & matching ribbon. 200 gms Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box & approx 8 inch height Soft Teddy Bear along with yummy Black Forest Cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1335-new-combo-5abc-xl.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/effective-combo.html 5,150.00 father 2222999 999999991335 FDMAKATI-father 2222999 100 Cake father 2222999 New 3 kg Elegant Expressions Charming and luxurious, this beautiful display of a 18 red and white fresh roses will add style and class to your loved ones home or office.Charming and luxurious, this beautiful display of TWO dozen red and white fresh roses will add style and class to your loved ones home or office. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1245-8195.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/elegant-expressions.html 2,800.00 Gift123777888 999999991245 FDMAKATI-Gift123777888 100 Roses » 18 roses Gift123777888 New 0.5 kg Elegant Lady 24 pink hand made rose bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1177-untitled-555.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/elegant-lady.html 4,000.00 Roses 4444 999999991177 FDMAKATI-Roses 4444 100 Roses » 24 Roses Roses 4444 New 0.5 kg ELEGANT ROSES Elegantly wrapped, our mixed roses bouquet includes red and pink roses with pink wrapping. 12 roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1595-elegant-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/elegant-roses.html 2,100.00 mother014 999999991595 FDMAKATI-mother014 100 Roses » 12 Roses mother014 New 0.5 kg Eminent Love Wishes How surprising to your loved ones when their Special valentine day begins 2 days earlier. Send this lovely Hamper countinuosly for 3 days which includes : 12th Feb - Bunch of 12 Red Roses along with Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box (Net Weight : 200 gms) 13th Feb - 24 Red Roses in Basket Arrangement along with Cute Teddy Bear (Size :8 inches) +pillow 14th Feb - 36 Red Roses Heart Shape Basket Arrangement along with 1/2 Kg Chocolate Cake + Valentine's Day Card. - https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1466-gai2-gaiv1150.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/eminent-love-wishes.html 11,550.00 seren 887979 999999991466 FDMAKATI-seren 887979 100 Valentines Serenades seren 887979 New 0.5 kg Endless Love 9 white roses in the middle, 24 red roses outside. with full euphorbia marginata outside. Yellow and pink curling round paper packaging, red and pink color bowknot. Imagine your recipient's surprise when this beautiful roses in assorted pastel colors arrive at their doorstep! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1827-endless-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/endless-love.html 3,400.00 Item #342 999999991827 FDMAKATI-Item #342 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #342 New 0.5 kg Enduring Peace Give your very best with this exceptional gift of all white flowers artfully arranged in a simple ceramic pot. Flowers include lilies, roses, snapdragons, orchids and lisianthus. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2089-81017625-492422254714950-331828975720464384-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/enduring-peace.html 4,300.00 funerals 102 999999992089 FDMAKATI-funerals 102 100 Funeral flowers funerals 102 New 0.5 kg Enjoying Your Life Selected 19 stems red roses and 2 stalks white perfume lilies, small floral decorated. White gauze, pink crepe paper round style hand bouquet, bowknot tied the end. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1687-enjoying-your-life.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/enjoying-your-life.html 3,400.00 1032 999999991687 FDMAKATI-1032 100 Mother's day Flowers 1032 New 0.5 kg Epicurean Pleasure   Choco Pie 236g Magnolia Cheeze 185g Alaska Condensed Milk 390g Del Monte Fresh Whole Kernel Corn 432g Nestle All Purpose Cream 250ml Best Foods Spaghetti Sauce 500g Sun Maid Raisins 250g Filtaste Kaong 340g Royal Spaghetti Pasta 1kg Del Monte Fruit Cocktail 851g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2144-1233-epicurean-pleasures22.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/epicurean-pleasure.html 4,800.00 basket 86555 999999992144 FDMAKATI-basket 86555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 86555 New 0.5 kg Especially For You... Description: pink snapdragons, yellow stargezer,oranges carnation .,with 6 item's fruits in a basket Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/938-fruit-flowers.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/especially-for-you.html 4,000.00 fruit1222 999999999938 FDMAKATI-fruit1222 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruit1222 New 0.5 kg Especially For You... Wish your close ones with some pretty looking Roses on any occasion. 36 Red roses in a glass vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/486-ros454.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/especially-for-you.html 6,000.00 ros454 999999999486 FDMAKATI-ros454 100 Roses » 36 Roses ros454 New 0.5 kg Especially For You...MOm Oranges, apples and bananas complete this basket of flowers with the juicy, citrus sweetness they bring out. Fruits Arrangement (6 item) & 6 red roses and stargaizer in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/911-gti4245.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/especially-for-you-mom.html 4,400.00 food37444 999999999911 FDMAKATI-food37444 100 Fruit /Gift Basket food37444 New 5 kg Eternal love RED ROSES WITH CAKE CADBURY CHOCOLATES AND TEDDY BEAR. 24  Exclusive Red Roses with round Cake , 2 * 65 g Cadburys Assorted Chocolates and a Cute 8" Teddy Bear.The gift is sure to fill the heart of the recipient with your thoughts. (We deliver only Freshly Baked Cakes.) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/983-sku-10236-245-17751760661360429257.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/eternal-love.html 5,450.00 flower 444433434 999999999983 FDMAKATI-flower 444433434 100 Cake flower 444433434 New 2 kg Eternity Flower-filled one-sided sympathy arrangement in red, pink and peach tones. Flowers include roses, gladiolus, gerberas, daisies, carnations and assorted greenery. A large, impressive arrangement that will not go unnoticed. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2093-106125864-274175273831092-3364000507747000435-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/eternity.html 3,800.00 funerals 106 999999992093 FDMAKATI-funerals 106 100 Funeral flowers funerals 106 New 0.5 kg Eternity by Calvin Klein for Men Description: Launched in 1989, this fragrance is considered very refreshing and crisp. It possesses a blend of greens, crisp jasmine, sage, basil and rosewood. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1050-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/perfume-for-men/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/eternity-by-calvin-klein-for-men.html 3,200.00 Per 01 999999991050 FDMAKATI-Per 01 100 Per 01 New 0.5 kg Even When We're Apart... Reach out to your beloved with this warm heart shape 4 dozen red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/710-heart17.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/even-when-we-re-apart.html 5,550.00 Heart17 999999999710 FDMAKATI-Heart17 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart17 New 0.5 kg Everlasting Non Stop Love Express your everlasting love to your loved ones on any special ocassions with this 3 Days Serenade which includes : Day 1 feb 11 : Bunch of 6 Red Roses along with 2 60gm cadbury Chocolate Bars / Day 2 feb 12: Bunch of 12 Red Roses along with Toblerone Chocolate Bars (Net Weight : 600 Gms). / Day 3 feb 13 : Bunch of 24 Red Roses along with Box of Ferrero Rocher Chocolates (Net Weight : 200 Gms). / https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1452-gai2-gaiv11481.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/everlasting-non-stop-love.html 8,300.00 seren 0998788 999999991452 FDMAKATI-seren 0998788 100 Valentines Serenades seren 0998788 New 0.5 kg Every Moment A good arrangement with 6 pieces of gorgeous stargazer in a glass vase to show your love one that you always remember her. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/19-fla219.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//every-moment.html 3,600.00 FLA219 999999999919 FDMAKATI-FLA219 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream FLA219 New 0.5 kg Every Moment A good arrangement with 10 pieces of gorgeous pink and yellow tulips in a glass vase to show your love one that you always remember her. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2014-every-moment.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/every-moment.html 4,500.00 tulips007 999999992014 FDMAKATI-tulips007 100 Tulip tulips007 New 0.5 kg Every String 3 lilies and 20 carnations match green leaves, beautiful hand-tied bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1844-every-string.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/every-string.html 3,400.00 Item #288 999999991844 FDMAKATI-Item #288 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #288 New 0.5 kg Exclusive Moments Nothing can prove better than gifting a heart shaped basket of 60 red roses when you actually want to express your undying and regretless love to your sweetheart on Valentine Day. Together with delicious and tempting 1 kg heart shaped chocolate cake, you will be able to convey your heart’s inner feelings without even speaking a word. Your lady love will understand the same on being presented the flowers and the cake. Get yourself going and rock together on this Valentine day! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1493-images56565.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/exclusive-moments.html 6,750.00 val 55668yyy 999999991493 FDMAKATI-val 55668yyy 100 Cake val 55668yyy New 0.5 kg Exotic Arrangement One sided exotic flowers arrangement with lots of emotons to make the every day special. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1275-mixedpinkrosesbasket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/exotic-arrangement.html 5,000.00 exotic59 999999991275 FDMAKATI-exotic59 100 Flowers Arrangement exotic59 New 0.5 kg Exotic Arrangement of Mix Flowers Exotic Arrangement of Mix Flowers 12 red roses with 1 dozen pink carnation. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/915-exotic-arrangement-of-mix-flowers--22502.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/exotic-arrangement-of-mix-flowers.html 3,900.00 fla42555 999999999915 FDMAKATI-fla42555 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers fla42555 New 5 kg Exotic Flower bouquet Exotic Flower bouquet red Gerbera,orange rose and orchids bouquet/ https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/922-mix-flowers-bouquet.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/exotic-flower-bouquet.html 3,900.00 flower 37434322 999999999922 FDMAKATI-flower 37434322 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 37434322 New 3 kg Exotic Purple Dendrobium Orchids Exotic Purple Dendrobium Orchids in vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1164-kb-orchids-dendrobium-20-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//exotic-purple-dendrobium-orchids.html 3,400.00 Orchid 24444666 999999991164 FDMAKATI-Orchid 24444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream Orchid 24444666 New 0.5 kg Exotic Roses & Chocolates 24 pink and red roses hand bouquet, wrapped beautifully with matching paper along with 3 dairy milk chocolates(65grm each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1346-b-online037qw.-online-exotic-roses-and-chocolates-gifts.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/exotic-roses-chocolates.html 3,400.00 combo80 999999991346 FDMAKATI-combo80 100 Combo items combo80 New 3 kg Expressions of Joy Arrangement of 12 yellow roses and 12 pink roses in a glass vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1223-gai2-gainewmot201337.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/expressions-of-joy.html 3,400.00 basket10 999999991223 FDMAKATI-basket10 100 Father's Day Items basket10 New 0.5 kg Father's day special 6 items fruit basket with flowers for your dad. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1259-img-1424.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/father-s-day-special.html 4,400.00 basket26 999999991259 FDMAKATI-basket26 100 Father's Day Items basket26 New 0.5 kg Feeling For You Mixed 11 red roses and 2 stalks white perfume lilies, with solidago. Crepe paper wrapped bouquet for love and more. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1668-feeling-for-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/feeling-for-you.html 3,400.00 1041 999999991668 FDMAKATI-1041 100 Mother's day Flowers 1041 New 0.5 kg Feeling of Happiness 19 pink carnations, 2 pink lilies with purple net inside and pink crepe paper outside. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1697-feeling-of-happiness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/feeling-of-happiness.html 3,400.00 621 999999991697 FDMAKATI-621 100 Mother's day Flowers 621 New 0.5 kg Feeling Soooo Blue... Let your sweetheart/ spouse/ loved ones know how much you miss 'em. (24 Orange & 12 red roses with tobleron (6 x 50gm) chocolate.) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/725-heart19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/feeling-soooo-blue.html 5,650.00 Heart19 999999999725 FDMAKATI-Heart19 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart19 New 0.5 kg Ferrero + Toblerone 300 grams toblerone with 200gm ferrero chocolates. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/184-chok35.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-toblerone.html 1,750.00 chco81 999999999184 FDMAKATI-chco81 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher chco81 New 0.5 kg Ferrero box This box contains 36 of Ferrero Rocher chocolates in 3 pieces packs, total 12 packs Net Wt. 15.9oz or 450gm. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/221-chok29.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-box.html 1,800.00 choco85 999999999221 FDMAKATI-choco85 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco85 New 0.5 kg Ferrero box + chocolate Heart Ferrero, Kit Kat, Snickers Almond Bar, M & M, M & M's Peanut, Butterfinger bar, Chocobloc Lait, Cadbury dairy Milk, Van Houten Full Cream Milk bar, Maltesers, Hershey's Kisses, Cadbury. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/207-chok58.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/ferrero-box-chocolate.html 3,450.00 choco65 999999999207 FDMAKATI-choco65 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco65 New 0.5 kg ferrero choco_set 1 Box of 24 pcs. Ferrero Rocher Heart Shape Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs. Ferrero Rocher 5 pcs. Ferrero Rocher https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1415-choco-set.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-choco-set.html 4,600.00 choco94 999999991415 FDMAKATI-choco94 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco94 New 0.5 kg Ferrero Chokolate Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Chocolates. The Gift Box Is 13.2oz or 375g. With 30 Hazelnut Chocolates. With a Rose. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/218-chok26.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-chokolate.html 1,950.00 choco84 999999999218 FDMAKATI-choco84 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco84 New 0.5 kg Ferrero Rocher & 12 Roses Product Information Make someone feel very special and loved with this supremely romantic gift. A gorgeous bouquet of a dozen long-stemmed silky rich red roses and a gift box of 16 delicious and velvety Ferrero Rocher hazelnut chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/975-ch29-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/ferrero-rocher-12-roses.html 2,900.00 combo24 999999999975 FDMAKATI-combo24 100 Combo items combo24 New 0.5 kg Ferrero Rocher and Lindt Chocolates 24 Ferrero Rocher and 3 Lindt Chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1419-gti17319.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-rocher-and-lindt-chocolates.html 2,300.00 choco95 999999991419 FDMAKATI-choco95 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco95 New 0.5 kg Ferrero Rocher Hand Bouquet Ferrero Rocher Hand Bouquet . 6 Stalks Red Roses + 9 pcs Ferrero Rocher . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/979-flowers-with-ferrero-rocher-05-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/ferrero-rocher-hand-bouquet.html 2,200.00 combo28 999999999979 FDMAKATI-combo28 100 Combo items combo28 New 0.5 kg Ferrero Rocher With Roses Basket Ferrero Rocher 16 pcs Fresh Red Roses Basket ,12 roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1149-chocolates-basket-6-500x500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/ferrero-rocher-with-roses-basket.html 3,300.00 combo51 999999991149 FDMAKATI-combo51 100 Combo items combo51 New 2 kg Ferrero Treat Ferrero Rocher 24-pcs. Twin pack. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/183-chok34.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/ferrero-treat.html 2,800.00 choco80 999999999183 FDMAKATI-choco80 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco80 New 0.5 kg Fiesta It is a riot of colours with this wholesome arrangement of Daises, Gerberas and Blue Iris complemented with green foliage. This wonderful arrangement comes in a beautiful basket. Note: Due to unavailability of seasonal flowers, some flowers may be substituted keeping the colour theme and the value consistent with the original product.It is a riot of colours with this wholesome arrangement of Daises, Gerberas and Blue Iris complemented with green foliage. This wonderful arrangement comes in a beautiful basket. Note: Due to unavailability of seasonal flowers, some flowers may be substituted keeping the colour theme and the value consistent with the original product. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1251-8206.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/fiesta.html 3,700.00 basket20 999999991251 FDMAKATI-basket20 100 Father's Day Items basket20 New 0.5 kg Floral Basket for Dad Give a lovely surprise to your loving Dad on this Fathers Day with this special hampers which includes : Basket Arrangement of 24 Mix Colour Roses with Carnations. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1219-gai2-gaifat1217.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/floral-basket-for-dad.html 3,500.00 basket6 999999991219 FDMAKATI-basket6 100 Father's Day Items basket6 New 0.5 kg Floral Wishes Here's a whole lotta happy blooms for your friends/ family/ loved ones to show how much you care. 12 mix rose in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/480-ros448.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/floral-wishes.html 2,100.00 ros448 999999999480 FDMAKATI-ros448 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros448 New 0.5 kg Flower Basket This sweet arrangement of seasonal flower and carnations is complemented by some white seasonal flower. Designed in a handled basket, it's sure to send your special greetings with style. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/417-rosb522.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/flower-basket.html 3,900.00 ROSB522 999999999417 FDMAKATI-ROSB522 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers ROSB522 New 0.5 kg Flower Basket 15 24 Stalks Red Roses With Ivy Leaf. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1289-flower-basket-15-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/flower-basket-15.html 4,000.00 Gift123 999999991289 FDMAKATI-Gift123 100 Roses » 24 Roses Gift123 New 0.5 kg Flower Basket and BRownTeddy lower basket and baby brown teddy. An arrangement of pink flowers including roses and other seasonal flowers and foliage presented in a basket with a cute brown teddy, a great gift to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. This gift is delivered specially wrapped with a hand written gift card for your personalised message https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1195-184-0-teddyam.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/flower-basket-and-brownteddy.html 3,200.00 combo60 999999991195 FDMAKATI-combo60 100 Combo items combo60 New 0.5 kg Flower Basket and Teddy An arrangement of blue and white flowers including roses and other seasonal flowers and foliages presented in a basket with a cute blue Teddy. A great gift for a new baby boy and his mum. This product comes gift wrapped with a hand written gift card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1194-185-0-teddyam.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/flower-basket-and-teddy.html 3,200.00 combo59 999999991194 FDMAKATI-combo59 100 Combo items combo59 New 0.5 kg flower basket, cake & fruits mix flower basket , 10 items fruits basket & black forest cake  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2126-64b3f23a209312b885c006410fa8ffb8--online-birthday-cake-fruits-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/flower-basket-cake-fruits.html 7,350.00 mix 67788 999999992126 FDMAKATI-mix 67788 100 Cake mix 67788 New 0.5 kg Flower With Fruit Basket N Chocolate If you want to surprise your dear one on his/her Birthday, Anniversary and other memorable occasion then send 5 illy Mix flower and 4 items fruit basket with one 165g cadbury chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1558-love-61.-flower-with-fruit-basket-n-chocolate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/flower-with-fruit-basket-n-chocolate.html 5,200.00 smallbas 5566888 999999991558 FDMAKATI-smallbas 5566888 100 Fruit /Gift Basket smallbas 5566888 New 0.5 kg Flowers & Fruit Basket Flowers fruits basket contains apples, grapes, bananas along with 1 pink lily, 1 white lily, gerberas, and greenery. 6 items fruits https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1231-136900320987170.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/flowers-fruit-basket.html 4,200.00 basket13 999999991231 FDMAKATI-basket13 100 Father's Day Items basket13 New 0.5 kg Flowers + chocolate basket 10 different imported chocolate and some seasonal flowers bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/215-215-chok23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/flowers-chocolate-basket.html 3,900.00 choco67 999999999215 FDMAKATI-choco67 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco67 New 0.5 kg Flowers basket Beautifully arranged flowers in an old fashioned basket - long lasting beauty! 24 red roses in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/434-rosb519.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/flowers-basket.html 4,000.00 ROSB519 999999999434 FDMAKATI-ROSB519 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB519 New 0.5 kg Flowers basket-2 Beautifully arranged sunflowers,seasonal flower,red roses in a basket - long lasting beauty! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/424-rosb529.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/flowers-basket-2.html 3,600.00 ROSB529 999999999424 FDMAKATI-ROSB529 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love ROSB529 New 0.5 kg Flowers for MOm 24 red roses Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1562-untitled-34343.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/flowers-for-mom.html 4,100.00 roses 5560000 999999991562 FDMAKATI-roses 5560000 100 Roses » 24 Roses roses 5560000 New 0.5 kg Flowers For Mom 19 selected pink carnations, solidago canadensis and eustoma(or similar flora), light yellow edge curl paper round packing. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1735-flowers-for-mom.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/flowers-for-mom.html 3,400.00 706 999999991735 FDMAKATI-706 100 Mother's day Flowers 706 New 0.5 kg Flowers N Chocolates Bunch of 12 Red Roses with 5 Cad-bury milk Chocolates.(40 grm each). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/980-1296379359-ph-n-12-r-r-5cadchoclate-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/flowers-n-chocolates.html 2,900.00 combo29 999999999980 FDMAKATI-combo29 100 Combo items combo29 New 2 kg Flowers w/balloons Flowers w/balloons https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2124-pic-99.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/flowers-w-balloons.html 3,060.00 special 23444 999999992124 FDMAKATI-special 23444 100 Balloons special 23444 New 0.5 kg Flowers, Belgian Chocolates and Balloon Pink Happy Birthday Gift Package - Flowers, Belgian Chocolates and Balloon chocolates 100 gm https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1567-pink-gift-package-fbc.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/flowers-belgian-chocolates-and-balloon.html 3,500.00 combo108 999999991567 FDMAKATI-combo108 100 Combo items combo108 New 0.5 kg FLOWERY BOAT Combination of fresh flowers and fresh fruits ( 6 items ) becoming irresistible gift for any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/909-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/flowery-boat.html 4,200.00 food37666 999999999909 FDMAKATI-food37666 100 Fruit /Gift Basket food37666 New 3 kg Flowes For Mother Basket 12 red carnations, 1 stalks pink perfume lily, match balloonflowers, match green leaves, 2 pink paper hearts, flowers basket. (The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same, the effect is guaranteed.) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1798-flowes-for-mother-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/flowes-for-mother-basket.html 3,400.00 759 999999991798 FDMAKATI-759 100 Mother's day Flowers 759 New 0.5 kg Food Hamper With Fruits Deliver best wishes to them with a bounty of gourmet food and fruits. This basket packed with a mouth-watering array of seasonal fruits, cheese, pasta, canned goods, chocolates & sausages is sure to be a welcome gift. 6 items fruits https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1229-9472-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/food-hamper-with-fruits.html 3,900.00 basket11 999999991229 FDMAKATI-basket11 100 Father's Day Items basket11 New 0.5 kg For A Beautiful Day ! Wish your friend/ loved one a bright day with this beautiful 12 pink roses in a glass vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/491-ros459.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/for-a-beautiful-day.html 2,100.00 ros459 999999999491 FDMAKATI-ros459 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros459 New 0.5 kg For A Friend Reach out to your buddies/ pals with these lovely 12 yellow roses in a vase and make them feel special. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/488-ros456.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/for-a-friend.html 2,100.00 ros456 999999999488 FDMAKATI-ros456 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros456 New 0.5 kg For My Sweetie Pie... Click a smile on the face of your sweetheart with this big kisses chocolate and heart shape 36 red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/702-heart15.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/for-my-sweetie-pie.html 5,700.00 Heart15 999999999702 FDMAKATI-Heart15 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart15 New 0.5 kg For Some one you care Express your heartfelt emotions to your friend/ sweetheart with these beautiful roses and Ferrero chocolate and make 'em feel real special.(36 red roses with 24 ferrero chocolate) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/698-heart05.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/for-some-one-you-care.html 6,000.00 Heart05 999999999698 FDMAKATI-Heart05 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart05 New 0.5 kg For Someone You Care Make your beloved/ sibling/ family/ loved ones feel a li'l extra special with these tender and colorful blossoms of 12 red rose in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/479-ros447.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/for-someone-you-care.html 2,100.00 ros447 999999999479 FDMAKATI-ros447 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros447 New 0.5 kg For you hon A romantic gift that's sure to touch your beloved's heart. 2 dozen red roses in a basket w/ chocolate heart shape cake.Your gift will come with a greeting card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/585-cake01-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/for-you-hon.html 4,300.00 cake24 999999999585 FDMAKATI-cake24 100 Cake cake24 New 0.5 kg For Your Love Make your beloved/ sweetheart bloom with joy with these romantic and beautiful flowers. 36 pink roses and 24 red roses around the pink rose. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/699-heart06.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/for-your-love.html 6,100.00 Heart06 999999999699 FDMAKATI-Heart06 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart06 New 0.5 kg For Your Love Make your beloved/ sweetheart bloom with joy with these romantic and beautiful 24 roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/483-ros451.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/for-your-love.html 4,200.00 ros451 999999999483 FDMAKATI-ros451 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros451 New 0.5 kg For Your Sweetheart... There's nothing like red and yellow roses to bring a smile on your sweetheart's face. (1 dozen red and 1 dozen yellow rose in a box) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/776-box09.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/for-your-sweetheart.html 4,300.00 rbox09 999999999776 FDMAKATI-rbox09 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox09 New 0.5 kg For Your Sweetheart... There's nothing like pink roses to bring a smile on your sweetheart's face. (4 dozen pink rose) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/705-heart09.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/for-your-sweetheart.html 5,550.00 Heart09 999999999705 FDMAKATI-Heart09 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart09 New 0.5 kg Forever Love... True love never dies... It lives on and on and on. Let your sweetheart/ loved one know how deep your love is for him/ her with these heartfelt wishes.(heart shape 4 dozen mix roses). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/716-heart26.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/forever-love.html 5,550.00 Heart26 999999999716 FDMAKATI-Heart26 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart26 New 0.5 kg Forever LUV 12 Red Roses & 24 Rochers With 8 inches Bear Love-Shape Table Arrangement https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1186-rr048s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/forever-luv.html 5,500.00 MIx 374343 999999991186 FDMAKATI-MIx 374343 100 Heart Shape Basket MIx 374343 New 0.5 kg fresh Yellow Roses Bouquet 12 yellow Roses of bouquet. A Complete Product for All Occasion Like Happy Birthday Happy Anniversary Love You Thank You Best Wishes Miss You Missing You and Other Special Celebrating Day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1463-images99999999999.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/fresh-yellow-roses-bouquet.html 3,100.00 yellow 0333388 999999991463 FDMAKATI-yellow 0333388 100 Roses » 12 Roses yellow 0333388 New 0.5 kg Friendship bouquet 12 pieces of yellow rose bouquet to wish a very good day for anyone. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/41-flb304.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/friendship-bouquet.html 3,000.00 FLB304 999999999941 FDMAKATI-FLB304 100 Roses » 12 Roses FLB304 New 0.5 kg Friendship bouquet 15 pieces of mix tulips bouquet to wish a very good day for anyone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2015-friendship-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/friendship-bouquet.html 5,500.00 tulips008 999999992015 FDMAKATI-tulips008 100 Tulip tulips008 New 0.5 kg From your loving family From your loving family https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2117-120553644-337764404102851-5530980653455559199-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/from-your-loving-family.html 5,800.00 new 7778 999999992117 FDMAKATI-new 7778 100 Funeral flowers new 7778 New 0.5 kg Fruit basket for mom Description: Gerbera with carnation and rose 6 pcs pink comes with assorted fresh fruit including apples, oranges and grapes,pears, banana,mango in a basket With Flower Arrangement (6 items fruits) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/939-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruit-basket-for-mom.html 4,400.00 fruit1222121 999999999939 FDMAKATI-fruit1222121 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruit1222121 New 0.5 kg Fruit Hamper Express your deepest condolences with a gift of comforting nourishment. 6 items fresh fruit, nuts, lindt chocolate,vochelle chocolate box and flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1258-fruithamper.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/fruit-hamper.html 4,600.00 basket25 999999991258 FDMAKATI-basket25 100 Father's Day Items basket25 New 0.5 kg Fruits & Flowers Basket Send Fresh 8 item Fruits & Exotic flowers arranged in a beautiful basket. For your loved ones. Note : Basket shape & design and exact fruit selection may vary based on local availability at delivery location. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1262-pic-615.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/fruits-flowers-basket.html 4,500.00 Gift123555 999999991262 FDMAKATI-Gift123555 100 Father's Day Items Gift123555 New 0.5 kg Fruits #12 Elegance and sophistication are always key in corporate gifts. This attractive gift is sure to be well received. They'll enjoy several individually selected fruit choices, such as fresh apples, grapes, bananas, mangoes, and more seasonal delights ...12 items fresh fruits  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/796-frt21.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruits-12.html 4,400.00 frt21 999999999796 FDMAKATI-frt21 100 Fruit /Gift Basket frt21 New 0.5 kg Fruits #4 Our impressive large willow basket arrives filled with a selection of fresh seasonal fruit and cookies,biscuits,crakers & chocolate. The fruits may include pears, apples, grapes, oranges and bananas. Exact basket and fruit selection may vary by season and delivery location.(10 items).   https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/799-ganashu1010-933.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruits-4.html 4,700.00 frt24 999999999799 FDMAKATI-frt24 100 Fruit /Gift Basket frt24 New 0.5 kg Fruits #9 Dare to resist our devilish selection of nuts, tea pack and fruit. Sometimes you just have to yield to temptation. Nothing brightens up a work week better than this delightful basket full of fresh fruits. Great for office or home. Components May Vary - Apples, bananas, oranges and pineapple in a basket(9 items) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/798-frt23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruits-9.html 3,500.00 frt23 999999999798 FDMAKATI-frt23 100 Fruit /Gift Basket frt23 New 0.5 kg Fruits | Flowers | Chocolate 5 items Fruits, Flowers , Chocolate arranged in a Basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1261-pic-161.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/fruits-flowers-chocolate.html 4,200.00 basket28 999999991261 FDMAKATI-basket28 100 Father's Day Items basket28 New 0.5 kg Fruits Basket with Cadburys Chocolates 10 items Seasonal Fruits Basket with Cadburys Chocolates. 4* 65 g cadbury https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1556-fham100-400.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruits-basket-with-cadburys-chocolates.html 4,150.00 fruits 99765 999999991556 FDMAKATI-fruits 99765 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruits 99765 New 0.5 kg Fruity basket 006 Basket contains : 6  items fruits https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1563-19-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/fruity-basket-006.html 2,850.00 Fruits 5657hhhh 999999991563 FDMAKATI-Fruits 5657hhhh 100 Fruit /Gift Basket Fruits 5657hhhh New 0.5 kg Fulla Chocolicious Treats ! Includes: Chocopie 168g, Ferrero Rocher in Heart-shaped Gift Box, Chunky Bites 45g, Hershey's Kisses 40g, Snickers 58.7g, Loacker Napolitaner 45g, Nestle Milk Choco 5oz, Meiji Macadamia 87g, Heshey's Milk Chocolate.(Total 10 items) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/223-chok3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/fulla-chocolicious-treats.html 3,500.00 choco71 999999999223 FDMAKATI-choco71 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco71 New 0.5 kg funeral #4040 (for URN) As Shown:RADUS, White roses & anthorium https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1351-untitled.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-4040-for-urn.html 3,700.00 symphaty_20 999999991351 FDMAKATI-symphaty_20 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_20 New 3 kg Funeral_A Hard Day's Night Funeral_A Hard Day's Night https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2044-139652665-834075163803928-1892281868305243102-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-a-hard-day-s-night.html 3,800.00 symphaty_42 999999992044 FDMAKATI-symphaty_42 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_42 New 0.5 kg Funeral_A Night To Remember Funeral_A Night To Remember https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2050-83915603-1078722112486689-1180773740456181760-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-a-night-to-remember.html 4,800.00 symphaty_48 999999992050 FDMAKATI-symphaty_48 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_48 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Always Treasured Funeral_Always Treasured https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2055-600xxxx600-orig.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-always-treasured.html 5,500.00 symphaty_53 999999992055 FDMAKATI-symphaty_53 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_53 New 0.5 kg Funeral_assorted Flower stand This flower is Appropriate to send to a residence, funeral home, or memorial service. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/661-83807707-726350937894954-7167530690165080064-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-assorted-flower-stand.html 5,000.00 symphaty_7 999999999661 FDMAKATI-symphaty_7 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_7 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Days Gone By Funeral_Days Gone By https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2042-days-gone-by.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-days-gone-by.html 7,300.00 symphaty_40 999999992042 FDMAKATI-symphaty_40 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_40 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Days Of Our Lives Funeral_Days Of Our Lives https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2046-11-11-mothers-day-banner-785x280-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-days-of-our-lives.html 3,500.00 symphaty_44 999999992046 FDMAKATI-symphaty_44 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_44 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Deepest Sympathies Standing Spray - White Deepest Sympathies Standing Spray - White https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1358-125367679-381808609716224-7046727349496224648-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-deepest-sympathies-standing-spray-white.html 3,800.00 symphaty_27 999999991358 FDMAKATI-symphaty_27 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_27 New 3 kg Funeral_Down Memory Lane Funeral_Down Memory Lane https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2056-890.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-down-memory-lane.html 7,400.00 symphaty_54 999999992056 FDMAKATI-symphaty_54 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_54 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Heartfelt Sympathy IN WHITE HEART This arrangement features a variety of the freshest flowers in lavender and white. This arrangement is a lovely expression of your sympathy. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1354-80433638-2496481463926676-6553408825636945920-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-heartfelt-sympathy-in-white-heart.html 3,500.00 symphaty_23 999999991354 FDMAKATI-symphaty_23 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_23 New 3 kg Funeral_In Sympathy and Prayer sympathy standings https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/653-w1015.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-in-sympathy-and-prayer.html 7,800.00 symphaty_3 999999999653 FDMAKATI-symphaty_3 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_3 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Lonely Is The Night Funeral_Lonely Is The Night https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2048-78043777-444985226190925-3238987322137509888-o.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-lonely-is-the-night.html 4,800.00 symphaty_46 999999992048 FDMAKATI-symphaty_46 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_46 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Memory Lane Funeral_Memory Lane https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2052-2150-1111download-1-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-memory-lane.html 4,000.00 symphaty_50 999999992052 FDMAKATI-symphaty_50 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_50 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Moments In Time Funeral_Moments In Time https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2051-125327235-859160531555182-1646386064954064732-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-moments-in-time.html 4,600.00 symphaty_49 999999992051 FDMAKATI-symphaty_49 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_49 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Multi-Color Standing Sympathy Wreath Red roses, pink carnations, yellow mums, light pink Matsumoto aster, orange alstroemeria and purple statice form this beautiful sympathy wreath which also includes a yellow ribbon and a self-standing easel. - https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1360-bf192-11km-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-multi-color-standing-sympathy-wreath.html 7,500.00 symphaty_29 999999991360 FDMAKATI-symphaty_29 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_29 New 3 kg Funeral_Orange & White Sympathy Floor Basket Let your friends or family members know just how much you care, with our beautiful yellow and white sympathy floor basket. Hand-designed arrangement of the freshest yellow roses, yellow cremones, white gladiolas, white carnations, white monte casino and more. Our florist's hand-design each arrangement, so colors, varieties, and containers may vary due to local availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1002-yellow-white-sympathy-floor-basket--1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-orange-white-sympathy-floor-basket.html 2,500.00 symphaty_16 999999991002 FDMAKATI-symphaty_16 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_16 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Our Day Will Come Funeral_Our Day Will Come https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2049-125183866-859160741555161-8139540931789669238-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-our-day-will-come.html 4,800.00 symphaty_47 999999992049 FDMAKATI-symphaty_47 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_47 New 0.5 kg Funeral_pink & white Garden of Sympathy" A thoughtful and elegant expression of sympathy, this tasteful basket is a mix of pink roses and spray roses, white hybrid lilies and more. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1355-262088163-214096834191750-4681434459372414291-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-pink-white-garden-of-sympathy.html 5,300.00 symphaty_24 999999991355 FDMAKATI-symphaty_24 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_24 New 3 kg Funeral_Pink & White Sympathy Funeral_Pink & White Sympathy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1353-s21-4484-d1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-pink-white-sympathy.html 6,400.00 symphaty_22 999999991353 FDMAKATI-symphaty_22 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_22 New 3 kg Funeral_Pink & White Sympathy Standing Spray This Sympathy Standing Spray, in shades of peach, orange and white, is a beautiful symbol of your sympathy and support. • Pink roses, stargazer lilies, spray roses, white carnations and more • An appropriate gift for family, friends and business associates to send directly to the funeral home - https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1359-91285l-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-pink-white-sympathy-standing-spray.html 7,300.00 symphaty_28 999999991359 FDMAKATI-symphaty_28 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_28 New 3 kg Funeral_Red & White Sympathy Standing Basket Express your love and compassion with this beautiful and touching tribute. • Our florists arrange beautiful red and white flowers such as roses, lilies, mums, gladiolas, carnations and more • Traditionally sent by family, friends or business associates • Sent directly to the funeral home https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1361-images.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-red-white-sympathy-standing-basket.html 5,500.00 symphaty_30 999999991361 FDMAKATI-symphaty_30 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_30 New 3 kg Funeral_Red And White Sympathy Floor Basket Our gorgeous Red and White floor arrangement features the freshest red roses, white spider mums, white gladiolas, red carnations and more. Send an expression of your love and concern at this difficult time.Our florist's hand-design each arrangement, so colors, varieties, and containers may vary due to local availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1000-red-and-white-sympathy-floor-basket--1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-red-and-white-sympathy-floor-basket.html 3,140.00 symphaty_14 999999991000 FDMAKATI-symphaty_14 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_14 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Serenity Prayer ! Funeral_Serenity Prayer ! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/779-117081522-417682292549312-4180522271636182958-n33.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-serenity-prayer.html 4,800.00 symphaty_9 999999999779 FDMAKATI-symphaty_9 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_9 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Sympathy and Prayer This flower is Appropriate to send to a residence, funeral home, or memorial service. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/660-yellow-a.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-sympathy-and-prayer.html 6,900.00 symphaty_6 999999999660 FDMAKATI-symphaty_6 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_6 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Sympathy Basket This lovely arrangement of spring flowers shows there is always hope. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/781-symp04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-sympathy-basket.html 2,500.00 symphaty_11 999999999781 FDMAKATI-symphaty_11 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_11 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Thanks For The Memories Funeral_Thanks For The Memories https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2053-redwhite-a.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-thanks-for-the-memories.html 5,900.00 symphaty_51 999999992053 FDMAKATI-symphaty_51 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_51 New 0.5 kg Funeral_The Memory Becomes A Treasure Funeral_The Memory Becomes A Treasure https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2054-13521623-1654600058199730-1852534121-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-the-memory-becomes-a-treasure.html 5,400.00 symphaty_52 999999992054 FDMAKATI-symphaty_52 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_52 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Thoughts and Prayers Fireside Funeral_Thoughts and Prayers Fireside https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/999-82954596-101412754733640-3468479867283046400-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-thoughts-and-prayers-fireside.html 9,000.00 sympathy_13 999999999999 FDMAKATI-sympathy_13 100 Funeral flowers sympathy_13 New 2 kg Funeral_Tribute in white yellow roses, carnations, seasonal flowers, - are beautifully composed and accented by Bells of Ireland. Design is one-sided and is appropriate to send this as a sympathy. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/780-29920794-1873699592669738-996405148-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-tribute-in-white.html 6,990.00 symphaty_10 999999999780 FDMAKATI-symphaty_10 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_10 New 0.5 kg Funeral_Warm Support Give a warm support to the mourning family with this Chinese style funeral flower. The traditional arrangement consists of roses & seasonal flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1352-01anthorium.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-warm-support.html 8,500.00 symphaty_21 999999991352 FDMAKATI-symphaty_21 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_21 New 3 kg Funeral_We Remember The Moments Funeral_We Remember The Moments https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2045-119150209-359707011734601-5099618006154806308-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-we-remember-the-moments.html 3,600.00 symphaty_43 999999992045 FDMAKATI-symphaty_43 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_43 New 0.5 kg Funeral_What A Feeling! Funeral_What A Feeling! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2043-what-a-feeling.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-what-a-feeling.html 7,300.00 symphaty_41 999999992043 FDMAKATI-symphaty_41 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_41 New 0.5 kg Funeral_White And Pink Funeral Flowers White And Pink Funeral Flowers arranged in a container and is approximately two feet wide by three feet high. When sending a Sympathy Funeral Basket throughout the USA and Canada, flowers may be substituted while still maintaining the look at the feel of the pictured floral arrangement. Substitutions may be necessary because funerals are often unexpected, requiring that funeral flower deliveries be completed in a timely manner. Funeral Sympathy Flowers should be ordered in time for the Viewing or Wake, not for the morning of the funeral. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1004-tf185-02-wh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-white-and-pink-funeral-flowers.html 2,300.00 symphaty_18 999999991004 FDMAKATI-symphaty_18 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_18 New 0.5 kg Funeral_White Floral Funeral_White Floral https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2033-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-white-floral.html 2,500.00 symphaty_31 999999992033 FDMAKATI-symphaty_31 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_31 New 0.5 kg Funeral_White Sympathy Standing Spray This Sympathy Standing Spray, in shades of peach, orange and white, is a beautiful symbol of your sympathy and support. • Peach roses, orange Asiatic lilies, white carnations and more https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1357-91293m-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-white-sympathy-standing-spray.html 7,300.00 symphaty_26 999999991357 FDMAKATI-symphaty_26 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_26 New 3 kg Funeral_With Deepest Sympathy This arrangement features white calla lilies and yellow roses surrounded by heather, white lisianthus, pink snapdragons and more. Appropriate to send to a residence, funeral home, or memorial service. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/778-126026729-125799382433514-5161134797930221756-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-with-deepest-sympathy.html 3,800.00 symphaty_8 999999999778 FDMAKATI-symphaty_8 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_8 New 0.5 kg Funeral/sympathy package @1 Funeral/sympathy package @1 https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2163-2159-600xxxx600-orig.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/funeral-sympathy-package-1.html 20,000.00 pak 32323 999999992163 FDMAKATI-pak 32323 100 Funeral flowers pak 32323 New 0.5 kg garden & casket garden & casket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2111-36313559-2089563004647041-1760326916457365504-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/garden-casket.html 7,990.00 sym 009 999999992111 FDMAKATI-sym 009 100 Funeral flowers sym 009 New 0.5 kg Garden Party Basket 24 pieces of mix roses in a gorgeous native basket. Beautiful and delicate pastel colors flowers arranged in large fireside basket. Perfect for decoration of any ceremony or party. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/420-rosb525.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/garden-party-basket.html 4,000.00 ROSB525 999999999420 FDMAKATI-ROSB525 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB525 New 0.5 kg Garden Party Basket/s 24 pieces of red roses in a gorgeous native basket. Beautiful and delicate pastel colors flowers arranged in large fireside basket. Perfect for decoration of any ceremony or party. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/430-rosb515.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/garden-party-basket-s.html 4,000.00 ROSB515 999999999430 FDMAKATI-ROSB515 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB515 New 0.5 kg Gentle Sweetness Description This mixed fruit basket is graced by an arrangement of pink lilies, gerbera and roses standing elegantly by. Pink Lily, Gerbera, Roses & Fruits Basket Arrangement https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/941-gentle-sweetness-sgbf4120-300.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/gentle-sweetness.html 4,400.00 fruit12 999999999941 FDMAKATI-fruit12 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruit12 New 0.5 kg Gerbera Roses Basket - 18 orange Gerbera, 12 champagne roses, small inflorescences, Mountain leaves, gardenia amount. - Packaging: 1 Basket (due to different distribution area, basket style may change) - Flowers are hand-picked, tied, and shipped fresh from the fields - Fresh, budding; ready to bloom - Place order one day in advance Celebrate any occasion with a bright, beautiful Gerbera daisy bouquet. Available in a rainbow of colors, Gerbera daisies are fast becoming a favorite of flower lovers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1839-gerbera-roses-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/gerbera-roses-basket.html 3,400.00 Item #320 999999991839 FDMAKATI-Item #320 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #320 New 0.5 kg Gerberas Daises Bouquet One of the worlds most popular flowers, gerbera daisies are known for their brilliant hues. Send this beautiful bouquet to add a touch of brightness and a splash of color to someone's life. A great gift for every occasion.One of the worlds most popular flowers, gerbera daisies are known for their brilliant hues. Send this beautiful bouquet to add a touch of brightness and a splash of color to someone's life. A great gift for every occasion. 24 pcs MIX. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1250-8205.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/gerberas-daises-bouquet.html 3,200.00 basket19 999999991250 FDMAKATI-basket19 100 Father's Day Items basket19 New 0.5 kg GIANT HUGE BIG 52 inches teddy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1191-images-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/giant-huge-big.html 6,000.00 Teddy 3743433 999999991191 FDMAKATI-Teddy 3743433 100 Bears Teddy 3743433 New 0.5 kg Gift basket 04 San Remo Fettuccine 500g Jolly Cream of Mushroom 298g Jolly Mushroom Pieces and Stems 400g Eden Cheese 180g 1 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce 26.5oz Nestle All Purpose Cream 250ml Tulip Luncheon Meat 200g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2146-1255-gift-basket-047777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/gift-basket-04.html 3,790.00 basket 8755577 999999992146 FDMAKATI-basket 8755577 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 8755577 New 0.5 kg Gift basket 06 Pasalubong Grande ,Double the goodness, and share with more friends and family.Grande’s basket of goodies: two Hormel Spam Luncheon Meat, two Del monte Fruit Cocktail Underwood Roast Beef, Nestea Iced Tea mix, Del Monte peach halves, Nnestle’s Baby Ruth Chocolate Bars, Sunkist Pistachio Nuts, Coffee Mate Creamer, Planters Dry Honey Roasted Peanuts, Planters Cheese Curls, Leah & Perrins Steak Sauce, Del Monte Spaghetti Sauce, Golden Grain Lasagna. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/872-bas03.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/gift-basket-06.html 4,900.00 basket2 999999999872 FDMAKATI-basket2 100 Father's Day Items basket2 New 0.5 kg Gift Basket with ham Welch Purple Grape Juice 46oz , Purefoods Pear-Shaped Ham 800g , Del Monte Peach Halves 29oz , Libby's Vienna Sausage 142g , Pringles Ketchup 163g , Doritos Nacho Cheesier 198.4g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2145-1244-gift-basket-8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/gift-basket-with-ham.html 3,600.00 hammas 86555 999999992145 FDMAKATI-hammas 86555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket hammas 86555 New 0.5 kg Gifts Always Brings A Smile... With this cute gift full of smiles and love wish your family/ friend/ sweetheart on any special occasion. 24 mix roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/496-ros464.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/gifts-always-brings-a-smile.html 4,200.00 ros464 999999999496 FDMAKATI-ros464 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros464 New 0.5 kg Glorious Cymbidiums Shower her with a grand bouquet of Cymbidiums , Stargazer Lilies, Gerberas and Monstera. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2060-glorious-cymbidiums.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/glorious-cymbidiums.html 4,300.00 bqt7 999999992060 FDMAKATI-bqt7 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt7 New 0.5 kg GLORIOUS LIFE Funeral Flowers GLORIOUS LIFE Funeral Flowers https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2078-zoom-sympathywreathpurple225120504115651.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/glorious-life-funeral-flowers.html 7,800.00 fondesh 45006 999999992078 FDMAKATI-fondesh 45006 100 Funeral flowers fondesh 45006 New 0.5 kg Golden Dreams When we have a dream, we wish to have a golden dream. Two dozens elegant pink and yellow roses come together with field of delicate baby's breath on plumose greenery, and the result is, a gorgeous display of golden beauty. A great way to show passion and what we really like to say. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/426-rosb511.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/golden-dreams.html 4,000.00 ROSB511 999999999426 FDMAKATI-ROSB511 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB511 New 0.5 kg Golden Dreamsd When we have a dream, we wish to have a golden dream. Two dozens elegant pink roses come together with field of delicate baby's breath on plumose greenery, and the result is, a gorgeous display of golden beauty. A great way to show passion and what we really like to say. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/436-rosb501.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/golden-dreamsd.html 4,000.00 ROSB501 999999999436 FDMAKATI-ROSB501 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB501 New 0.5 kg Good Luck tulip These good luck multicolor 10 tulips are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2016-good-luck-tulip.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/good-luck-tulip.html 4,500.00 tulips009 999999992016 FDMAKATI-tulips009 100 Tulip tulips009 New 0.5 kg Good Wishes 18 pink carnation + 10 red gerbera be packed in red crepe paper bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1875-good-wishes.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/good-wishes.html 3,400.00 Item #94 999999991875 FDMAKATI-Item #94 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #94 New 0.5 kg GOODNESS 3 stems of yellow lilium with yellow cotton ball flowers and white malaysian mums accented with eucalyptus and ruscuss leaves beautifully arranged in a clear glass vase. Comes with a free greeting card for your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1615-goodness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/goodness.html 3,700.00 mother034 999999991615 FDMAKATI-mother034 100 Mother's day Flowers mother034 New 0.5 kg Gorgeous Flowers ! Make your sweetheart/ love feel precious with this lovely heart shape 3 dozen pink https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/707-heart11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/gorgeous-flowers.html 5,000.00 Heart11 999999999707 FDMAKATI-Heart11 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart11 New 0.5 kg Great Terrific gift basket This is a very substantial basket as you can see. 8 items Fruits, cheese, belgian chocolates box red wine, libby's corn beef Tulip ham can mix flowers . This basket can be modified. In the comment/greeting section in checkout give us your request and we will adjust the basket to suite as best we can. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1979-over-the-top-451x451.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/great-terrific-gift-basket.html 6,850.00 fafruits 8870 999999991979 FDMAKATI-fafruits 8870 100 Flowers Arrangement fafruits 8870 New 0.5 kg Guylian Assorted Chocolate Boxes Guylian Assorted Chocolate Boxes 3 boxes ,100 grm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1424-chocfeb2013-19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/guylian/guylian-assorted-chocolate-boxes.html 2,800.00 choco97 999999991424 FDMAKATI-choco97 100 Chocolate » Guylian choco97 New 0.5 kg Happiness Harbor 2 pink lilies, 2 white lilies, 10 red carnations, 12 pink carnations, green leaves and pink bowknot tied basket. Available for birthday, get well, festival and bestwishes. - Order 24 hours ahead. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1703-happiness-harbor.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/happiness-harbor.html 3,400.00 919 999999991703 FDMAKATI-919 100 Mother's day Flowers 919 New 0.5 kg Happy Birthday From All Of Us !-2 All that brings you happiness� all that bring you cheer� that�s what we wish for you today and all through the year! Product: 6 birthday latex balloon w/ 24 pieces Ferrero Chocolate https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/106-baln12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/happy-birthday-from-all-of-us-2.html 2,286.00 BALN12 999999999106 FDMAKATI-BALN12 100 Balloons BALN12 New 0.5 kg HAPPY BLOOMS� BASKET Send a flower basket full of happy birthday wishes. This rectangular whitewash willow handled basket is stuffed with Orange Asiatic lilies, lavender chrysanthemums, lavender carnations, purple monte casino asters, green button poms and lush greens. Colorful curled ribbons and a birthday balloon add to the birthday excitement. Includes: • Orange Asiatic Lilies • Purple Carnations • Green Button Poms • Happy Birthday Balloon • Basket with Curly Ribbon https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1130-ftd-d5-4894.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/happy-blooms-basket.html 3,092.00 balloon6 999999991130 FDMAKATI-balloon6 100 Balloons balloon6 New 2 kg Happy Color 36 mix color carnations arranged in a glass vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1220-gai2-gainewmot201328.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/happy-color.html 3,500.00 basket7 999999991220 FDMAKATI-basket7 100 Father's Day Items basket7 New 0.5 kg Happy Father's day Fruit Basket Decorated for the occasion, this fun basket is loaded with the finest available local and tropical fruits such as oranges, apples, bananas, pears, and grapes. Delicious treats like chocolates, crackers, cheese, and more round out this festive assortment. Ribbon, party horns, and other flourishes decorate the basket, as available. fruits ( 5 items). Exact basket and included products may vary by season and delivery location. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1233-6864c-happy-birthday-fruit-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/happy-father-s-day-fruit-basket.html 3,000.00 basket15 999999991233 FDMAKATI-basket15 100 Father's Day Items basket15 New 0.5 kg Happy mother's day Send beautiful lilies and mixed flowers in a bouquet , it contains Pink Lilies,red roses and mixed flowers and greens. A free Card is attached.chocolate cake included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/845-89.95.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/happy-mother-s-day.html 4,400.00 cake48 999999999845 FDMAKATI-cake48 100 Cake cake48 New 2 kg Happy Valentine's! Make the day special for your sweetheart/ spouse/ friend/ loved one with these bright floral wishes. (24 pieces pink roses in a box) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/774-box07.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/happy-valentine-s.html 4,000.00 rbox07 999999999774 FDMAKATI-rbox07 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox07 New 0.5 kg Have A Beautiful Day! A beautiful arrangement by our florist with white seasonal flowers. A nice gift to impress anyone in any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/717-heart25.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/have-a-beautiful-day2.html 4,600.00 Heart25 999999999717 FDMAKATI-Heart25 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart25 New 0.5 kg Have A Beautiful Day!!! Make the day special for your sweetheart/ spouse/ friend/ loved one with these bright floral wishes. (white seasonal flower and left side 12 red rose) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/700-heart07.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/have-a-beautiful-day.html 4,850.00 Heart07 999999999700 FDMAKATI-Heart07 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart07 New 0.5 kg Have a Nice Day For that friend that you are always thankful for, this 10 pieces of pink and white tulips bouquet will recognize your friendship. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2017-have-a-nice-day.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/have-a-nice-day.html 4,500.00 tulips010 999999992017 FDMAKATI-tulips010 100 Tulip tulips010 New 0.5 kg Have a Nice Day ! For that friend that you are always thankful for, 18 pieces of white and blue roses will recognize your friendship. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/470-ros425.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/have-a-nice-day.html 3,400.00 ros425 999999999470 FDMAKATI-ros425 100 Roses » 18 roses ros425 New 0.5 kg Have A Wonderful Birthday ! A special birthday bouquet of 12 orange roses with malaysian flowers, ferrero heart shape and 9 inches teddy bear for your sweetheart/ loved ones. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1312-690-chocobear25-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/have-a-wonderful-birthday.html 3,600.00 combo71 999999991312 FDMAKATI-combo71 100 Combo items combo71 New 3 kg Have A Wonderful Birthday ! To wish you a birthday blooming with happiness !  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/102-rose-ballon-bear-8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/have-a-wonderful-birthday.html 2,815.00 balloon19 999999999102 FDMAKATI-balloon19 100 Balloons balloon19 New 0.5 kg Heart & Cadbury for Your Love... Send across your love in the form of these beautiful heart shape 36 red roses and cadbury(3 x 65gm) chocolate, to let your sweetheart know how much you care ! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/708-heart13.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/heart-cadbury-for-your-love.html 5,950.00 Heart13 999999999708 FDMAKATI-Heart13 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart13 New 0.5 kg heart funeral heart funeral https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2160-244465186-1008075643100197-1233176080769807729-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/heart-funeral.html 7,200.00 cadbury 6677 999999992160 FDMAKATI-cadbury 6677 100 Funeral flowers cadbury 6677 New 0.5 kg Heart Shape Love The Truly Yours Rose with Chocolate is a bright and beautiful way to send your love and affection across the miles!! A gorgeous heart shape arrangement to create an incredible presentation to sweep your sweetheart off their feet. The lovely heart shape arrangement is a wonderful gift that any of the loves in your love will adore. Heart shape arrangement of 24 Red Roses with 16 Pieces Ferrero rocher & Lot of green fill https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1306-exdfnp496.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/heart-shape-love.html 4,850.00 heart 22444 999999991306 FDMAKATI-heart 22444 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 22444 New 3 kg Heart Shaped Your hearts beat as one. This heart shaped basket contains 24 red roses arranged to represent your love. 24 Red Roses Arranged In Heart Shape Basket With 8 pc Chocolates (ferrero heart) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1460-index88888888.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/heart-shaped.html 5,250.00 heart 0333388 999999991460 FDMAKATI-heart 0333388 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 0333388 New 0.5 kg Hershey's Chocolate 5 Assorted Bars Milk Chocolate 40g - Cookies & Cream 40g - Dark Chocolate 40g - Creamy Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds 40g - Creamy Milk Chocolate 40g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1412-chocfeb2013-23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/hershey-s-chocolate-5-assorted-bars.html 1,100.00 choco25 999999991412 FDMAKATI-choco25 100 Chocolate choco25 New 0.5 kg Hershey's Kisses Send Three Pack of Hershey's Kisses to her a million kisses. 235 gm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/239-chok18.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kisses/hershey-s-kisses.html 1,600.00 choco102 999999999239 FDMAKATI-choco102 100 Chocolate » Kisses choco102 New 0.5 kg HOLIDAY BASKET Chips Ahoy 266g Jolly Tropical Fruit Cocktail 850g Jolly Peach Halves 825g Martinellis Sparkling Cider 750ml Belgian Vanilla Chocolate 135g Dona Elena Aldente Penne Rigate 500g UFC Sweet Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce 500g Hereford Corned Beef 340g Tulip Pork Luncheon Meat 340g Jolly Mushrooms Pieces And Stem Champignons 284g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2152-holiday-picnic-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/holiday-basket.html 5,200.00 basket 798099 999999992152 FDMAKATI-basket 798099 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 798099 New 0.5 kg Holland Pink Rose 3 Pink imported holland Rose in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/757-hr10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/holland-pink-rose3.html 2,500.00 hr10 999999999757 FDMAKATI-hr10 100 Holland Rose hr10 New 0.5 kg Holland Red Rose 3 Red imported holland Rose in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/753-hr06.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/holland-red-rose3.html 2,500.00 hr06 999999999753 FDMAKATI-hr06 100 Holland Rose hr06 New 0.5 kg Holland Rose w/ bear 3 Red holland Rose with couple bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/760-hr13.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/holland-rose-w-bear.html 3,500.00 hr13 999999999760 FDMAKATI-hr13 100 Holland Rose hr13 New 0.5 kg Home On The Range Your recipient will feel right at home with this humble and yet striking arrangement. Let the basket of fruit express your get well wishes, while the subtle hues of pink and purple blooms soothe and comfort. 6 Gerbera, 3 pcs Pink lilies And Wax Flowers With Assorted Fruits ( 6 item). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/910-1303380340-phw-b-15-mix-flwr-3kgmixfruit.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/home-on-the-range.html 4,200.00 food37555 999999999910 FDMAKATI-food37555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket food37555 New 3 kg Honorable 19 pink roses match eustoma grandiflorum (or white roses) and green, hand-tied bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1845-honorable.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/honorable.html 3,400.00 Item #289 999999991845 FDMAKATI-Item #289 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #289 New 0.5 kg Hoping To Bring A Smile... Make your Mother/ Father/ Family Member/ friends done smile with this lovely floral wish. 24 white roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/498-ros466.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/hoping-to-bring-a-smile.html 4,200.00 ros466 999999999498 FDMAKATI-ros466 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros466 New 0.5 kg HOT PINK A bouquet in hot pink, featuring pink roses and alstromelias. Vase is not included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1645-hot-pink.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/hot-pink.html 3,400.00 mother063 999999991645 FDMAKATI-mother063 100 Mother's day Flowers mother063 New 0.5 kg Hot pink love 24 pink bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/923-f043-hot-pink-love-355.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/hot-pink-love.html 3,600.00 flower 4444477 999999999923 FDMAKATI-flower 4444477 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444477 New 2 kg How do i love you 10 pieces of pink tulips bursting with energy. Shower their joyous spirits on everyone around.... Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2018-how-do-i-love-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/how-do-i-love-you.html 4,500.00 tulips011 999999992018 FDMAKATI-tulips011 100 Tulip tulips011 New 0.5 kg How do i love you... Express your feelings to your spouse/ sweetheart/ loved one with these heartfelt gifts..... (5 dozen red roses and 24" teddy bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/715-heart30.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/how-do-i-love-you.html 7,550.00 Heart30 999999999715 FDMAKATI-Heart30 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart30 New 0.5 kg How r u Mom ? 36 red roses with black forest cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/848-80.95.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/how-r-u-mom.html 4,400.00 combo21 999999999848 FDMAKATI-combo21 100 Combo items combo21 New 2 kg Hug Me A cute multicolor 10 tulips bouquet comes with your special message for any occasion. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2019-hug-me.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/hug-me.html 4,500.00 tulips012 999999992019 FDMAKATI-tulips012 100 Tulip tulips012 New 0.5 kg Hug me bear 24 pieces ferrero chocolate with 24 inches cute bear. It�s a perfect gift for your love ones on her birthday. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/275-chocobear17.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/hug-me-bear.html 3,300.00 combo15 999999999275 FDMAKATI-combo15 100 Combo items combo15 New 0.5 kg Hug Me Bouquet A cute 24 yellow roses bouquet comes with your special message for any occasion. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/63-flb328.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/hug-me-bouquet.html 3,900.00 FLB328 999999999963 FDMAKATI-FLB328 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB328 New 0.5 kg Hug Me... Red rose is a universal symbol, this bright red roses means LOVE. 12 pieces of red roses come with your special message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/474-ros429.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/hug-me.html 2,100.00 ros429 999999999474 FDMAKATI-ros429 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros429 New 0.5 kg Hug_kiss_hersheys Hershey's Hug Kisses chocolate in a heart shape box. hershey's Kisses hugged by white chocolate. 226 gm. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/236-chok15.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kisses/hug-kiss-hersheys.html 1,600.00 choco101 999999999236 FDMAKATI-choco101 100 Chocolate » Kisses choco101 New 0.5 kg HUGS AND KISSES Send them lots of Hugs and Kisses, represented by this abundant bouquet of pink flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1612-hugs-and-kisses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/hugs-and-kisses.html 3,400.00 mother031 999999991612 FDMAKATI-mother031 100 Mother's day Flowers mother031 New 0.5 kg I can't live Fresh and crisp as a bright summer's day! cheery white daisies are a welcome greeting to someone special. Arranged in a glass vase, this sweet bouquet is great to send for any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/25-fla225.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/i-can-t-live.html 3,300.00 MS2 999999999925 FDMAKATI-MS2 100 Flowers Arrangement MS2 New 0.5 kg I Do care For You Send a display of your affection with this 24 white roses in a box. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/773-box06.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/i-do-care-for-you.html 4,000.00 rbox06 999999999773 FDMAKATI-rbox06 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox06 New 0.5 kg I Do care For You Send a display of your affection with this 18 red roses vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/472-ros427.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/i-do-care-for-you.html 3,400.00 ros427 999999999472 FDMAKATI-ros427 100 Roses » 18 roses ros427 New 0.5 kg I Do care For You Send a display of your affection with this 10 blue tulips with vase. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2020-i-do-care-for-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/i-do-care-for-you.html 4,500.00 tulips013 999999992020 FDMAKATI-tulips013 100 Tulip tulips013 New 0.5 kg I Love You ! Send your beloved these red and pink roses, and open up your heart to him/ her. to offer her. (2 dozen red roses,3 dozen pink roses and 24 " teddy bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/718-heart18.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/i-love-you.html 7,100.00 Heart18 999999999718 FDMAKATI-Heart18 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart18 New 0.5 kg I Loved You Mommy 8'' White teddy bear with Heart Pillow Black Florest Cake 10 Purple Orchids Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2076-florist-ministry-india-pune.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/i-loved-you-mommy.html 3,600.00 newcombo3 999999992076 FDMAKATI-newcombo3 100 Combo items newcombo3 New 0.5 kg I Miss You 19 champagne rose bouquet for love, with solidago, eustoma grandiflorum(decorated flower may replace to white rose for some areas). White paper inside, blue paper outside round style bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1689-i-miss-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/i-miss-you.html 3,600.00 722 999999991689 FDMAKATI-722 100 Mother's day Flowers 722 New 0.5 kg I Think Of U ! An interactive heart that's sure to make friend/ loved one feel special. (heart shape of 4 dozen red roses.) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/709-heart02-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/i-think-of-u.html 5,550.00 Heart02 999999999709 FDMAKATI-Heart02 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart02 New 0.5 kg I Wanted To Send U... A bright gift for your loved one to say how close he/ she is to your heart. 12 red, 12 pink and 12 white roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/497-ros465.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/i-wanted-to-send-u.html 6,000.00 ros465 999999999497 FDMAKATI-ros465 100 Roses » 36 Roses ros465 New 0.5 kg I Wish You Happiness Twelve stems red roses, ten stalks white lilies, nine red carnations, flower baskets arrangement The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same, the effect is guaranteed. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1682-i-wish-you-happiness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/i-wish-you-happiness.html 3,400.00 388 999999991682 FDMAKATI-388 100 Mother's day Flowers 388 New 0.5 kg I'll Be There for You Show a loved one how much you care with this hand-tied arrangement of luxury, long-stemmed 24 pieces pink and white Roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/769-box02.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/i-ll-be-there-for-you.html 4,000.00 rbox02 999999999769 FDMAKATI-rbox02 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox02 New 0.5 kg I'll Be There for You Show a loved one how much you care with this hand-tied arrangement of luxury, 10 long-stemmed red tulips. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2021-ill-be-there-for-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/i-ll-be-there-for-you.html 4,500.00 tulips014 999999992021 FDMAKATI-tulips014 100 Tulip tulips014 New 0.5 kg I'll Be There for You uu Show a loved one how much you care with this hand-tied arrangement of luxury box , long-stemmed 12 Roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/473-ros428.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/i-ll-be-there-for-you-uu.html 3,000.00 ros428 999999999473 FDMAKATI-ros428 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros428 New 0.5 kg I'm always near to you 20 pieces blue and yellow tulips are arranged in a glass vase just perfect for your love one. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2022-im-always-near-to-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/i-m-always-near-to-you.html 6,300.00 tulips015 999999992022 FDMAKATI-tulips015 100 Tulip tulips015 New 0.5 kg I'M WITH YOU FUNERAL I'M WITH YOU FUNERAL https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2090-118209649-666343974239742-4719538509971679623-n-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/i-m-with-you-funeral.html 3,550.00 funerals 103 999999992090 FDMAKATI-funerals 103 100 Funeral flowers funerals 103 New 0.5 kg Imperial Exotica Turn your loved ones home into a regal mansion with this exquisite combination of exotic snapdragons, carnations, lilies, roses, gerberas, tulips, solidago and leather leaf of oranges, reds, rusts and creams, neatly arranged in a fancy ceramic pot. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1158-5649.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/imperial-exotica.html 5,000.00 uabsket 999999991158 FDMAKATI-uabsket 100 Flowers Arrangement uabsket New 0.5 kg Imported Roses for MOM 3 pcs imported holland roses for your mom. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/967-2birthday-2-b-170x200.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/imported-roses-for-mom.html 3,200.00 rose 444456656 999999999967 FDMAKATI-rose 444456656 100 Holland Rose rose 444456656 New 0.5 kg In My Heart ! heart shape 3 Dozen of red roses with Hershey's kisses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1311-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/in-my-heart.html 5,700.00 heart 2222999 999999991311 FDMAKATI-heart 2222999 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 2222999 New 3 kg Indulgent Opulence A brilliant creation of style and elegance is presented through this pink gerberas and pink lilies, surrounded with greens and tied in fancy wrapping paper with a bow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1157-indulgent-opulence.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/indulgent-opulence.html 5,000.00 uabasket 4444 999999991157 FDMAKATI-uabasket 4444 100 Flowers Arrangement uabasket 4444 New 2 kg Innosence Love for Dad Give a lovely surprise to your dearest Dad on this Fathers Day with this special hampers which includes : 12 Red Roses & Red Carnation Arranged in a Basket along with Chocolate Cake with 8 items Assorted Cadburys Chocolate Bars . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1236-gai2-gaif201048.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/innosence-love-for-dad.html 5,300.00 basket17 999999991236 FDMAKATI-basket17 100 Father's Day Items basket17 New 0.5 kg INSPIRATION Pink and white flowers are an excellent combination to express your loving devotion. Show her your sweet side with this gorgeous bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1630-inspiration.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/inspiration.html 3,400.00 mother048 999999991630 FDMAKATI-mother048 100 Mother's day Flowers mother048 New 0.5 kg Inspiration The greatest artists in history always had something that inspired their work. With this amazing mix of fresh lilies and roses with green fillers in a glass vase, you just found your muse.The greatest artists in history always had something that inspired their work. With this amazing mix of fresh lilies and roses with green fillers in a glass vase, you just found your muse. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1241-8087.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/inspiration.html 3,600.00 Gift123777 999999991241 FDMAKATI-Gift123777 100 Flowers Arrangement Gift123777 New 0.5 kg Jewelery 30 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1035-9954-heart-shaped-diamond-pendant-top.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelery-30.html 3,000.00 Ster 055 999999991035 FDMAKATI-Ster 055 100 Jewelry Ster 055 New 0.5 kg Jewellery18 Sterling Silver necklace is connected in the front with the beautiful Interlocking Open Heart Pendant. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/856-ster18.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewellery18.html 3,000.00 ster18 999999999856 FDMAKATI-ster18 100 Jewelry ster18 New 0.5 kg Jewellery19 Sterling Silver necklace is connected in the front with the beautiful Interlocking Open Heart Pendant. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/857-ster19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewellery19.html 3,000.00 ster19 999999999857 FDMAKATI-ster19 100 Jewelry ster19 New 0.5 kg Jewellery20 Sterling Silver necklace is connected in the front with the beautiful Interlocking Open Heart Pendant. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/858-ster20.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewellery20.html 3,000.00 ster20 999999999858 FDMAKATI-ster20 100 Jewelry ster20 New 0.5 kg Jewelry 30 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/842-41wdzo9cefl.-sy300-.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry-30.html 3,000.00 ster30 999999999842 FDMAKATI-ster30 100 Jewelry ster30 New 2 kg Jewelry 35 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1038-sterlingsilvertruefriendsarejoinedattheheartdoubleheartpendant18f0l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry-35.html 3,000.00 Ster 4444 999999991038 FDMAKATI-Ster 4444 100 Jewelry Ster 4444 New 0.5 kg Jewelry 60 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1039-390539621475-1-1-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry-60.html 3,000.00 Ster 4444 999999991039 FDMAKATI-Ster 4444 100 Jewelry Ster 4444 New 2 kg Jewelry 66 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1040-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry-66.html 3,000.00 Ster 4444222 999999991040 FDMAKATI-Ster 4444222 100 Jewelry Ster 4444222 New 2 kg Jewelry03 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/674-ster12-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry03.html 3,000.00 ster12 999999999674 FDMAKATI-ster12 100 Jewelry ster12 New 0.5 kg Jewelry04 Sterling Silver necklace is connected in the front with the beautiful Interlocking Open Heart Pendant. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/663-ster01-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry04.html 3,000.00 ster01 999999999663 FDMAKATI-ster01 100 Jewelry ster01 New 0.5 kg Jewelry05 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/667-ster05-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry05.html 3,000.00 ster05 999999999667 FDMAKATI-ster05 100 Jewelry ster05 New 0.5 kg Jewelry06 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/670-ster08-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry06.html 3,000.00 ster08 999999999670 FDMAKATI-ster08 100 Jewelry ster08 New 0.5 kg Jewelry07 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/671-ster09-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry07.html 3,000.00 ster09 999999999671 FDMAKATI-ster09 100 Jewelry ster09 New 0.5 kg Jewelry08 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/673-ster11-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry08.html 3,000.00 ster11 999999999673 FDMAKATI-ster11 100 Jewelry ster11 New 0.5 kg Jewelry09 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/675-ster13-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry09.html 3,000.00 ster13 999999999675 FDMAKATI-ster13 100 Jewelry ster13 New 0.5 kg Jewelry10 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/678-ster16-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry10.html 3,000.00 ster16 999999999678 FDMAKATI-ster16 100 Jewelry ster16 New 0.5 kg Jewelry11 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/680-uni02-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry11.html 3,000.00 uni02 999999999680 FDMAKATI-uni02 100 Jewelry uni02 New 0.5 kg Jewelry12 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/664-ster02-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry12.html 3,000.00 ster02 999999999664 FDMAKATI-ster02 100 Jewelry ster02 New 0.5 kg Jewelry13 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/665-ster03-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry13.html 3,000.00 ster03 999999999665 FDMAKATI-ster03 100 Jewelry ster03 New 0.5 kg Jewelry14 This sterling silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver snake chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/666-ster04-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jewelry14.html 3,000.00 ster04 999999999666 FDMAKATI-ster04 100 Jewelry ster04 New 0.5 kg Just Like That Convey your good wishes with your own message and a beautiful one dozen of pink roses in a vase and send them to your friends/ family/ loved ones. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/481-ros449.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/just-like-that.html 2,100.00 ros449 999999999481 FDMAKATI-ros449 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros449 New 0.5 kg Just Smile 24 Pink Mix flowers beautiful hand bouquet, decorated beautifully with lots of green fillers and ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2062-just-smile---pink-mix-flowers-bunch.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/just-smile.html 4,100.00 bqt9 999999992062 FDMAKATI-bqt9 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt9 New 0.5 kg jwel06 This uni silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/817-jwel06-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jwel06.html 3,000.00 jwel06 999999999817 FDMAKATI-jwel06 100 Jewelry jwel06 New 0.5 kg jwel07 This uni silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/818-jwel07-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jwel07.html 3,000.00 jwel07 999999999818 FDMAKATI-jwel07 100 Jewelry jwel07 New 0.5 kg jwel08 This uni silver heart pendant comes with sterling silver chain. The perfect gift for any occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/819-jwel08-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/jewelry/jwel08.html 3,000.00 jwel08 999999999819 FDMAKATI-jwel08 100 Jewelry jwel08 New 0.5 kg KFC Bucket 2 (21 pcs ) Kentucky Fried Chicken , 21 pieces chicken. 4 packs french fries. 1.5 litre pepsi. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/836-food48-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/foods-items/kfc-bucket/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/kfc-bucket-2-21-pcs.html 3,200.00 food48 999999999836 FDMAKATI-food48 100 food48 New 0.5 kg Kisses Almond Kisses 4 Bags Gift Pack, Hershey's Kisses 235 grams/pack. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/198-chok49.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kisses/kisses.html 2,750.00 choco99 999999999198 FDMAKATI-choco99 100 Chocolate » Kisses choco99 New 0.5 kg Kisses Treat Hershey's Kisses 4 Bags Gift Pack.4 packs of 235 g Classic kisses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/211-chok62.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kisses/kisses-treat.html 2,750.00 choco100 999999999211 FDMAKATI-choco100 100 Chocolate » Kisses choco100 New 0.5 kg kitkat 20 pcs kitkat 20 pcs https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2113-fe05f44becb0b244af1f20fc68c81d16.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kitkat-20-pcs.html 1,600.00 kat 1234 999999992113 FDMAKATI-kat 1234 100 Chocolate kat 1234 New 0.5 kg KITKAT BAR 5 KITKAT BAR https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1332-nestle7.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kitkat-bar.html 750.00 choco7 999999991332 FDMAKATI-choco7 100 Chocolate choco7 New 3 kg KitKat Chunky Bars (imported) 4 KitKat Chunky Bars (imported) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1407-img1185.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/kitkat-chunky-bars-imported.html 400.00 choco23 999999991407 FDMAKATI-choco23 100 Chocolate choco23 New 0.5 kg La Vida Flowers she will remember. Show her your appreciation with a grand floral bouquet of monstera leaves ,light pink or pastel pink roses,  Berries and casa blanca lily. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2061-la-vida.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/la-vida.html 4,500.00 bqt8 999999992061 FDMAKATI-bqt8 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt8 New 0.5 kg Lacoste Essential Lacoste Essential(75mL EDT Spray)by Lacoste https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1101-images-5.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/lacoste-essential.html 3,200.00 men 374343 999999991101 FDMAKATI-men 374343 100 men 374343 New 0.5 kg Lacoste L.12.12 Vert Eau de Toilette Lacoste L.12.12 Vert Eau de Toilette for Men 100ml https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1105-item-l-4900531-1541201.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/lacoste-l-12-12-vert-eau-de-toilette.html 3,200.00 men 374343 999999991105 FDMAKATI-men 374343 100 men 374343 New 0.5 kg Lassie 13 red roses, 8 white roses, match greenery and white flowers, arrange in a glass vase, red bowknot. (The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same and vase may vary for areas, the effect is guaranteed.) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1700-lassie.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/lassie.html 3,400.00 560 999999991700 FDMAKATI-560 100 Mother's day Flowers 560 New 0.5 kg Lavender Mix Standard A 18 roses avender purple shade combination of light and dark https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1366-lavender-mix-standard.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/lavender-mix-standard.html 3,700.00 Item# 8178 999999991366 FDMAKATI-Item# 8178 100 Roses » 18 roses Item# 8178 New 0.5 kg Lifts Your Spirits... With a bright yellow roses wish your friend/ loevd one's spirit remains high through out. 24 yellow roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/492-ros460.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/lifts-your-spirits.html 4,300.00 ros460 999999999492 FDMAKATI-ros460 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros460 New 0.5 kg Light brown 36" Light brown 36" https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1120-142278812-78-huge-giant-teddy-bear-200cm-soft-toy-valentines-ebay.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/light-brown-36.html 2,800.00 teddy 374343 999999991120 FDMAKATI-teddy 374343 100 Bears teddy 374343 New 2 kg Light Sympathy Standing Light Sympathy Standing https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2112-dsc00926.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/light-sympathy-standing.html 6,995.00 sym 0033 999999992112 FDMAKATI-sym 0033 100 Funeral flowers sym 0033 New 0.5 kg Liles and Mixed Rose Bunch Liles and Mixed Rose Bunch https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1267-903.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/liles-and-mixed-rose-bunch.html 5,000.00 flowers14 999999991267 FDMAKATI-flowers14 100 Flowers Arrangement flowers14 New 0.5 kg Lilies Flowers Basket Send beautiful lilies and mixed flowers in a large wicker baskest , it contains Pink Lilies and mixed flowers and greens. A free Card is attached. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/871-flowers-lebanon-lilies-mixed-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/lilies-flowers-basket.html 4,600.00 Mother 7 999999999871 FDMAKATI-Mother 7 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers Mother 7 New 0.5 kg lindt 6 bars lint 6 bars. 2 lindt Swiss white classic. 2 lindt swiss classic 1 lindt lindor 1 lindt caramel https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1343-img-1478.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-6-bars.html 3,000.00 choco106 999999991343 FDMAKATI-choco106 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco106 New 3 kg Lindt and Ferrero Rocher Treat 6 pcs Lindt choclates and 16 Pcs Ferrero Rocher Chocolates arranged in Stylish Cane Basket could make a wonderful gifting idea on any special occasion or festival. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1418-gti28196.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-and-ferrero-rocher-treat.html 4,500.00 choco108 999999991418 FDMAKATI-choco108 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco108 New 0.5 kg LINDT ASSORTED 3 LINDT ASSORTED https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1334-lindt11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-assorted.html 1,800.00 choco105 999999991334 FDMAKATI-choco105 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco105 New 3 kg Lindt Combo - Lindt Caramel + Lindt Almond Lindt Combo - Lindt Caramel + Lindt Almond valentines day card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1401-choco-799.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-combo-lindt-caramel-lindt-almond.html 1,850.00 choco107 999999991401 FDMAKATI-choco107 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco107 New 0.5 kg Lindt Excellence Choco Bars (Dark & Milk) 4 Lindt Excellence Choco Bars (Dark & Milk) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1404-lindt-excellence-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt-excellence-choco-bars-dark-milk.html 1,500.00 choco20 999999991404 FDMAKATI-choco20 100 Chocolate choco20 New 0.5 kg Lindt Lindor Bars (100 gms) 2 Lindt Lindor Bars (100 gms each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1406-img1186.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt-lindor-bars-100-gms.html 800.00 choco22 999999991406 FDMAKATI-choco22 100 Chocolate choco22 New 0.5 kg lindt lindor box 96 g lindt lindor box 96 g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1430-31194060f884071d23e707cacd79779.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-lindor-box-96-g.html 1,300.00 choco111 999999991430 FDMAKATI-choco111 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco111 New 0.5 kg Lindt Swiss Choco Box - 125 gms Lindt Swiss Choco Box - 125 gms https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1405-lindtdark-chocolate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt-swiss-choco-box-125-gms.html 1,000.00 choco21 999999991405 FDMAKATI-choco21 100 Chocolate choco21 New 0.5 kg LINDT SWISS CLASSIC VARIANTS 4 Variants bar https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1333-lindt5-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-swiss-classic-variants.html 2,300.00 choco104 999999991333 FDMAKATI-choco104 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco104 New 3 kg Lindt Triple Chocolates 3 Set of 100g Lindt https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/189-chok40.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-triple-chocolates.html 2,000.00 choco103 999999999189 FDMAKATI-choco103 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco103 New 0.5 kg Lindt: Swiss Premium Chocolate Lindt: Swiss Premium Chocolate 300 g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1429-chocfeb2013-12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/lindt/lindt-swiss-premium-chocolate.html 1,800.00 choco110 999999991429 FDMAKATI-choco110 100 Chocolate » LINdt choco110 New 0.5 kg Listen to your heart If you want to steal someone's heart, give a classic favorite-- ferrero chocolate (200 g & 24 pieces)and 6 pieces rose basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/277-277-chocobear19.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/listen-to-your-heart.html 3,400.00 combo17 999999999277 FDMAKATI-combo17 100 Combo items combo17 New 0.5 kg Lonely Without You... Let your sweetheart/ spouse know how much you miss being together. (heart shape 4 dozen pink roses and 8 " teddy bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/722-heart23.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/lonely-without-you.html 6,150.00 Heart23 999999999722 FDMAKATI-Heart23 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart23 New 0.5 kg Long lasting love A bouquet of 12 red roses,12 pink roses,12 yellow roses,12 orange,12 pomelo roses bouquet with fillers and greens https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1483-60-mix-roses2900-baht.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/long-lasting-love.html 7,400.00 val 5566888kkkkkkk 999999991483 FDMAKATI-val 5566888kkkkkkk 100 Roses » 60 Roses val 5566888kkkkkkk New 0.5 kg Love Abundance Red Roses with 125g Lindt Swiss Thins Chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/992-lindtreds.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-abundance.html 3,200.00 combo38 999999999992 FDMAKATI-combo38 100 Combo items combo38 New 0.5 kg Love Affair Pink roses, kaiser lilies and red gerberas offest by green anthuriums are arranged in a basket. The colors of love converge in this effortlessly gorgeous arrangement to make it the perfect gift.Pink roses, kaiser lilies and red gerberas offest by green anthuriums are arranged in a basket. The colors of love converge in this effortlessly gorgeous arrangement to make it the perfect gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1244-8139.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/love-affair.html 3,800.00 Gift1230988 999999991244 FDMAKATI-Gift1230988 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love Gift1230988 New 0.5 kg Love All the Way Roses for any reason, these beautiful flowers are available. 18 pieces of yellow roses with gorgeous glass vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/467-ros422.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/love-all-the-way.html 3,400.00 ros422 999999999467 FDMAKATI-ros422 100 Roses » 18 roses ros422 New 0.5 kg Love All the Way 15 pieces of red and white tulips with gorgeous glass vase . Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2028-love-all-the-way.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/love-all-the-way.html 5,500.00 tulips021 999999992028 FDMAKATI-tulips021 100 Tulip tulips021 New 0.5 kg Love All the Way Bouquet 12 roses are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. A great gift for a traveler, retiree, or any occasion! Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/55-flb318.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/love-all-the-way-bouquet.html 2,000.00 FLB318 999999999955 FDMAKATI-FLB318 100 Roses » 12 Roses FLB318 New 0.5 kg Love flowers 24 red roses in heart shape with Ferrero heart chocolate. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1308-val12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/love-flowers.html 5,800.00 heart 22444444 999999991308 FDMAKATI-heart 22444444 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 22444444 New 3 kg Love In Bloom Heart-Shaped flowers With its charming colors and rich fragrance, the bouquet is sure to make someone's wishes come true! Our florists hand-arrange the stunning floral arrangement that features a select mix of fresh-cut 18 pink and 18 red lush roses and richly colorful chrysanthemums. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1315-434-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/love-in-bloom-heart-shaped-flowers.html 4,850.00 heart 2222999 999999991315 FDMAKATI-heart 2222999 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 2222999 New 3 kg Love in Manila Brighten someone's day with this cheery collection of 12 stems of mixed color gerbera daisies. They arrive wrapped and ready for the recipient to arrange in their own special vase. Flower colors will vary to fit the season and ensure the freshest blooms are delivered. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/32-fla232.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/love-in-manila.html 3,000.00 MS15 999999999932 FDMAKATI-MS15 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love MS15 New 0.5 kg Love in Manila This striking array 15 pieces of blue,pink and yellow tulips is the perfect way to show just how much you're thinking of someone special. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2029-love-in-manila.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/love-in-manila.html 5,500.00 tulips022 999999992029 FDMAKATI-tulips022 100 Tulip tulips022 New 0.5 kg Love Is in The Air 24 roses is a cute way to say I love you to your special someone.Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/54-flb317.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/love-is-in-the-air.html 3,800.00 FLB317 999999999954 FDMAKATI-FLB317 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB317 New 0.5 kg Love Is in The Air Long to see your special person once more? Let him know it by sending him these 18 pieces of rose with gorgeous glass vase! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/468-ros423.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/love-is-in-the-air.html 3,400.00 ros423 999999999468 FDMAKATI-ros423 100 Roses » 18 roses ros423 New 0.5 kg Love Is in The Air Long to see your special person once more? Let her know it by sending her these 10 pieces of white tulips with gorgeous glass vase! Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2030-love-is-in-the-air.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/love-is-in-the-air.html 4,500.00 tulips023 999999992030 FDMAKATI-tulips023 100 Tulip tulips023 New 0.5 kg Love Of My Life... A teddyfic gift like 24 red roses in a basket with heart shape ferrero chocolate and couple bear to make your honey feel special... https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1309-695-heart28-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/love-of-my-life.html 5,250.00 heart 22444777 999999991309 FDMAKATI-heart 22444777 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 22444777 New 3 kg love u A delightful living gift suitable for any occasion 16 pieces ferrero chocolate feelings with chocolate cake & 12 red roses bunch type express your love, a perfect gift to express your emotions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/590-choc97-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/love-u.html 4,550.00 cake27 999999999590 FDMAKATI-cake27 100 Cake cake27 New 0.5 kg Love U Everyday 3 DAYS SERENADE Day 1. Bunch of 12 Red Roses + valentine message card ( Dely on 12th Feb) Day 2. Bunch of 6 Roses + 1/2 kg chcolate cake + valentine message card. ( Dely on 13 th Feb ) Day 3. Bunch of 6 Roses + 8 inch high Teddy Bear+pillow + 5 Cadbury's Chocolates + Valentine Message card. ( Dely on 14th Feb. ) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1465-fnp-exv77.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/love-u-everyday.html 7,800.00 ser 00055 999999991465 FDMAKATI-ser 00055 100 Valentines Serenades ser 00055 New 0.5 kg Love Unlimited 16 red roses and 5 white perfume lilies with solidago. White paper inside and coffee crepe paper outsite, exquisite round style hand bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1716-love-unlimited.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/love-unlimited.html 3,400.00 944 999999991716 FDMAKATI-944 100 Mother's day Flowers 944 New 0.5 kg Love you White Bear with Ferrero Rocher 200g Size : tall 9 inches https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/263-chocobear3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you.html 1,800.00 combo5 999999999263 FDMAKATI-combo5 100 Combo items combo5 New 0.5 kg Love you all! Description: Take this day to show that special person you will always be by their side. Send your wishes in the best way with this complete gift which includes all the beauty of 12 red roses, the sweetness of the most luxurious Chocolates Toblerone one by one. 5 (100g each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/989-images-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-all.html 3,600.00 combo35 999999999989 FDMAKATI-combo35 100 Combo items combo35 New 0.5 kg Love You Balloons Bouquet 6 Mylar Love You Balloons Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1313-love-balloons-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/love-you-balloons-bouquet.html 1,280.00 balloon10 999999991313 FDMAKATI-balloon10 100 Balloons balloon10 New 3 kg Love You bear 24 pieces ferrero chocolate with 9 inches cute bear. It�s a perfect gift for your love ones on her birthday. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/274-chocobear16.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-bear.html 2,200.00 combo14 999999999274 FDMAKATI-combo14 100 Combo items combo14 New 0.5 kg Love you dad Flower Basket - 5 lilies, 10 pink and white carnation with 5 anthorium and filler in basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1296-5lilies-15gerberas-5others1600.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/love-you-dad.html 3,600.00 father 88123777 999999991296 FDMAKATI-father 88123777 100 Father's Day Items father 88123777 New 0.5 kg Love you eternally Description: Ferrero heart shape chocolate with 12 red rose bouquet to show your love one how much do you care for her. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/995-rose46-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-eternally.html 2,900.00 combo40 999999999995 FDMAKATI-combo40 100 Combo items combo40 New 0.5 kg Love you forever 6 roses bouquet with heart shape Hershey kisses and 9 inches teddy bear. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/973-red-roses-heart-shaped-box-of-chocolates-teddy-bear.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-forever.html 3,000.00 combo22 999999999973 FDMAKATI-combo22 100 Combo items combo22 New 2 kg Love you MOM A delightful mix of flowers including orchids, roses and gerberas. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/921-a-delightful-mix-of-flowers-including-orchids-roses-and-gerberas.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/love-you-mom.html 3,900.00 flower 4444666 999999999921 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666 New 2 kg Love you second to none teddy Bear 24" with 1 dozen Roses. Size : 1 dozen and tall 24 inches https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/446-446-rosbear1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-second-to-none.html 3,900.00 combo18 999999999446 FDMAKATI-combo18 100 Combo items combo18 New 0.5 kg Love you so much 1 Dozen Roses with Ferrero Rocher 200g, https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/264-279-chocobear21.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/love-you-so-much.html 2,900.00 combo6 999999999264 FDMAKATI-combo6 100 Combo items combo6 New 0.5 kg Love, Kisses and Hugs ! Sending you lots of love, kisses, hugs� to wish you a Birthday as special as you are ! Product: 12 pieces different color of latex balloon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/115-anniversary-flowers-bouquet-balloons-combo-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/love-kisses-and-hugs.html 3,373.00 BALN22 999999999115 FDMAKATI-BALN22 100 Balloons BALN22 New 0.5 kg LOVED Say 'I love you' with red roses and pink lilies. So many emotions are expressed with such simple yet beautiful flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1631-loved.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/loved.html 3,400.00 mother049 999999991631 FDMAKATI-mother049 100 Mother's day Flowers mother049 New 0.5 kg Lovely Carnations for Dad Give a lovely surprise to your lovable Dad by sending this special floral arrangement of 12 red Color Carnation with mix flower Basket Arrangement. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1221-gai2-gaifat1309.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/lovely-carnations-for-dad.html 3,000.00 basket8 999999991221 FDMAKATI-basket8 100 Father's Day Items basket8 New 0.5 kg LOVELY LOVE You cannot go wrong when you match white lilies with yellow roses for a hand bouquet. They really complement each other well. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1199-showimage-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/lovely-love.html 4,100.00 bqt3 999999991199 FDMAKATI-bqt3 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt3 New 2 kg Lovely Rose & Lily for MOM Ruby red roses, bright white lilies and verdant greens. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/957-ev002-11-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/lovely-rose-lily-for-mom.html 4,000.00 flower 4444666 999999999957 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666 New 3 kg Lovely Valentine Feelings Lovely Valentine Feelings - 36 mix Roses heart+ Ferreo Rocher 16 pcs + red wine red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1523-gai2-igpfham17.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/lovely-valentine-feelings.html 7,650.00 multi 8878888ggg 999999991523 FDMAKATI-multi 8878888ggg 100 Roses » 36 Roses multi 8878888ggg New 0.5 kg Lovesickness 6 pink perfume lilies with solidago canadensis ornament. Pink color edge curl paper round package. Sour, sweet but lovesickness is a kind of happiness. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1864-lovesickness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/lovesickness.html 3,400.00 Item #74 999999991864 FDMAKATI-Item #74 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #74 New 0.5 kg LOVING BOUQUET Nothing tells your loved ones how much you love them than this gorgeous sophisticated flower bouquet. Pink roses and white lilies are delicately hand arranged with other flowers of the finest quality. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1621-loving-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/loving-bouquet.html 3,400.00 mother040 999999991621 FDMAKATI-mother040 100 Mother's day Flowers mother040 New 0.5 kg Loving you 10 different types of chocolates, 12 red roses in vase and chocolate cake for you my love.Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/591-cake16-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/loving-you.html 5,000.00 cake28 999999999591 FDMAKATI-cake28 100 Cake cake28 New 0.5 kg M & M Lover’s 6 pack M & M in a box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1470-mandmbig.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/m-m-lover-s.html 800.00 choco45 999999991470 FDMAKATI-choco45 100 Chocolate choco45 New 0.5 kg MAGICAL Order this Magical bouquet for a pink floral gift. The vase is not included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1641-magical.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/magical.html 3,400.00 mother059 999999991641 FDMAKATI-mother059 100 Mother's day Flowers mother059 New 0.5 kg Magnifique Met the significant person in your life that you want to spend forever with? Let this sweet scented 12 Pink Roses Hand Bouquet speak your unspoken words of love. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1175-hb-8116-r400.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/magnifique.html 2,000.00 Flowers 374343 999999991175 FDMAKATI-Flowers 374343 100 Roses » 12 Roses Flowers 374343 New 0.5 kg MAJESTIC PINKS Gorgeous pink floral bouquet including roses and lilies. The vase is not included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1644-majestic-pinks.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/majestic-pinks.html 3,400.00 mother062 999999991644 FDMAKATI-mother062 100 Mother's day Flowers mother062 New 0.5 kg Mango Cake Three (3) layers of white chiffon cake filled and iced with mango butter cream. Top edge is decorated w/ freshly whipped mango butter cream and mango ball at the center. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/556-cak613.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/mango-cake.html 2,200.00 cake2 999999999556 FDMAKATI-cake2 100 Cake cake2 New 0.5 kg Mango Passion Light and heavenly chiffon cake with luscious mango bits in cream cheese layers topped with mango slices. From Red Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/627-cake41-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/mango-passion.html 2,200.00 cake34 999999999627 FDMAKATI-cake34 100 Cake cake34 New 0.5 kg Manila Dream Someone special makes you smile? Send this impressive array of colorful flowers, and they'll smile right back https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/11-fla211.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream.html 3,600.00 FLA211 999999999911 FDMAKATI-FLA211 100 Flowers Arrangement FLA211 New 0.5 kg Manila Dream Birthday celebration in a basket! A cheery yellow lily, purple Matsumoto asters, brightly colored red mini carnations, and yellow and white pompons send your good wishes. We've even included a party horn, party snakes, and a "Happy Birthday" banner. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/30-fla230.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/manila-dream.html 3,300.00 MS6 999999999930 FDMAKATI-MS6 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love MS6 New 0.5 kg Mars Chocolate 6 Bars Mars Chocolate 6 Bars https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1413-marspack.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/mars-chocolate-6-bars.html 700.00 choco26 999999991413 FDMAKATI-choco26 100 Chocolate choco26 New 0.5 kg Mars Chocolate Bars 12 pcs 12 Mars Chocolate Bars https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1408-mars-chocolate.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/mars-chocolate-bars-12-pcs.html 1,200.00 choco24 999999991408 FDMAKATI-choco24 100 Chocolate choco24 New 0.5 kg Mars Chocolate Variety Pack Mars Chocolate Variety Pack (10 Snickers/8 Twix /3 Snickers Almond/6 Milky way/3 3Musketeers) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1443-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/mars-chocolate-variety-pack.html 4,100.00 choco39 999999991443 FDMAKATI-choco39 100 Chocolate choco39 New 0.5 kg Mayan Majestic This stunning and stylish arrangement of carnations, gerberas and white lilies mixed with pom pom, berries and other fillers make an extravagant addition to their day.This stunning and stylish arrangement of carnations, gerberas and white lilies mixed with pom pom, berries and other fillers make an extravagant addition to their day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1242-8104.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//mayan-majestic.html 3,600.00 Gift1238888 999999991242 FDMAKATI-Gift1238888 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream Gift1238888 New 0.5 kg Meiji Almonds 5 box of Meiji Almonds. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/188-chok39.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/chocolate-basket/meiji-almonds.html 2,500.00 choco59 999999999188 FDMAKATI-choco59 100 Chocolate » Chocolate Basket choco59 New 0.5 kg Meiji Macadamia 5 box of Meiji Macadamia. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/199-chok50.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/meiji-macadamia.html 1,700.00 choco1 999999999199 FDMAKATI-choco1 100 Chocolate choco1 New 0.5 kg Memorable Tribute Spray Memorable Tribute Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2080-all-white-standing-spray-funeral-flowers2.425.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/memorable-tribute-spray.html 7,100.00 fondesh 457878 999999992080 FDMAKATI-fondesh 457878 100 fondesh 457878 New 0.5 kg Merci Finest Selection 400g Merci Finest Selection 400g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1423-chocfeb2013-28.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/merci-finest-selection-400g.html 1,200.00 choco31 999999991423 FDMAKATI-choco31 100 Chocolate choco31 New 0.5 kg Merci Petits Helle Sahne 125g Merci Petits Helle Sahne 125g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1434-f4f433362add171e2c3ee4cf6b85a22a-285x255.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/merci-petits-helle-sahne-125g.html 300.00 choco37 999999991434 FDMAKATI-choco37 100 Chocolate choco37 New 0.5 kg Merci Petits in Heart Merci Petits in Heart. This sweet present is worthy suvenir for moms. There are new tastes in the festive pack. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1432-04-01-merci-petits-sziv.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/merci-petits-in-heart.html 900.00 choco35 999999991432 FDMAKATI-choco35 100 Chocolate choco35 New 0.5 kg Mi Amor Who can go wrong with roses and chocolate? Why not combine them in this unique heart shaped arrangement of heart-shaped Ferrero Rocher 16 embedded in heart shaped 24 red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1305-0014551-500.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/mi-amor.html 5,250.00 heart 2222 999999991305 FDMAKATI-heart 2222 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 2222 New 3 kg Minage a Troi The ultimate fantasy comes to life with this lavish arrangement of fragrant pink lilies nestled with red roses and carnations in a vase.The ultimate fantasy comes to life with this lavish arrangement of fragrant pink lilies nestled with red roses and carnations in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1240-8022.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//minage-a-troi.html 3,600.00 Gift123777 999999991240 FDMAKATI-Gift123777 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream Gift123777 New 0.5 kg Mini table arrangement Mini table arrangement - Mixed colour 12 roses arranged with a mini 8 " bear with fillers and greens in a decorative wrapping. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1193-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/mini-table-arrangement.html 2,900.00 combo58 999999991193 FDMAKATI-combo58 100 Combo items combo58 New 0.5 kg MISS U 2 Basket Arrangement of 24 mix colour roses with 9" teddy bear https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1190-images-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/miss-u-2.html 3,200.00 combo56 999999991190 FDMAKATI-combo56 100 Combo items combo56 New 0.5 kg Miss u honey 12 Pink Roses Bouquet with mocha caramel 1 kg and Ferrero Rocher 16-pcs the cake is from 5-star hotel https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1577-15-pink-roses-strawberry-cake-1-kg--ferrero-rocher-16-pcs.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/miss-u-honey.html 5,300.00 aris 779779 999999991577 FDMAKATI-aris 779779 100 Cake aris 779779 New 0.5 kg Miss u Mom 1 dozen carnation with chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/849-78.85.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/miss-u-mom.html 3,200.00 cafe 7 999999999849 FDMAKATI-cafe 7 100 Cake cafe 7 New 3 kg Miss You 10 stalks perfume pink lilies arrange in a exquisite vase(vase included). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1666-miss-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/miss-you.html 4,400.00 350 999999991666 FDMAKATI-350 100 Mother's day Flowers 350 New 0.5 kg Miss You Soooo Much... A beary cute way to let your beloved/ friends/ near ones know how much he/ she is missed. (3 dozen red roses and couple bear). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/712-heart24.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/miss-you-soooo-much.html 5,700.00 Heart24 999999999712 FDMAKATI-Heart24 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart24 New 0.5 kg Miss You Soooo Much... These good luck 15 red tulips are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2031-miss-you-soooo-much....jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/miss-you-soooo-much.html 5,500.00 tulips024 999999992031 FDMAKATI-tulips024 100 Tulip tulips024 New 0.5 kg Miss You-2 18 pieces pink roses bouquet to show your love one how much do you care for her. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/69-flb332.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/miss-you-2.html 3,400.00 FLB332 999999999969 FDMAKATI-FLB332 100 Roses » 18 roses FLB332 New 0.5 kg Missing Day Fusion of Lilies, Holland Daisies and Eucaplytus to make her day. Picture shown is 3 Stalks of Stargazer Lilies and 6 Stalks of Gerberas / Holland Daisies. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2058-missing-daisy.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/missing-day.html 4,000.00 bqt5 999999992058 FDMAKATI-bqt5 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt5 New 0.5 kg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2058-2-5.jpg Mix Flowers Basket Mix Flowers Basket. Features :Mix Seasonal Flowers arrangement with the best of seasonal cut flowers available in the recipients delivery location. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/916-readfile.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/mix-flowers-basket.html 3,900.00 flower 4444666 999999999916 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666 New 3 kg Mix Flowers Bouquet - QB3 Mix Flowers Bouquet - . 12 pcs of Red Roses with 3 pcs of White Lilies https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/920-mix-flowers-bouquet-002-pic-290.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/mix-flowers-bouquet-qb3.html 3,600.00 food37434366 999999999920 FDMAKATI-food37434366 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers food37434366 New 5 kg Mix Flowers Bouquet - QB7 Delightful orange spray roses, white daisy spray chrysanthemums and bright green button spray chrysanthemums fill a brilliant vase may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1153-o.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mix-flowers-bouquet-qb7.html 4,700.00 flower 374343 999999991153 FDMAKATI-flower 374343 100 Flowers Arrangement flower 374343 New 0.5 kg mix Rainbow Roses basket 36 mix Rainbow Roses basket red pink orange pomelo peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1532-wb104.-50-mix-roses-basket-arrangement.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/mix-rainbow-roses-basket.html 6,100.00 valroses 5566888 999999991532 FDMAKATI-valroses 5566888 100 Roses » 36 Roses valroses 5566888 New 0.5 kg Mix roses for your Mom These good luck 18 mix roses are sure to give someone a confidence boost when they are given. A great gift for any occasion! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/477-ros432.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/mix-roses-for-your-mom.html 3,400.00 ros432 999999999477 FDMAKATI-ros432 100 Roses » 18 roses ros432 New 0.5 kg Mix Roses Heart Arrangement 100 Mix Roses Heart Arrangement orange ,pomelo & pink https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1529-wb124.-mix-roses-heart-arrangement.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/mix-roses-heart-arrangement.html 11,800.00 val 55667777 999999991529 FDMAKATI-val 55667777 100 Roses » 100 Roses val 55667777 New 0.5 kg Mix roses of Heart... Heart shape of 36 Mix roses have long been a sweet and wonderful way to warm anyone's heart. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/711-heart04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/mix-roses-of-heart.html 5,000.00 Heart04 999999999711 FDMAKATI-Heart04 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart04 New 0.5 kg Mix Roses With Ferrero Rocher 12 Mix Roses With Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1540-untitled777777777799999999999999999.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/mix-roses-with-ferrero-rocher.html 3,200.00 combo103 999999991540 FDMAKATI-combo103 100 Combo items combo103 New 0.5 kg Mixed Colour Flowers Pink roses, tulips, carnations and wax flower with pitta negra and variegated pittosporum https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/859-bas04.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mixed-colour-flowers.html 5,150.00 fla04 999999999859 FDMAKATI-fla04 100 Flowers Arrangement fla04 New 0.5 kg Mixed Rose 18 cute multicolor roses way to say I love you to your special someone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/478-ros433.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/mixed-rose.html 3,400.00 ros433 999999999478 FDMAKATI-ros433 100 Roses » 18 roses ros433 New 0.5 kg Mocha Birthday Cake Choice of Mocha, Butter or Choco Cake in Heart Shaped w/ buttercup small flowers and Boiled Icing. (Please place your order at least 3 DAYS before the desired delivery date). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/564-cak619.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/mocha-birthday-cake.html 2,200.00 cake6 999999999564 FDMAKATI-cake6 100 Cake cake6 New 0.5 kg Mocha Brown Personalized Teddy Bear 42 inches Mocha brown. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1345-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/mocha-brown-personalized-teddy-bear.html 4,200.00 Baer 2222 999999991345 FDMAKATI-Baer 2222 100 Bears Baer 2222 New 3 kg Mocha Cake Mocha chiffon mocha butter icing decorated with green icing and sugar flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/557-cak614.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/mocha-cake.html 2,200.00 cake3 999999999557 FDMAKATI-cake3 100 Cake cake3 New 0.5 kg Mocha Cake+3 Red Heart Balloons+flower basket mocha Cake+3 Red Heart Balloons+flower basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2097-flowersindia.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/mocha-cake-3-red-heart-balloons-flower-basket.html 4,100.00 cake 3535 999999992097 FDMAKATI-cake 3535 100 Balloons cake 3535 New 0.5 kg Mocha chiffon Mocha chiffon mothers day cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1551-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/mocha-chiffon.html 2,200.00 cake 566777 999999991551 FDMAKATI-cake 566777 100 Cake cake 566777 New 0.5 kg Moments Spent With You... A romantic message that's sure to touch your beloved's heart. 24 peach roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/487-ros455.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/moments-spent-with-you.html 4,200.00 ros455 999999999487 FDMAKATI-ros455 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros455 New 0.5 kg More Blissful 2 White lilies, 19 pink carnations with grean leaves. Light blue paper and pink gauze wrapped, pink ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1721-more-blissful.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/more-blissful.html 3,400.00 645 999999991721 FDMAKATI-645 100 Mother's day Flowers 645 New 0.5 kg More Than A Word Pink, yellow carnations each 6 stems. Pink, gold gerberas each 3 stems. Crystal grass and green leaves fullness. Two-color gift paper wrapped, champagne ribbon tied. - Order two days ahead. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1765-more-than-a-word.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/more-than-a-word.html 3,400.00 1014 999999991765 FDMAKATI-1014 100 Mother's day Flowers 1014 New 0.5 kg Morning and Evening 12 pink roses, 12 pink carnations https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1706-morning-and-evening.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/morning-and-evening.html 3,400.00 953 999999991706 FDMAKATI-953 100 Mother's day Flowers 953 New 0.5 kg Morning Sun 20 pink carnations, 20 red carnations bouquet, a good flower to mother and says thank you, get well... https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1840-morning-sun.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/morning-sun.html 3,400.00 Item #357 999999991840 FDMAKATI-Item #357 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #357 New 0.5 kg Mother 19 red carntions match flower It's good choice to say thank you mother. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1876-mother.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/mother.html 3,400.00 Item #80 999999991876 FDMAKATI-Item #80 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #80 New 0.5 kg Mother`s kiss Pink carnatons 11 stems with gypsophila and green foliages decorated. Pink paper wrapped and ribbon tied. Available for bouquet for mother, get well. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1709-mothers-kiss.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/mother-s-kiss.html 3,400.00 1008 999999991709 FDMAKATI-1008 100 Mother's day Flowers 1008 New 0.5 kg MothersLove Description 24 Red carnations Goldenrod flowers (Solidago) to decorate Large green leaves to fill the bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1651-motherslove.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/motherslove.html 3,400.00 mother069 999999991651 FDMAKATI-mother069 100 Mother's day Flowers mother069 New 0.5 kg Moulin Rouge Innovative, luxurious and indulgent, this gorgeous bouquet of sparkling 21 red roses highlighted with 3 white ones, makes an extravagant statement of fashion for that special someone.Innovative, luxurious and indulgent, this gorgeous bouquet of sparkling 21 red roses highlighted with 3 white ones, makes an extravagant statement of fashion for that special someone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1247-8218.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/moulin-rouge.html 4,100.00 Gift12377777 999999991247 FDMAKATI-Gift12377777 100 Roses » 24 Roses Gift12377777 New 0.5 kg Moving Feeling 5 stalks white perfume lilies, with fillers decorate and tissue paper paper packed bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1720-moving-feeling.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/moving-feeling.html 3,400.00 589 999999991720 FDMAKATI-589 100 Mother's day Flowers 589 New 0.5 kg Mrs. Fields box 2 dozen Mrs. Fields� Classic� . Our ever-popular cookies made just as they've always been from Mrs. Fields� original recipes and presented in our new signature tin. Each tin holds a tasty assortment of flavor favorites. Box may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1342-untitled.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cookies/mrs-fields-box.html 2,300.00 choco79 999999991342 FDMAKATI-choco79 100 Chocolate » Cookies choco79 New 3 kg Mrs. Fields Cookies Moist & Chewy cookies individually wrapped for freshness. A secret recipe full of premium ingredients and custom blend chocolates creates moist, unique, 100% indulgent cookies. Now you can treat yourself and your family to the fresh baked goodness of Mrs. Fields cookies at home. weight 255gm https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1341-large-2069-in-476.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cookies/mrs-fields-cookies.html 1,600.00 choco78 999999991341 FDMAKATI-choco78 100 Chocolate » Cookies choco78 New 3 kg Mrs. Fields Heart Mrs. Fields Cookies! Lift the lid to this Valentine's Day box of fresh baked goodies in a red heart shape box including an assortment of cookies, one heat contains two dozen cookie nibblers and the other contains one dozen cookies. This box of cookies carry special message to your recipients. A sweet treat for your sweetheart. 8 pcs in a box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1340-images.jpeg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cookies/mrs-fields-heart.html 2,300.00 choco77 999999991340 FDMAKATI-choco77 100 Chocolate » Cookies choco77 New 3 kg Multi Roses N Cadbury Chocolates A gifting is the amazing experience to transfer of emotion with the expectation of happiness in return. Gift your loved one's this beautiful gift combo which includes : 24 Mix Roses in Basket With Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 6 Bar ( 65 grm each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1323-gvexp201273.-multi-roses-n-cadbury-chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/multi-roses-n-cadbury-chocolates.html 3,800.00 combo74 999999991323 FDMAKATI-combo74 100 Combo items combo74 New 3 kg multicolored heart roses w/hershey's heart 36 multicolored heart roses w/Hershey's heart https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1521-php145-ljjjjjjjjhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/multicolored-heart-roses-w-hershey-s-heart.html 5,000.00 combo97 999999991521 FDMAKATI-combo97 100 Combo items combo97 New 0.5 kg Multicolored Roses / lindt heart 24 Multicolored Roses / lindt heart box red pink orange pomelo peach yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1519-untitledpppppppppppppppp.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/multicolored-roses-lindt-heart.html 3,800.00 combo95 999999991519 FDMAKATI-combo95 100 Combo items combo95 New 0.5 kg Multicolored Roses w/ferrero 24 Multicolored Roses w/ferrero red pink orange pomelo peach https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1516--12gggggggggggggggg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/multicolored-roses-w-ferrero.html 3,700.00 combo92 999999991516 FDMAKATI-combo92 100 Combo items combo92 New 0.5 kg Multicolored Roses w/guylian Box for Your Valentine. Two Dozen Multicolored Roses for Your Valentine. Product Information. Your Valentine's smile lights up the ... red pink orange pomelo yellow Two Dozen Multicolored Roses w/guylian Box of Heart Shaped Chocolates . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1515-valentine-multicolored-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/multicolored-roses-w-guylian-box.html 4,000.00 combo91 999999991515 FDMAKATI-combo91 100 Combo items combo91 New 0.5 kg Mummy I love you 12 pink carnations and 12 red carnations, with gypsophila and green stuff, exquisite package. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1786-mummy-i-love-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/mummy-i-love-you.html 3,400.00 888 999999991786 FDMAKATI-888 100 Mother's day Flowers 888 New 0.5 kg My all World 16 pink rose in independent packaging with 2 white perfume lilies, match solidago. Send round style bouquet express feelings of because I have already filled your heart, you're my whole world. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1683-my-all-world.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/my-all-world.html 3,400.00 1000 999999991683 FDMAKATI-1000 100 Mother's day Flowers 1000 New 0.5 kg My Angel 2 white lily,11 red rose. Pink hands knead paper packaging, the external screen, pink, purple butterfly finished bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1698-my-angel.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/my-angel.html 3,400.00 255 999999991698 FDMAKATI-255 100 Mother's day Flowers 255 New 0.5 kg My Gift Of Love ! A beautiful message and vase of roses to whisper your love to your beloved. 12 mix roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/495-ros463.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/my-gift-of-love.html 2,100.00 ros463 999999999495 FDMAKATI-ros463 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros463 New 0.5 kg My Heart Is Yours Description: Wish your near & dear ones a very happy b'day with this beautiful gift. 12 red rose bouquet,couple bear,heart shape ferrero chocolate & heart shape Hershey kisses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1287-img-1448.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/my-heart-is-yours.html 4,900.00 combo69 999999991287 FDMAKATI-combo69 100 Combo items combo69 New 0.5 kg My Intention 6 pink lilies bouquet including limonium belt laard and green. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1843-my-intention.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/my-intention.html 3,900.00 Item #287 999999991843 FDMAKATI-Item #287 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #287 New 0.5 kg My Lady 24 pink bunch. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1044-phpthumb-generated-thumbnailjpg-3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/my-lady.html 4,100.00 SPL 4444121 999999991044 FDMAKATI-SPL 4444121 100 Roses » 24 Roses SPL 4444121 New 2 kg My Love 18 pieces Pink and white roses fern in a nicearrangement. This charming arrangement expresses your tender feelings very eloquently. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/471-ros426.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/my-love.html 3,400.00 ros426 999999999471 FDMAKATI-ros426 100 Roses » 18 roses ros426 New 0.5 kg My Love bouquet 36 pieces of mix roses bouquet to wish a very good day for anyone. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/51-flb314.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/my-love-bouquet.html 5,900.00 FLB314 999999999951 FDMAKATI-FLB314 100 Roses » 36 Roses FLB314 New 0.5 kg My only Love A blend of love and elegance, the mixture of red,pink and yellow is great for those wishing to express thanks. Often used for thanking those who have helped you, the combination of colors helps ensure a respectful yet neutral ambience. Featuring 2 dozen with assorted greenery, it's a gift welcomed by anyone on your list. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/428-rosb513.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/my-only-love.html 4,000.00 ROSB513 999999999428 FDMAKATI-ROSB513 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB513 New 0.5 kg My only Love-2 A blend of love and elegance, the mixture of 12 red and 12 white is great for those wishing to express thanks. Often used for thanking those who have helped you, the combination of colors helps ensure a respectful yet neutral ambience. Featuring a dozen white roses and a dozen deep red roses with assorted greenery, it's a gift welcomed by anyone on your list. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/438-rosb503.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/my-only-love-2.html 4,000.00 ROSB503 999999999438 FDMAKATI-ROSB503 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB503 New 0.5 kg Nba cologne Nba cologne(100mL Eau de Toilette)by Nba https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1102-66157m.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/nba-cologne.html 3,200.00 men 3743333 999999991102 FDMAKATI-men 3743333 100 men 3743333 New 0.5 kg Never You Far This sweet arrangement of yellow daisies, pink mini carnations, and hot pink carnations is complemented by purple monte casino and white waxflower. Designed in a handled basket, it's sure to send your special greetings with style. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/22-fla222.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/never-you-far.html 3,300.00 MS48 999999999922 FDMAKATI-MS48 100 Flowers Arrangement MS48 New 0.5 kg Never You Far Red, yellow, blue 15 tulips are arrange in bouquet. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2023-never-you-far.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/never-you-far.html 5,500.00 tulips016 999999992023 FDMAKATI-tulips016 100 Tulip tulips016 New 0.5 kg On The Range Description: Oranges, apples and bananas complete this basket of flowers with the juicy, citrus sweetness they bring out. Flowers (mix malaysian with gerbera) And Fruits Arrangement ( 6 items) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/940-450xlg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/on-the-range.html 4,200.00 fruit1222555 999999999940 FDMAKATI-fruit1222555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket fruit1222555 New 0.5 kg One And Only Love The purest of 12 white rose is the most widely used flower for special occasions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/458-ros413.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/one-and-only-love.html 2,100.00 ros413 999999999458 FDMAKATI-ros413 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros413 New 0.5 kg One And Only Love The purest 15 pieces of blue and yellow tulip is the most widely used tulip for special occasions. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2024-one-and-only-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/one-and-only-love.html 5,500.00 tulips017 999999992024 FDMAKATI-tulips017 100 Tulip tulips017 New 0.5 kg Only Love 12 red roses, 33 pink roses, with baby's breath and green stuff, packaging, a beautiful vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1696-only-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/only-love.html 3,400.00 537 999999991696 FDMAKATI-537 100 Mother's day Flowers 537 New 0.5 kg Only love sweetheart 21 Pink Roses, 2 Lilies, jasmine. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1662-only-love-sweetheart.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/only-love-sweetheart.html 3,400.00 574 999999991662 FDMAKATI-574 100 Mother's day Flowers 574 New 0.5 kg ORange MIX FLOWER for MOM Bright basket of roses, alstroemeria, pompons and more. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/958-ev006-11212121.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/orange-mix-flower-for-mom.html 3,900.00 flower 4444666 999999999958 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666 New 5 kg Orange premium Roses Our Orange premium Roses are a magical sight when fully bloomed. Grown on a Volcano and cut-to-order, this flower bunch will blow them away like a breathtaking sunrise. Our flowers are shipped straight from our eco-friendly, sustainable farms on the Volcano to your recipient's door, with Free Delivery! 24 pcs https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1508-jpg.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/orange-premium-roses.html 3,800.00 FLB 56576868 999999991508 FDMAKATI-FLB 56576868 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56576868 New 0.5 kg Orange Rose Show someone they're extra special with this romantic arrangement. One dozen Orange roses arranged in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/462-ros417.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/orange-rose.html 2,100.00 ros417 999999999462 FDMAKATI-ros417 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros417 New 0.5 kg Orange Rose Bouquet with 200 g ritter sports 12 Stems - Autumn Brilliance Orange Rose Bouquet with 200 g ritter sports Chocolates - https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1542-untitledooooooooooooooo.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/orange-rose-bouquet-with-200-g-ritter-sports.html 2,800.00 combo105 999999991542 FDMAKATI-combo105 100 Combo items combo105 New 0.5 kg Orange Rose Dome 24 Orange Rose Dome in a vase vase may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1502-img-8903-900.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/orange-rose-dome.html 4,200.00 vase 5566777 999999991502 FDMAKATI-vase 5566777 100 Roses » 24 Roses vase 5566777 New 0.5 kg Orange roses cake N teddy 24 Orange roses , mocha cake N 8 " teddy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1544-orange-roses-cake-n-5-chocolates-350x350.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/orange-roses-cake-n-teddy.html 4,650.00 val 5566888yyy 999999991544 FDMAKATI-val 5566888yyy 100 Cake val 5566888yyy New 0.5 kg orchids & Anthorium Sympathy Standing orchids & Anthorium Sympathy Standing https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1356-117528254-190178362523745-4337916412445152114-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/orchids-anthorium-sympathy-standing.html 4,800.00 symphaty_25 999999991356 FDMAKATI-symphaty_25 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_25 New 3 kg Orchids & Roses 24 White roses & 10 purple orchids bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2071-flower-shop-order-pune-online.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/orchids-roses.html 4,099.00 bqt17 999999992071 FDMAKATI-bqt17 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt17 New 0.5 kg Orchids Bunch Bunch of 10 Purple orchids nicely wrapped with matching ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1222-gai2-gainewmot201309.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/orchids-bunch.html 2,750.00 basket9 999999991222 FDMAKATI-basket9 100 Father's Day Items basket9 New 0.5 kg Orchids With Cake 20 purple orchids with  chocolate cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2072-pune-oh-pune.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/orchids-with-cake.html 3,100.00 newcombo2 999999992072 FDMAKATI-newcombo2 100 Combo items newcombo2 New 0.5 kg package package https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2087-261571830-4462409987190915-4422359495865116310-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/package.html 14,800.00 nation 3499 999999992087 FDMAKATI-nation 3499 100 Funeral flowers nation 3499 New 0.5 kg Passion of Love This is what love is all about, passion. This gift set is the best way to show your affection and love, so go for it. Product: One dozen red roses,9" Bear & 3 balloons. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/95-baln1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/passion-of-love.html 3,100.00 balloon1 999999999995 FDMAKATI-balloon1 100 Balloons balloon1 New 0.5 kg Passion of Love This is what love is all about, passion. This set of one dozen red roses a lovely is the best way to show your affection and love, so go for it. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/456-ros411.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/passion-of-love.html 2,100.00 ros411 999999999456 FDMAKATI-ros411 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros411 New 0.5 kg Paying Tribute Paying Tribute https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2079-tf188-3wb.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/paying-tribute.html 6,900.00 fondesh 45555 999999992079 FDMAKATI-fondesh 45555 100 fondesh 45555 New 0.5 kg PEACHY INFATUATION Young and sweet, this sitting 24" light brown bear expresses newfound infatuation by arming himself with a bunch of 12 peach roses with love u pillow . pillow color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1196-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/peachy-infatuation.html 4,100.00 combo61 999999991196 FDMAKATI-combo61 100 Combo items combo61 New 2 kg Peachy Keen 24 pink and 12 roses creates a delicate balance between romance and affection. Let this beautiful arrangement express your strong feelings. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/928-showimage-3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/peachy-keen.html 4,300.00 flower 4444343 999999999928 FDMAKATI-flower 4444343 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444343 New 0.5 kg People Who Love You 24 red roses and 6 yellew carnation(or champagne roses) with gypsophila and green leaves, beautiful flowers basket arrangements. - Order two days ahead. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1753-people-who-love-you.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/people-who-love-you.html 3,700.00 gift897 999999991753 FDMAKATI-gift897 100 Mother's day Flowers gift897 New 0.5 kg Perfect Combo Send Beautiful Combo of 12 Red Roses Bouquet with Delicious 1 kg Heart Shaped Chocolate cake https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1347-1322915938-pw-12r-hc.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/perfect-combo.html 4,050.00 heart 2222999 999999991347 FDMAKATI-heart 2222999 100 Cake heart 2222999 New 3 kg Perfect Gift for Mom! Perfect to brighten anyone's day! Red carnations and seasonal flowers are sweetly arranged in a cheerful red and white striped ceramic container.Perfect Gift for your Mother https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/416-rosb521.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/perfect-gift-for-mom.html 5,000.00 ROSB521 999999999416 FDMAKATI-ROSB521 100 Flowers Arrangement ROSB521 New 0.5 kg Perfect Smile A unique, exotic blend of pink lilies, gerberas, and snapdragons, placed in a pretty vase, makes a truly extravagant addition to their day.A unique, exotic blend of pink lilies, gerberas, and snapdragons, placed in a pretty vase, makes a truly extravagant addition to their day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1246-8220.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/perfect-smile.html 3,760.00 Gift123777 999999991246 FDMAKATI-Gift123777 100 Flowers Arrangement Gift123777 New 0.5 kg Perhaps Love 33 white roses with white, green cotton, gold ribbon packaging, round hand-tied bouquet, finished with gift wrap and ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1824-perhaps-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/perhaps-love.html 3,400.00 Item #270 999999991824 FDMAKATI-Item #270 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #270 New 0.5 kg Personal Gift Glass Vase arrangement of roses,Gerberas and white lillies for the person you love the most. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1271-cf-20655.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/personal-gift.html 5,000.00 vase14 999999991271 FDMAKATI-vase14 100 Flowers Arrangement vase14 New 0.5 kg Pinas Gift This delicate wicker basket filled with beautiful white flowers will surely spread some light to those you�re thinking of. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/16-fla216.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/pinas-gift.html 3,600.00 FLA216 999999999916 FDMAKATI-FLA216 100 Flowers Arrangement FLA216 New 0.5 kg Pinas Gift This mixed daisy bouquet features the bright colors of the season. A total of 16 stems arrive wrapped with greens and ready for the recipient to arrange in their own special way. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/33-fla233.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/pinas-gift.html 3,000.00 MS16 999999999933 FDMAKATI-MS16 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love MS16 New 0.5 kg Pink & White Sympathy Standing Pink & White Sympathy Standing https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2110-bn91285.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/pink-white-sympathy-standing.html 5,250.00 sym 1234 999999992110 FDMAKATI-sym 1234 100 Funeral flowers sym 1234 New 0.5 kg Pink and orange Seasonal Flowers Bouque Let the stunning flowers express the deepest thoughts of your heart. A hand tied bouquet of 12 pink & orange seasonal flowers will be an exclusive gift on any said occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/896-gai2-igpffhb006-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/pink-and-orange-seasonal-flowers-bouque.html 3,900.00 Mother 312323 999999999896 FDMAKATI-Mother 312323 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers Mother 312323 New 3 kg Pink Basket Basket arrangement with 12 pink roses, pink mini carnations, and hot pink carnations is complemented by some white seasonal flower. Designed in a handled basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/419-rosb524.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/pink-basket.html 3,000.00 ROSB524 999999999419 FDMAKATI-ROSB524 100 Roses » 12 Roses ROSB524 New 0.5 kg PInk beauty 18 deluxe pomelo roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1284-rose-hand-bouquet-08-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/pink-beauty.html 2,800.00 Gift12379 999999991284 FDMAKATI-Gift12379 100 Roses » 18 roses Gift12379 New 0.5 kg Pink Carnations 20 pink carnations with forget met not and green leaves, white and pink paper beautiful packing. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1865-pink-carnations.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pink-carnations.html 3,400.00 Item #275 999999991865 FDMAKATI-Item #275 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #275 New 0.5 kg Pink Carnations with stargaizer  Pink Carnations, 3 white Lilies, full with gypsophila paniculata. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1747-11-pink-carnations.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pink-carnations-with-stargaizer.html 3,200.00 654 999999991747 FDMAKATI-654 100 Mother's day Flowers 654 New 0.5 kg Pink Flower Love 3 pink lilies, 12 pink carntions with baby's breath ornament, pink crepe paper packing. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1863-pink-flower-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pink-flower-love.html 3,400.00 Item #75 999999991863 FDMAKATI-Item #75 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #75 New 0.5 kg PINK GERBERA DAISIES Gorgeous pink gerbera bouquet for your loved ones. A sweet floral gift suitable for any occasion! Vase is not included with this order and can be ordered separately. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1619-pink-gerbera-daisies.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pink-gerbera-daisies.html 3,400.00 mother038 999999991619 FDMAKATI-mother038 100 Mother's day Flowers mother038 New 0.5 kg Pink is Beautiful A beautiful arrangement by our florist with 3 dozens pink roses and mocha heart shape cake w/ special greeting card. A nice gift when you fall in love with someone but don't know what to offer her. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/592-cake03-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/pink-is-beautiful.html 5,400.00 cake29 999999999592 FDMAKATI-cake29 100 Cake cake29 New 0.5 kg Pink Memories 33 pink rose single bouquet of flowers, mango leaves, baby's breath bottom appropriate embellishment. Sweet, pretty, endearing just like your sweetheart. Gift this charming creation of blushing pink roses and baby's breath and make her feel like the princess she is. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1771-pink-memories.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pink-memories.html 3,500.00 125 999999991771 FDMAKATI-125 100 Mother's day Flowers 125 New 0.5 kg pink paradise 10 peach & 90 pink roses heart basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1531-1c5ac9ffcc4c321fe2dfb5a84f2e751f.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/100-roses/pink-paradise.html 11,500.00 valrose 5566888gggg 999999991531 FDMAKATI-valrose 5566888gggg 100 Roses » 100 Roses valrose 5566888gggg New 0.5 kg Pink Rose Elegance 24 24 Pink Rose Elegance https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/946-images-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream/pink-rose-elegance-24.html 4,400.00 rose 4444 999999999946 FDMAKATI-rose 4444 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream rose 4444 New 0.5 kg Pink Roses With Ferror Rocher Chocolate Box send the flowers, chocolate, cadbury, pink roses for any occasion, any party, any, surprice, etc. one bunch of 24 pink roses and 16 pce ferror rocher chocolate box. Along with 3 cadbury chocolate 75 grm each. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1148-fen064.-pink-roses-with-ferror-rocher-chocolate-box-.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/pink-roses-with-ferror-rocher-chocolate-box.html 4,100.00 combo50 999999991148 FDMAKATI-combo50 100 Combo items combo50 New 0.5 kg Pinky Paradise Description Find paradise and color it pink with this exciting hamper. A pretty pink roses arrangement comes with a super cute pink Teddy bear in a basket. 3 Pink Roses With Medium 9 "Teddy Bear In Basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1189-pinky-paradise-fa12421-300-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/pinky-paradise.html 2,200.00 combo55 999999991189 FDMAKATI-combo55 100 Combo items combo55 New 0.5 kg pomelo ,Orange and Yellow Roses Heart 36 pomelo ,Orange and Yellow Roses Heart https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1494-1378113648-pwn-50-oy-r-heart-send-gifts-to-india.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/pomelo-orange-and-yellow-roses-heart.html 5,050.00 FLB 56577hhh 999999991494 FDMAKATI-FLB 56577hhh 100 Heart Shape Basket FLB 56577hhh New 0.5 kg Pomelo Rose Bouquet A variation of 48 pink cerise roses tied together in a bouquet. Send these beauties to anyone anytime for any occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1491-netsp618.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/60-roses/pomelo-rose-bouquet.html 7,400.00 pomeloroses 4646 999999991491 FDMAKATI-pomeloroses 4646 100 Roses » 60 Roses pomeloroses 4646 New 0.5 kg Power of Love Enjoy a bouquet of sunshine with these bold, brilliant 4" blossoms. 10 Stems are freshly cut and shipped direct from the grower to be arranged by the recipient in their own special way. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/31-fla231.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/power-of-love.html 3,000.00 MS11 999999999931 FDMAKATI-MS11 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love MS11 New 0.5 kg Power of Love Its all tenderness and endearment with this bouquet of our sweetest pinks, alluring reds and pure whites, all bundled up to tell her your devotion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1154-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love.html 4,700.00 Uabasket 374343 999999991154 FDMAKATI-Uabasket 374343 100 Flowers Arrangement Uabasket 374343 New 2 kg Power of Pink Our 10 stem freshly cut Orchids beautifully mingles a mixture of tropical Dendrobium Orchids. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/35-fla235.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/power-of-pink.html 3,000.00 MS28 999999999935 FDMAKATI-MS28 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love MS28 New 0.5 kg Precious Moment One Sided bunch of 5 white Glads, 12 Pink Roses in Pink color paper packing with pink ribbon bow, 1kg chocolate truffle cake and box of Ferrero Rocher. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1348-exdfnp97.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/precious-moment.html 6,700.00 midnight 222 999999991348 FDMAKATI-midnight 222 100 Cake midnight 222 New 3 kg Pretty In pink luv Description Make her laugh! A deliciously sweet gift, reminiscent of childhood- candies and lollipops. Send her one dozen pink roses, gerberra daisies, green carnations, and mint green buttons, a sweet way to share your thoughts. Dozen Pink Roses, Gerberra Daisies, Green Carnations, And Mint Green Buttons https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1155-pink-lollipops-fa14691-300.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/pretty-in-pink-luv.html 4,700.00 Uabasket 374343 999999991155 FDMAKATI-Uabasket 374343 100 Flowers Arrangement Uabasket 374343 New 0.5 kg Pretty pink Love Bunch of 12 Pink Roses along with 9 Inches pink Teddy Bear and heart pillow. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/978-1296651379-12-roses-teddy.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/pretty-pink-love.html 3,200.00 combo27 999999999978 FDMAKATI-combo27 100 Combo items combo27 New 0.5 kg Pretty Pink roses 24 pieces Beautifully arranged roses in an old fashioned basket. Pink and colorful field of blooming flowers, long lasting beauty! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/433-rosb518.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/pretty-pink-roses.html 4,000.00 ROSB518 999999999433 FDMAKATI-ROSB518 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB518 New 0.5 kg PRIMARY SIGNIFICANCE Exquisite floral arrangement in a original vase with vibrant 24 red roses. The Red Rose not only carries more meaning than many other color roses, it is also one of the most universal of all symbols. Something so vibrant is meant to be shared with the loveliest being. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1214-showimage-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/primary-significance.html 4,200.00 val 5544555 999999991214 FDMAKATI-val 5544555 100 Roses » 24 Roses val 5544555 New 0.5 kg Promise of Love 6 white perfume lilies. Net style crepe paper fan-shaped packed. Finished with bowknot. Delivery region limited. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1812-promise-of-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/promise-of-love.html 3,400.00 Item #429 999999991812 FDMAKATI-Item #429 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #429 New 0.5 kg Pure Lightness(50mL Eau de Toilette) Pure Lightness(50mL Eau de Toilette)by adidas https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1104-images-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/men-s-zone/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/pure-lightness-50ml-eau-de-toilette.html 3,200.00 Men 374343 999999991104 FDMAKATI-Men 374343 100 Men 374343 New 2 kg Pure Love 36 white roses, round flowers bouquet design . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1859-pure-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/pure-love.html 3,400.00 Item #36 999999991859 FDMAKATI-Item #36 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #36 New 0.5 kg Purple In a Basket 12 Purple Roses With 8 Mixed Color small Bears In a Basket https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1180-br018s-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/purple-in-a-basket.html 3,400.00 combo54 999999991180 FDMAKATI-combo54 100 Combo items combo54 New 0.5 kg Purple Lucky 12 purple roses(if this color is not available we will use pink roses to instead), 8 purple carnations, 5 pink carnations, match greenery, arranged in a small basket, pink ribbon. - Order two days ahead. The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same, the effect are guaranteed. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1779-purple-lucky.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/purple-lucky.html 3,600.00 754 999999991779 FDMAKATI-754 100 Mother's day Flowers 754 New 0.5 kg Purple Memory 11 white roses match forget-me-not and green. wrapped by purple round paper with green bowknot. The intoxicating combination of our white roses with greenery gives you an extraordinary way to make a heartfelt statement to your favorite person. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1828-purple-memory.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/purple-memory.html 3,400.00 Item #325 999999991828 FDMAKATI-Item #325 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #325 New 0.5 kg Purple Orchid Bouquet With Chocolate Box Our Purple Orchid Bouquet with Chocolate Box consists of a bunch of purple orchids with a 200 gm box of Ferero Rocher Chocolates. Florista India Pvt. Ltd offers Purple Orchid Bouquet with Chocolate Box. We supply a wide range of flower arrangements and bouquets for decoration and gift in various occasions and festivals. The Purple Orchid Bouquet with Chocolate Box, known by the name "Chocolates n Violets" comes with six stems of orchids and is suitable for used as an anniversary gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1162-040.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/purple-orchid-bouquet-with-chocolate-box.html 2,900.00 combo53 999999991162 FDMAKATI-combo53 100 Combo items combo53 New 0.5 kg Purple Orchids 10 Blue Orchids Hand Bouquet.  https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2063-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/purple-orchids.html 3,400.00 bqt10 999999992063 FDMAKATI-bqt10 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt10 New 0.5 kg Purple Orchids Bouquet Purple Orchids Bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1161-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/purple-orchids-bouquet.html 3,300.00 orchid 4444 999999991161 FDMAKATI-orchid 4444 100 Flowers Arrangement orchid 4444 New 0.5 kg Purple Roses 12 Purple Roses, White Phoenix Wrap With Dracaena Foliage Handbouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1179-pp002s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/purple-roses.html 2,000.00 Purple 4444 999999991179 FDMAKATI-Purple 4444 100 Roses » 12 Roses Purple 4444 New 0.5 kg Queen of Hearts 36 red roses in a heart basket with 8 inches teddy and a vochelle chocolate box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1320-1364.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/queen-of-hearts.html 6,150.00 combo 2327999 999999991320 FDMAKATI-combo 2327999 100 Heart Shape Basket combo 2327999 New 3 kg Raspberry Delight This abundant bouquet of roses, carnation,mix flower and Gerbera would be a delight to receive for any occasion. free chocolate Box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1314-untitled-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/promo-products/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/raspberry-delight.html 3,200.00 heart 2222999 999999991314 FDMAKATI-heart 2222999 100 heart 2222999 New 3 kg Ravishing Raves This floral gathering pairs the strong hues of scarlet roses and innocent tones of baby's breath to portray a love so deep, so pure. 24 Stalks Of Red Roses With Baby's Breath https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/929-showimage-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/ravishing-raves.html 3,600.00 flower 4444666666 999999999929 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666666 New 5 kg Red & White Floral Standing Heart Red & White Floral Standing Heart https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2081-s14-4467-600x600.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/red-white-floral-standing-heart.html 5,500.00 red 4545 999999992081 FDMAKATI-red 4545 100 Funeral flowers red 4545 New 0.5 kg Red Basket To make happy with this red flower basket. This flower basket for all occasion. so wish now. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/418-rosb523.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/red-basket.html 3,400.00 ROSB523 999999999418 FDMAKATI-ROSB523 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love ROSB523 New 0.5 kg Red Carnations Bouquet 19 stems red carnations with forget-me-not decorated, fan shape wrapped. - The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same, the effect is guaranteed. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1731-red-carnations-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/red-carnations-bouquet.html 3,400.00 1038 999999991731 FDMAKATI-1038 100 Mother's day Flowers 1038 New 0.5 kg Red Flame The name says it all, this hand wrapped bouquet of gerberas, anthuriums, lilies and other seasonal flowers in flaming red hues can stir up quite a storm of compliments.The name says it all, this hand wrapped bouquet of gerberas, anthuriums, lilies and other seasonal flowers in flaming red hues can stir up quite a storm of compliments. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1243-8135.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//red-flame.html 3,900.00 Gift1230999 999999991243 FDMAKATI-Gift1230999 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream Gift1230999 New 0.5 kg Red Roses + box of Lindt Bouquet of 12 Red Roses and a box of Lindt chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/991-4438.f2da5ec3c2ccb7bcc601fad75fa41114.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/roses-box-of-lindt.html 3,200.00 combo37 999999999991 FDMAKATI-combo37 100 Combo items combo37 New 2 kg Red roses with ferrero 12 Red roses with 16 ferrero rochers inside. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/931-special-6-400x400.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/red-roses-with-ferrero.html 4,400.00 flower 444487 999999999931 FDMAKATI-flower 444487 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 444487 New 0.5 kg Red Roses... Add a warm note to these bright blooms & make your friend/ loved one feel special.... (3 dozen red rose in a box) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/777-box10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/red-roses.html 6,200.00 rbox10 999999999777 FDMAKATI-rbox10 100 Roses » 36 Roses rbox10 New 0.5 kg Red Roses... Add a warm note to these bright blooms & make your friend/ loved one feel special.... (4 dozen red rose). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/701-heart10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/red-roses.html 5,550.00 Heart10 999999999701 FDMAKATI-Heart10 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart10 New 0.5 kg RED WITH LOVE Arrangement of 24 Red roses with 16 Ferrero Rocher iwrap in hand bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1204-showimage-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/red-with-love.html 3,400.00 combo62 999999991204 FDMAKATI-combo62 100 Combo items combo62 New 0.5 kg REST IN PEACE This pastel basket arrangement will express your sympathy and lovingly show your warm thoughts. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/783-119240212-758006641646939-7833355983520565587-n-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/rest-in-peace.html 6,300.00 symphaty_12 999999999783 FDMAKATI-symphaty_12 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_12 New 0.5 kg Rising Beauty Description 12 Red roses 16 Pink carnations 2 White lilies Goldenrod flowers (Solidago) to decorate https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1655-rising-beauty.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/rising-beauty.html 3,400.00 mother073 999999991655 FDMAKATI-mother073 100 Mother's day Flowers mother073 New 0.5 kg RitterSport Chocolates - 3 Nos RitterSport Chocolates - 3 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1458-img-3882888.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/rittersport-chocolates-3-nos.html 1,000.00 choco42 999999991458 FDMAKATI-choco42 100 Chocolate choco42 New 0.5 kg RitterSport Chocolates - 4 Nos RitterSport Chocolates - 4 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1402-rittersport4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/rittersport-chocolates-4-nos.html 1,400.00 choco19 999999991402 FDMAKATI-choco19 100 Chocolate choco19 New 0.5 kg RitterSport Chocolates - 5 Nos 5 Chocolate Ritter Sport dairy 100 g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1389-rittermix1.-ritter-sport-assorted-chocolates-set-of-6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/rittersport-chocolates-5-nos.html 1,700.00 choco8 999999991389 FDMAKATI-choco8 100 Chocolate choco8 New 0.5 kg RitterSport Chocolates - 6 Nos RitterSport Chocolates - 6 Nos 100 g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1457-ritter-sport-selection.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/rittersport-chocolates-6-nos.html 2,200.00 choco41 999999991457 FDMAKATI-choco41 100 Chocolate choco41 New 0.5 kg RitterSport Chocolates -7 RitterSport Chocolates - 7 Nos https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1459-images888888.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/rittersport-chocolates-7.html 2,500.00 choco43 999999991459 FDMAKATI-choco43 100 Chocolate choco43 New 0.5 kg Rocky Road Rich chocolate cake loaded with cashew nuts, marshmallows and choco drizzle to whet your appetite. From Red Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/625-cake39-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/rocky-road.html 2,300.00 cake33 999999999625 FDMAKATI-cake33 100 Cake cake33 New 0.5 kg ROCKY ROAD Three layered chocolate sponge cake filled in between with chocolate frosting, marshmallow and chocolate chips. The whole cake is iced with chocolate frosting and finished with a ripple like design on the side. The surface and bottom side is bordered with vanilla butter icing that is drizzled with chocolate frosting. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/641-cake56-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/rocky-road2.html 2,300.00 cake39 999999999641 FDMAKATI-cake39 100 Cake cake39 New 0.5 kg Romantic 12 Red Rose Bouquet This luxurious Romantic 12 Rose Bouquet is made up of the most beautiful red Roses nestled amongst soft white gypsophila and presented in a red floral wrapping. This is the classic way to say 'I Love You'. Each bouquet is individually made and sent with flower food, care instructions and your own personal gift message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/972-1363645052-23752300.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/romantic-12-red-rose-bouquet.html 2,000.00 rose 443434 999999999972 FDMAKATI-rose 443434 100 Roses » 12 Roses rose 443434 New 2 kg Romantic Choco Love 24 Multi Colour Roses Basket with 200 g ferrero Chocolates and 8 "Cuddly Bear. chocolates cake. i love you pillow Tell your friends / loved ones to gift you this https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1534-fham49-400.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/romantic-choco-love.html 6,050.00 roamn 67777 999999991534 FDMAKATI-roamn 67777 100 Cake roamn 67777 New 0.5 kg Romantic Love 12 Orange Roses, 9 INCHES Cute Bear, and 300 Toblerone Chocolate Bar, https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/986-romanticorange.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/romantic-love.html 3,600.00 combo32 999999999986 FDMAKATI-combo32 100 Combo items combo32 New 0.5 kg Rose and Carnation Standing Spray Rose and Carnation Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2101-detail-redandwhitestand-150807111254.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/rose-and-carnation-standing-spray.html 5,650.00 funerals 0233 999999992101 FDMAKATI-funerals 0233 100 Funeral flowers funerals 0233 New 0.5 kg Rose and Chocolate For your Mom 12 pink roses with heart shape chocolate(hershey kiss) box. Very decent to be given as a gift or just to give an unforgettable surprise. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/464-ros419.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/rose-and-chocolate-for-your-mom.html 2,700.00 combo19 999999999464 FDMAKATI-combo19 100 Combo items combo19 New 0.5 kg Rose and love 18 pieces of red rose bouquet for any occasion arround the year. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/61-flb326.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/rose-and-love.html 2,800.00 FLB326 999999999961 FDMAKATI-FLB326 100 Roses » 18 roses FLB326 New 0.5 kg Rose Bouquet A lovely bouquet of roses is wrapped and ready for the recipient's . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1018-7475-330x370.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/rose-bouquet.html 2,000.00 Roses 2222 999999991018 FDMAKATI-Roses 2222 100 Roses » 12 Roses Roses 2222 New 0.5 kg Rose Hand Bouquet 04 36 stalks red color roses with light pink wrapping paper https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1288-rose-hand-bouquet-04-b.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/rose-hand-bouquet-04.html 6,000.00 new 12377733 999999991288 FDMAKATI-new 12377733 100 Roses » 36 Roses new 12377733 New 0.5 kg Rose in a Box This box of 12 red roses is a cute way to say I love you to your special someone.Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/44-flb307.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/rose-in-a-box.html 3,000.00 FLB307 999999999944 FDMAKATI-FLB307 100 Roses » 12 Roses FLB307 New 0.5 kg ROSEETA 24 Roses Hand bunch(3 Peach 21 Red) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1202-showimage-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/roseeta.html 3,800.00 Spel 374343 999999991202 FDMAKATI-Spel 374343 100 Roses » 24 Roses Spel 374343 New 0.5 kg Roses & 125g Lindt Chocolates Send this sweet and thoughtful gift to cheer up or congratulate someone important in your life. Stunnin 24 long stemmed mix roses delivered with large box of Lindt chocolates (125g) . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/993--1-24-pastels-angle1-150glindt.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/roses-125g-lindt-chocolates.html 3,600.00 combo39 999999999993 FDMAKATI-combo39 100 Combo items combo39 New 2 kg ROSES AND LILIES A delightful bouquet of pink roses and pink lilies for a sweet special someone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1598-roses-and-lilies.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/roses-and-lilies.html 3,700.00 mother017 999999991598 FDMAKATI-mother017 100 Mother's day Flowers mother017 New 0.5 kg Roses and Matsumoto Roses, Matsumoto asters, miniature carnations https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/860-fla07.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/roses-and-matsumoto.html 4,700.00 fla07 999999999860 FDMAKATI-fla07 100 Flowers Arrangement fla07 New 0.5 kg Roses and spray roses Roses, spray roses, white and pink miniature carnations and Matsumoto asters https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/862-fla09.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/roses-and-spray-roses.html 4,700.00 fla09 999999999862 FDMAKATI-fla09 100 Flowers Arrangement fla09 New 0.5 kg Roses for Mom 24 pieces Mix Roses are beautiful in a box, and a wonderful gift . its is more beautiful if it is mixed red roses together. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/772-box05.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/roses-for-mom.html 4,000.00 rbox05 999999999772 FDMAKATI-rbox05 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox05 New 0.5 kg Roses for your Mom 18 pieces Mix Roses are beautiful, and a wonderful gift. its is more beautiful if it is mixed red roses together. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/475-ros430.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/roses-for-your-mom.html 3,400.00 ros430 999999999475 FDMAKATI-ros430 100 Roses » 18 roses ros430 New 0.5 kg Roses in a Vase "Presentation" - beautiful 12 red roses are they key to anyones heart. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/460-ros415.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/roses-in-a-vase.html 2,100.00 ros415 999999999460 FDMAKATI-ros415 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros415 New 0.5 kg Roses In Bouquet With Ferrero Rochers Fresh 12 Red Roses BOuquet include 16 Ferrero Rochers https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1150-bvf9-500x500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/roses-in-bouquet-with-ferrero-rochers.html 3,200.00 combo52 999999991150 FDMAKATI-combo52 100 Combo items combo52 New 2 kg Roses in Box Give someone 12 red roses in a box. Their colorful and unique shape will fill the day with beauty. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/463-ros418.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/roses-in-box.html 2,000.00 ros418 999999999463 FDMAKATI-ros418 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros418 New 0.5 kg Roses N Cadbury Chocolates 12 red roses and 3 cadbury dairy milk (75 grm each) chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1324-images-4.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/roses-n-cadbury-chocolates.html 3,400.00 combo75 999999991324 FDMAKATI-combo75 100 Combo items combo75 New 3 kg Roses Toblerone Express all your emotions and loving thoughts for any ocassion for your loved ones with 24 Yellow/orange roses bunch with 6 * 100 gms imported toblerone swiss chocolates https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1477-fl5580-1lg--64139-std.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/roses-toblerone.html 4,200.00 combo85 999999991477 FDMAKATI-combo85 100 Combo items combo85 New 0.5 kg Rosy Combo - 12 Red Roses Bunch, 6 items Fruit Basket, 5 Dairy Milk and Card Rosy Combo - 12 Red Roses Bunch, 6 items Fruit Basket, 5 Dairy Milk and Card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2157-n1905flnfruit25-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/rosy-combo-12-red-roses-bunch-6-items-fruit-basket-5-dairy-milk-and-card.html 5,000.00 pink 887789 999999992157 FDMAKATI-pink 887789 100 Fruit /Gift Basket pink 887789 New 0.5 kg Royal Radiance This exquisite blend of roses, gerberas and seasonal flowers creates a gorgeous bouquet that will be deeply appreciated and long remembered.This exquisite blend of roses, gerberas and seasonal flowers creates a gorgeous bouquet that will be deeply appreciated and long remembered. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1253-7967.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/royal-radiance.html 3,000.00 basket22 999999991253 FDMAKATI-basket22 100 Father's Day Items basket22 New 0.5 kg Rushmore A monumental creation of extreme extravagance forms this gorgeous arrangement for your loved one comprising of burnt orange roses with a medley of bright blooms in shades of deep purple, red and chartreuse.A monumental creation of extreme extravagance forms this gorgeous arrangement for your loved one comprising of burnt orange roses with a medley of bright blooms in shades of deep purple, red and chartreuse. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1252-5162.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/rushmore.html 3,500.00 basket21 999999991252 FDMAKATI-basket21 100 Father's Day Items basket21 New 0.5 kg Salon 19 pink roses, with rosemary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1842-salon.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/salon.html 3,400.00 Item #2 999999991842 FDMAKATI-Item #2 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #2 New 0.5 kg Say I love you! 12 Red Roses With Cake & 150 grm candbury Choco. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/994-mlfd041.-red-roses-with-chocolate-cake-and-choco.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/say-i-love-you.html 4,100.00 combo 44555 999999999994 FDMAKATI-combo 44555 100 Cake combo 44555 New 0.5 kg Secret Obsession 11 premium white rose bouquet, forget-me-not and grandiflorum decorated. Wraps with white and blue crepe paper, ties white bowknot. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1694-secret-obsession.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/secret-obsession.html 3,400.00 909 999999991694 FDMAKATI-909 100 Mother's day Flowers 909 New 0.5 kg SEDUCTIVE A classical floral bouquet with pink roses and white lilies. Vase is not included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1642-seductive.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/seductive.html 3,400.00 mother060 999999991642 FDMAKATI-mother060 100 Mother's day Flowers mother060 New 0.5 kg See u soon This bouquet celebrates Special Moments that transform and Give hope. New life, new Directions, new Beginnings, a Rebirth! Send One dozen Mixed bouquet of Fuschia Roses, Two-tone Pink carnations and Pink gerberras with greenery. (Vase is Not included) Earliest delivery date: 2013-5-24, Friday https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1159-plp-050.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/see-u-soon.html 4,700.00 uabsket 4444666 999999991159 FDMAKATI-uabsket 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement uabsket 4444666 New 0.5 kg See you soon Send beautiful lilies,red roses and mixed flowers in a bouquet .it contains Pink Lilies and mixed flowers and greens. A free Card is attached.24 pcs Ferrero and cake included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/846-100.75.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/see-you-soon.html 5,750.00 cake49 999999999846 FDMAKATI-cake49 100 Cake cake49 New 0.5 kg Send Happiness Word 18 red carnations with small flowers ornaments, single face brown paper inside, red crepe paper outside, fan-shaped package . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1717-send-happiness-word.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/send-happiness-word.html 3,400.00 661 999999991717 FDMAKATI-661 100 Mother's day Flowers 661 New 0.5 kg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1717-2-send-happiness-word.jpg Sending this Long to see your special person once more? Let her know it by sending her these 36 of red roses with gorgeous glass vase,24 pcs ferrero rocher chocolate and chocolate torte cake. Your gift will come with a greeting card and your message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/593-choc83-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sending-this.html 6,800.00 combo20 999999999593 FDMAKATI-combo20 100 Combo items combo20 New 0.5 kg Seraphin  Lilies, passion red and pink gerberas and Carnations to make her day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2059-seraphin.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/seraphin.html 4,100.00 bqt6 999999992059 FDMAKATI-bqt6 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt6 New 0.5 kg Set of 4 M&M Set of 4 M&M https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1469-untitled-576577.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/set-of-4-m-m.html 500.00 choco44 999999991469 FDMAKATI-choco44 100 Chocolate choco44 New 0.5 kg Sexy Sixteen A fun way to wish your pals/ siblings/ dear ones on their B'day. (12 red roses with 16 pieces ferrero & 8 inches teddy). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1286-img-1438.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sexy-sixteen.html 3,900.00 combo68 999999991286 FDMAKATI-combo68 100 Combo items combo68 New 0.5 kg Shades Of Love 36 stalks of roses in white will make a grand statementindeed to express the sentiments you feel - whether it be passion,respect, honour, or true love. Let these beautiful blooms say it foryou. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/927-showimage-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/shades-of-love.html 4,300.00 flower 444466622 999999999927 FDMAKATI-flower 444466622 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 444466622 New 5 kg Shower Ur Love Day 1. Buch of 12 Orange Roses.( Dely on 12th Feb) Day 2. Bunch of 12 Pink Roses. ( Dely on 13 th Feb ) Day3. Bunch of 12 Red roses. (Dely on 14th Feb) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1455-exvl46.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/shower-ur-love.html 6,450.00 seren 07676 999999991455 FDMAKATI-seren 07676 100 Valentines Serenades seren 07676 New 0.5 kg SIMPLE ELEGANCE Both simple and elegant, this bouquet includes the classical pink roses and stargazer combination, which never fails to bring joy to the receiver. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1622-simple-elegance.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/simple-elegance.html 3,400.00 mother041 999999991622 FDMAKATI-mother041 100 Mother's day Flowers mother041 New 0.5 kg Simply classsic A beautiful contemporary, star studded collection of pink and cream spray roses, yellow lilies with seasonal flowers and greens in a bouquet tied with a light pink ribbon is sure to brighten up anyone's day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1224-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/simply-classsic.html 3,700.00 mix 42000 999999991224 FDMAKATI-mix 42000 100 Flowers Arrangement mix 42000 New 0.5 kg Simply Delicious Fruit & Gourmet Filled with fresh fruit and gourmet goodies, this classic basket combines the sweet satisfaction for fruit with savory flavors. Recipients will enjoy fresh seasonal fruits such as apples, oranges, bananas, and grapes. The basket is then packed with gourmet indulgences such as sausage, crackers, cheeses, pasta, canned goods,chocolates and honey. 6 items fruits Exact ingredients will vary dependent upon availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1232-51f-simply-delicious-fruit-gourmet-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/simply-delicious-fruit-gourmet.html 4,400.00 basket14 999999991232 FDMAKATI-basket14 100 Father's Day Items basket14 New 0.5 kg SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1617-simply-irresistible.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/simply-irresistible.html 3,400.00 mother036 999999991617 FDMAKATI-mother036 100 Mother's day Flowers mother036 New 0.5 kg Sincerely Yours A beautiful and warm combination of 7 Carnations and 4 Roses with greenery. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1367-sincerely-yours.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/sincerely-yours.html 4,700.00 Item# 7187 999999991367 FDMAKATI-Item# 7187 100 Flowers Arrangement Item# 7187 New 0.5 kg Smiles For Every Moment ! Sending you SMILES for every moment of your special day� Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Birthday ! Product: 3 latex & 3 Mayler balloon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/97-baln3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/smiles-for-every-moment.html 1,400.00 balloon2 999999999997 FDMAKATI-balloon2 100 Balloons balloon2 New 0.5 kg SNACKS BOX XMAS BASKET  100% Orange Juice 1L Swiss Miss Dark Chocolate 26g Box Pringles US Original 5.68oz Cadbury Sharebag 22s 100g Oreo Vanilla Wafer Roll 54g Voortman Chocolate Chip 350g Planters Cheese Balls canister 2.75oz Pepero Almond Big Gift Box 282g Chef Tony Parmesan Popcorn Small 6oz https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2153-st-nicks-snackbox-xmas-basket-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/snacks-box-xmas-basket.html 4,900.00 basket 79834434 999999992153 FDMAKATI-basket 79834434 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 79834434 New 0.5 kg Snickers Chocolate 6 Bars Snickers Chocolate 6 Bars https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1414-snickers-6pcs.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/snickers-chocolate-6-bars.html 750.00 choco27 999999991414 FDMAKATI-choco27 100 Chocolate choco27 New 0.5 kg SOFT A delightful bouquet which is stunningly arranged and includes pink flowers with some white lilies - a perfect combination for a sweet flower bouquet! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1629-soft.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/soft.html 3,400.00 mother047 999999991629 FDMAKATI-mother047 100 Mother's day Flowers mother047 New 0.5 kg Soft Teddy N Pink Rose N Heart Shape Cake Flower Soft Teddy N Pink Rose N Heart Shape Cake. 24 inches teddy . 12 pink roses. teddy design may vary https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1373-love-02.-flower-soft-teddy-n-pink-rose-n-heart-shape-cake.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/soft-teddy-n-pink-rose-n-heart-shape-cake.html 5,700.00 comboe333 999999991373 FDMAKATI-comboe333 100 Cake comboe333 New 0.5 kg Sophisticated Tastes A gift of distinction filled with the most delicious assortment of foods for any occasion. An elegant handled basket holds the freshest fruits, such as oranges, apples, kiwi, pears, bananas, and grapes. The fruits are complemented by savory snacks such as gourmet canned items , cheeses, and crackers. For a crowning touch, we add a selection of candies or chocolates. Exact basket and components may vary by season, delivery location, and size ordered. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1234-2368i-sophisticated-tastes.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/sophisticated-tastes.html 3,500.00 basket16 999999991234 FDMAKATI-basket16 100 Father's Day Items basket16 New 0.5 kg SOPHISTICATION A sophisticated flower bouquet in white flowers. Vase is not included. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1602-sophistication.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sophistication.html 3,400.00 mother021 999999991602 FDMAKATI-mother021 100 Mother's day Flowers mother021 New 0.5 kg Source 12 pink carnations, with pink Prairie gentian and forget-me-not. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1768-source.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/source.html 3,400.00 539 999999991768 FDMAKATI-539 100 Mother's day Flowers 539 New 0.5 kg Special #9 Pink flared vase is a great choice for Mom. Hot pink roses, pink lilies, and green button mums are sure to make anyone smile. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1156-13-m4-330x370.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/special-9.html 5,000.00 Uabsket 374343 999999991156 FDMAKATI-Uabsket 374343 100 Flowers Arrangement Uabsket 374343 New 0.5 kg Special Gift 9 stem red roses, 2 white lilies, forget-me-not and green leaves decorated. Red and yellow, pink paper wraps. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1660-special-gift.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/special-gift.html 3,400.00 837 999999991660 FDMAKATI-837 100 Mother's day Flowers 837 New 0.5 kg Special Love Heart Exclusive designer heart shape arrangement of 60 pomelo and Orange roses - Send this exclusive gift to your loved ones through us https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1492-50-roses-heart-shape.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/special-love-heart.html 5,900.00 val 556ggg 999999991492 FDMAKATI-val 556ggg 100 Heart Shape Basket val 556ggg New 0.5 kg Speed ​​Love red roses 20 stems, perfume white lilies 5 stems with baby's breath and green stuff. White gauze, gray crepe paper and ties bowknot hand bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1680-speed-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/speed-love.html 3,400.00 976 999999991680 FDMAKATI-976 100 Mother's day Flowers 976 New 0.5 kg Splitwood Basket w/Roses Splitwood Basket w/Roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/933-love-basket-4995.372459-std.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream/splitwood-basket-w-roses.html 3,900.00 flower 44ttt 999999999933 FDMAKATI-flower 44ttt 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream flower 44ttt New 0.5 kg Spring basket This classic garden style basket, truly remind full of beautiful flowers garden. mix seasonal flower arranged in wicker basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/422-rosb527.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/manila-dream//spring-basket.html 3,900.00 ROSB527 999999999422 FDMAKATI-ROSB527 100 Flowers Arrangement » Manila Dream ROSB527 New 0.5 kg Spring basket-2 This classic garden style basket, truly remind full of beautiful flowers garden. Star Gazer lily, blue irises, gerberas, carnations, and stock among seasonal greenery leaves and other filler arranged in wicker basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/442-rosb507.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/power-of-love/g/spring-basket-2.html 3,300.00 ROSB507 999999999442 FDMAKATI-ROSB507 100 Flowers Arrangement » Power of Love ROSB507 New 0.5 kg Spring Breeze Pink carnations 16, white(or pink) lilies 2, with green leaves fully. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1764-spring-breeze.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/spring-breeze.html 3,400.00 648 999999991764 FDMAKATI-648 100 Mother's day Flowers 648 New 0.5 kg Spring Time Birds Nest Gerbera , roses and carnation in a vase https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/934-fun.72132740-std.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/spring-time-birds-nest.html 5,000.00 flower 44455 999999999934 FDMAKATI-flower 44455 100 Flowers Arrangement flower 44455 New 0.5 kg Spring Valley Basket A refreshing Spring flower basket arrangement, featuring a perfect mix of lavender, purple, and yellow flowers. This floral basket is a perfect, easy-to-give gift for Administrative Professionals Week. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/932-spring-valley-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/spring-valley-basket.html 3,900.00 flower 444666 999999999932 FDMAKATI-flower 444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 444666 New 0.5 kg Stars Unlimited bouquet 33 champagne roses, decorative euphorbia marginata and grass crystal jewelry. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1762-stars-unlimited-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/stars-unlimited-bouquet.html 3,400.00 578 999999991762 FDMAKATI-578 100 Mother's day Flowers 578 New 0.5 kg Storck Merci Petits coffee creamer Storck Merci Petits coffee creamer https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1433-mercipetitskaffeesahne.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/storck-merci-petits-coffee-creamer.html 300.00 choco36 999999991433 FDMAKATI-choco36 100 Chocolate choco36 New 0.5 kg Sundory Toma ! Pretty arrangement 12 pink roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/459-ros414.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/sundory-toma.html 2,100.00 ros414 999999999459 FDMAKATI-ros414 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros414 New 0.5 kg Sunshine & Sweetness 2 pink perfume lilies, 11 pink carnations, baby's breath and foliages. Pink crepe paper, glass paper fan-shaped packed and pink ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1714-sunshine--sweetness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sunshine-sweetness.html 3,400.00 670 999999991714 FDMAKATI-670 100 Mother's day Flowers 670 New 0.5 kg surprise 1 dozen of red roses accented with greenery and fillers,9 inches bear and a chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/586-combo05-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/surprise.html 4,950.00 cake25 999999999586 FDMAKATI-cake25 100 Cake cake25 New 0.5 kg Surprise Choco Hamper   Surprise Choco Hamper   Choco hamper includes, Butter toffes Ferrero Rocher 16pcs, 2 Cadbury Dairy Milk 165 each 1 cadbury fruit & nut 165 g Toblerone 2 var , 100 g each Your purchase includes a complimentary personalized free message card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2134-choco-basket2333333.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/surprise-choco-hamper.html 4,650.00 chocs 87555 999999992134 FDMAKATI-chocs 87555 100 Fruit /Gift Basket chocs 87555 New 0.5 kg Sweet Addiction Hamper Surprise your dear ones in philippines with this sumptuous collection of chocolates. This mouth-watering pack of chocolates comprises of 1 Lindt Lindor , 2 Dairy Milk cadbury65 grm each, 3 KitKat and 6 pieces of Fererro Rocher chocolates in a round tray. Your dear ones with get over-excited in receiving this sweet gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1421-gti11859.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/sweet-addiction-hamper.html 1,500.00 choco29 999999991421 FDMAKATI-choco29 100 Chocolate choco29 New 0.5 kg Sweet and thoughtful 12 red roses and 12 red gerbera in a bunch type bouquet that shows how thoughtful are you and a chocolate cake for your sweetness. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/594-combo14-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/sweet-and-thoughtful.html 3,900.00 cake30 999999999594 FDMAKATI-cake30 100 Cake cake30 New 0.5 kg Sweet Basket 2 dozen pink with gerbera in a basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1293-mix-color-flowers-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/sweet-basket.html 5,000.00 Gift123 999999991293 FDMAKATI-Gift123 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers Gift123 New 0.5 kg Sweet heart Bouquet of Long Stemmed Roses & 24 pices FERRERO ROCER chocolate . Size : 1 dozen https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/270-270-chocobear10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sweet-heart.html 3,200.00 combo11 999999999270 FDMAKATI-combo11 100 Combo items combo11 New 0.5 kg Sweet Heart Lovely arrangement of 60 Red roses with a 16P Ferrero Rocher in the Center truly Sweet Heart…........... https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1307-sweet-heart-400-500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/sweet-heart.html 6,850.00 heart 2222999 999999991307 FDMAKATI-heart 2222999 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 2222999 New 3 kg Sweet Heart :) Cuddly Bear, I love pillow and 300 grm Toblerone in Heart shape box. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/200-chok51.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/sweet-heart.html 3,400.00 choco113 999999999200 FDMAKATI-choco113 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco113 New 0.5 kg SWEET LILIES Pink and white lilies tied together https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1640-sweet-lilies.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sweet-lilies.html 3,400.00 mother058 999999991640 FDMAKATI-mother058 100 Mother's day Flowers mother058 New 0.5 kg Sweet love 16 ferrero ,white Malaysian and res carnation in a heart basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1318-bournville-treat-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/sweet-love.html 5,050.00 combo 232777 999999991318 FDMAKATI-combo 232777 100 Heart Shape Basket combo 232777 New 3 kg SWEET LOVE Your loved ones will be thrilled with a stunning bouquet of red roses and stargazer lilies. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1616-sweet-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sweet-love.html 3,400.00 mother035 999999991616 FDMAKATI-mother035 100 Mother's day Flowers mother035 New 0.5 kg SWeet LOve Surprise her with this big cuddly light brown bear (24") come with red rose & white lily arrangement in a basket. Sure to bring a smile to anyone who loves bears. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1192-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sweet-love.html 4,300.00 combo57 999999991192 FDMAKATI-combo57 100 Combo items combo57 New 0.5 kg Sweet love hamper mix carnation , pillow and Hershey kisses in a heart basket. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1317-839-sweet-love-hamper-products-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sweet-love-hamper.html 3,400.00 combo72 999999991317 FDMAKATI-combo72 100 Combo items combo72 New 3 kg Sweet Moment 11 pink roses match solidago canadensis and dont-forget-me. Double layer pink crepe paper packing, pink ribbon the bottom. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1849-sweet-moment.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sweet-moment.html 3,400.00 Item #83 999999991849 FDMAKATI-Item #83 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #83 New 0.5 kg Sweet of you V Day- Bouquet of 36 Red and Yellow Roses with 6 Diary Milk Chocolates, 65 g each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1482-1327313319-bouquet-of-30-red-roses-and-15-yellow-roses-with-6-diary-milk-chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/sweet-of-you.html 4,900.00 combo88 999999991482 FDMAKATI-combo88 100 Combo items combo88 New 0.5 kg Sweet rose& chocolate hamper Send this 36 Red Roses Basket beautifully arranged in a heart shape along with Cadbury Chocolates for your love . cadbury 65 grm each ..3 pcs https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1319-50-heart-shape-red-roses-cadbury-combo.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/sweet-rose-chocolate-hamper.html 5,700.00 combo 238989 999999991319 FDMAKATI-combo 238989 100 Heart Shape Basket combo 238989 New 3 kg Sweet Seduction Give a sweet seduction to your loved one with this arrangement of roses, gerberras and carnations. Combining a passionate mix of red and purple flowers, this bouquet will be an irresistable temptation for anyone. Bouquet Of Red Roses, Gerberas, And Mixed Flowers https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1152-sweet-seduction-fa8267-enlarge.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/sweet-seduction.html 4,700.00 flower 374343 999999991152 FDMAKATI-flower 374343 100 Flowers Arrangement flower 374343 New 0.5 kg SWEET SYMPHONY 24 Rec Roses and 3 casablanca bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2057-sweet-symphony.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/sweet-symphony.html 4,400.00 bqt4 999999992057 FDMAKATI-bqt4 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt4 New 0.5 kg SWEET TIME 40 stem of ferrero rocher in hand bouquet https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1205-showimage-5.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/sweet-time.html 3,400.00 choco89 999999991205 FDMAKATI-choco89 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco89 New 0.5 kg SWEETNESS A sweet bouquet of pink and white flowers. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1647-sweetness.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/sweetness.html 3,400.00 mother065 999999991647 FDMAKATI-mother065 100 Mother's day Flowers mother065 New 0.5 kg Swish n Swanky Lilies Bouquet Description If you’re looking to impress and express your impeccable eye for all things fabulous, look no further! Our Swish n’ Swanky Bouquet is both modern and luxurious; featuring lavish Asiatic Lilies in an iridescent pink contrasted with hot pink Alstromeria and Carnations, lime green Button Mums, and accented with Hydrangea and Roses in a crème color for a perfectly elegant arrangement that will not disappoint! https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/955-224.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/swish-n-swanky-lilies-bouquet.html 3,900.00 flower 4423232 999999999955 FDMAKATI-flower 4423232 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4423232 New 0.5 kg Teddy N Vochelle Fruits & Nut 42" lavender Teddy N Vochelle Fruits & Nut i love you pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1549--file-462883c71fd5fa54d7d34cbabfa1aa53b9cc2554.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/teddy-n-vochelle-fruits-nut.html 6,300.00 combo107 999999991549 FDMAKATI-combo107 100 Combo items combo107 New 0.5 kg Teddy with Cadbury Basket Teddy with Cadbury Basket. Send this gourmet gift hamper includes, 8 inch teddy bear,heart pilow , 5 Bars of cadbury.65 grm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1008-choco-basket10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/cadbury/teddy-with-cadbury-basket.html 3,150.00 choco52 999999991008 FDMAKATI-choco52 100 Chocolate » Cadbury choco52 New 0.5 kg Tenderness Combo 6 Roses Bouquet + Balloon + Teddy Bear "To say "Sorry," I love you "or just" I'm with you ". Super romantic offer of: -6 roses bouquet -A I LOVE YOU balloon 24 inches teddy and PIlLow -A teddy bear specially for the occasion. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1136-fr0696-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/tenderness-combo.html 3,600.00 combo47 999999991136 FDMAKATI-combo47 100 Combo items combo47 New 0.5 kg Thank You Mom 12  purple orchids bouquet,,, https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2073-11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/thank-you-mom.html 3,400.00 bqt18 999999992073 FDMAKATI-bqt18 100 Flowers Arrangement bqt18 New 0.5 kg Thank You Mother 11 pink carnations,11 pink red roses, match leaves and baby`s breath. Pink tissue to pack, pink ribbon to tie. Note: pink carnations may be replaced to red carnations for different area. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1740-thank-you-mother.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/thank-you-mother.html 3,400.00 22 999999991740 FDMAKATI-22 100 Mother's day Flowers 22 New 0.5 kg Thanks Mom 18 red carnations with white flower and feathers, brown and orange paper fan-shaped pacakge. - The picture is only for reference and the main items are the same, the effect is guaranteed. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1790-thanks-mom.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/thanks-mom.html 3,400.00 889 999999991790 FDMAKATI-889 100 Mother's day Flowers 889 New 0.5 kg THE 3-WORD SENTENCE 3 Stalks Red Roses With Small Bear and pillow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1208-showimage-8.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/the-3-word-sentence.html 2,100.00 combo63 999999991208 FDMAKATI-combo63 100 Combo items combo63 New 0.5 kg The Chocolate Museum 4 pc whole bar 150 gm each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1436-van-houtens-cocoaphilia.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/the-chocolate-museum.html 1,500.00 choco38 999999991436 FDMAKATI-choco38 100 Chocolate choco38 New 0.5 kg THE CRYSTAL FAIR A bouquet of White Roses (12 stalks), Blue Hydrangea (3 stalks), Purple Eustomas & Ruscus https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1201-showimage-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/the-crystal-fair.html 3,200.00 Spel 4444 999999991201 FDMAKATI-Spel 4444 100 Roses » 12 Roses Spel 4444 New 0.5 kg The Gala - Fruit & Gourmet Baskets A magnificent fruit and snacks basket overflowing with delicious items, there's something to tempt everyone! A premium assortment of popular fruits along with chips, chocolate, biscuits, crackers, sausage and canned goods. fruits (6 items) Gourmet (10 items). Exact basket and included products may vary by season and delivery location. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1237-gala-basket.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/the-gala-fruit-gourmet-baskets.html 4,900.00 basket18 999999991237 FDMAKATI-basket18 100 Father's Day Items basket18 New 0.5 kg The Happy Union 16 white roses, 2 stalks white perfume lilies with small floral such as gypsophila, forget-me-not. White gauze wrapped. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1726-the-happy-union.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/the-happy-union.html 3,400.00 961 999999991726 FDMAKATI-961 100 Mother's day Flowers 961 New 0.5 kg The Most Beautiful 11 premium red roses, 1 stalk easter lily and match foliages and small flowers. Lilac colour cotton paper and green crepe paper round packed. Please note may substitute easter lily for white lily depending upon availability in certain regions. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1676-the-most-beautiful.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/the-most-beautiful.html 3,400.00 669 999999991676 FDMAKATI-669 100 Mother's day Flowers 669 New 0.5 kg The Pure Love 21 white roes with white smallflowers. White-green-blue crepe paper wrapping, fan-shaped bouquet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1866-the-pure-love.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/the-pure-love.html 3,400.00 Item #260 999999991866 FDMAKATI-Item #260 100 Mother's day Flowers Item #260 New 0.5 kg The Queen of Hearts Send 24 Red Roses Basket, 1cadbury milk 165 g 2 Cadbury Fruit & Nut (65 rgm each) with a Free Greeting valentines Card with your message https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1322-fc4-7.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/the-queen-of-hearts.html 4,000.00 combo73 999999991322 FDMAKATI-combo73 100 Combo items combo73 New 3 kg The Root & Green Leaves Mixed hand bouquet includes 8 pink carnations, 2 stalks white perfume lilies and 3 stem red roses for express affection like the root and the green leaves. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1679-the-root--green-leaves.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/the-root-green-leaves.html 3,400.00 1046 999999991679 FDMAKATI-1046 100 Mother's day Flowers 1046 New 0.5 kg The Secret To Long Life... The secret to long life� your �keep smiling� and �be happy� policy of course ! now that�s one of the many good things I have learnt from you. Have a wonderful celebration! Product: 12 latex Birthday Balloon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/109-baln15.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/the-secret-to-long-life.html 2,477.00 BALN15 999999999109 FDMAKATI-BALN15 100 Balloons BALN15 New 0.5 kg The Sweetest Romances Bloom 12 RED ROSES IN A VASE 100 G BELGIAN CHOCOLATES https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1569-untitled-5555555.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/the-sweetest-romances-bloom.html 2,600.00 combo110 999999991569 FDMAKATI-combo110 100 Combo items combo110 New 0.5 kg The Way You Look Tonight Red and pink - feminine colours by any standard, but just breathtakingly beautiful when paired together to create a bouquet of 36 roses. 36 Pink/ Red Roses With Yellow Phoenix https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/924-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/the-way-you-look-tonight.html 4,300.00 flower 4444666 999999999924 FDMAKATI-flower 4444666 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4444666 New 3 kg THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT 36 Pink/red Roses with Yellow Phoenix https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1203-showimage-3.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/36-roses/the-way-you-look-tonight.html 6,000.00 Spel 4444666 999999991203 FDMAKATI-Spel 4444666 100 Roses » 36 Roses Spel 4444666 New 0.5 kg the White Standing Spray the White Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2100-bf190-11k.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/the-white-standing-spray.html 5,550.00 funerals 121 999999992100 FDMAKATI-funerals 121 100 Funeral flowers funerals 121 New 0.5 kg Think Of You All The Time... Put a smile on your sweetheart's face with this cute box of 24 red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/770-box03.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/think-of-you-all-the-time.html 4,000.00 rbox03 999999999770 FDMAKATI-rbox03 100 Roses » 24 Roses rbox03 New 0.5 kg Thinking of you Bear with Ferrero Rocher 200g Size : tall 24 inches with i love you T-shirt https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/271-chocobear11.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/thinking-of-you.html 3,100.00 combo12 999999999271 FDMAKATI-combo12 100 Combo items combo12 New 0.5 kg Thinking of You 18 pieces of red rose bouquet for your love one. Your gift will come with a greeting card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/70-flb333.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/thinking-of-you.html 2,800.00 FLB333 999999999970 FDMAKATI-FLB333 100 Roses » 18 roses FLB333 New 0.5 kg THINKING OF YOU BASKET Is someone special on your mind? Let them know they're in your thoughts with this enchanting mix of roses, stargazer lilies, waxflower and daisies...all in white, placed in a charming willow basket. Hand arranged with stunning seasonal flowers, https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/956-bf212-11km.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/thinking-of-you-basket.html 3,900.00 flower 4441212 999999999956 FDMAKATI-flower 4441212 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers flower 4441212 New 2 kg Thinking of You Chokobear For absolutely any occasion, these thinking of you couple bears with chocolate are a great gift for someone special to you. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/230-chok10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/thinking-of-you-chokobear.html 1,700.00 choco2 999999999230 FDMAKATI-choco2 100 Chocolate choco2 New 0.5 kg Thinking of You Just because.... For absolutely any occasion, these thinking of you balloons are a great gift for someone special to you. Your gift will come with a greeting card. Provide the card message at checkout. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/104-baln10.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/balloons/thinking-of-you-just-because.html 1,386.00 balloon21 999999999104 FDMAKATI-balloon21 100 Balloons balloon21 New 0.5 kg Thousands of Words Seven white roses, 12 stems pink carnations with white small floral and green stuff deocrated. Pink paper and blue ribbon tied hand bouqet. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1661-thousands-of-words.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/thousands-of-words.html 3,400.00 1024 999999991661 FDMAKATI-1024 100 Mother's day Flowers 1024 New 0.5 kg Three blue roses Three blue roses from holland https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1122-images.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/three-blue-roses.html 2,500.00 Holand 4444 999999991122 FDMAKATI-Holand 4444 100 Holland Rose Holand 4444 New 0.5 kg Three Rose Presentation Three holland Rose Presentation https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1125-three-rose-presentationmed-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/three-rose-presentation.html 2,500.00 Holland 374343 999999991125 FDMAKATI-Holland 374343 100 Holland Rose Holland 374343 New 0.5 kg Toblerone 12 DARK , 100 G EACH Toblerone Mini 200g Bag https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1439-toblerone14a.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-12-dark-100-g-each.html 3,600.00 choco126 999999991439 FDMAKATI-choco126 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco126 New 0.5 kg Toblerone bouquet (12 pcs, 100 g each ) Recipients are known to make short work of these triangular peaks as they delve into this heavenly combination of honey and almond noughat milk chocolate. 300 grm https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/227-152d996a99c709ff03464566ef0bb0a2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-bouquet-12-pcs-100-g-each.html 3,900.00 choco120 999999999227 FDMAKATI-choco120 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco120 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Box Silver Stars Bow Box with Honey and Almond Nougat Toblerone 30 pieces Mini Bars, makes adorable party gift. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/213-chok21.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-box.html 1,900.00 choco116 999999999213 FDMAKATI-choco116 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco116 New 0.5 kg Toblerone box-2 Gift Shop Cafe exclusive 25 pieces Toblerone Chocolate Mini bars, in a Lavender Reuseable Polypro Gift Box. Net weight is 12.7oz or 360g. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/220-chok28.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-box-2.html 2,200.00 choco119 999999999220 FDMAKATI-choco119 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco119 New 0.5 kg TOBLERONE BUNDLE 1. TOBLERONE MILK 1 * 400g 2* 100 g 1* 50 g milk mini pack 2. TOBLERONE WHITE 2* 100 g white mini pack 3. TOBLERONE DARK... 3*100 g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1475-untitled-666666666666.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-bundle.html 5,900.00 choco131 999999991475 FDMAKATI-choco131 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco131 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Choco With 12 Roses Toblerone Choco With Roses. 300 grm toblerone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/988-gvexp201276.-toblerone-choco-with-roses.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/toblerone-choco-with-12-roses.html 2,900.00 combo34 999999999988 FDMAKATI-combo34 100 Combo items combo34 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Chocolate Duo Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. This set includes: 1 6 x 100 grams Toblerone 1 Toblerone Minis 200 grams https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1488-tobleronedoublekit.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-chocolate-duo.html 3,000.00 choco133 999999991488 FDMAKATI-choco133 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco133 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Chocolates-2 Recipients are known to make short work of these triangular peaks as they delIVER into this heavenly combination of honey and almond noughat milk chocolate 6x100grms.. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/217-chok25.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-chocolates-2.html 2,300.00 choco118 999999999217 FDMAKATI-choco118 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco118 New 0.5 kg toblerone milk (3 *100 gm) toblerone milk (3 *100 gm) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1472-1019-untitled777777777777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone-milk-3-100-gm.html 1,000.00 choco46 999999991472 FDMAKATI-choco46 100 Chocolate choco46 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Milk 50g A box of 20 pcs A box of 50g Swiss milk chocolate bars with honey and almond nougat. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1437-0000887-259.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-milk-50g.html 3,200.00 choco124 999999991437 FDMAKATI-choco124 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco124 New 0.5 kg toblerone milk bar. 3 x 100 grams toblerone milk bar. 3 x 100 grams https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1474-1324533215bitesize3x100.png https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-milk-bar-3-x-100-grams.html 1,800.00 choco130 999999991474 FDMAKATI-choco130 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco130 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Treat Toblerone Chocolates  (12 x 100 gm ) and (3 packs x 200 gm each). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/206-chok57.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-treat.html 5,300.00 choco115 999999999206 FDMAKATI-choco115 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco115 New 0.5 kg TOBLERONE TRI PACK BUNDLE 3 x 100G MILK 3 x 100G WHITE https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1473-pic-1-toble-1000x1000.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-tri-pack-bundle.html 2,600.00 choco129 999999991473 FDMAKATI-choco129 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco129 New 0.5 kg Toblerone Trio 3 different toblerone chocolates.100 grm each. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/195-chok46.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-trio.html 1,800.00 choco112 999999999195 FDMAKATI-choco112 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco112 New 0.5 kg Toblerone white Toblerone White 6x100 gm Swiss white chocolate with honey and almond nougat https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1010-266-20070213020309-cho130b-500x500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-white.html 2,300.00 choco121 999999991010 FDMAKATI-choco121 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco121 New 0.5 kg Toblerone White 100g (Box of 10) Toblerone White 100g (Box of 10) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1438-0000890-259.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/toblerone/toblerone-white-100g-box-of-10.html 3,200.00 choco125 999999991438 FDMAKATI-choco125 100 Chocolate » Toblerone choco125 New 0.5 kg Together Forever Couple bears come with 3 stalk holland roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1134-3stalk3-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/holland-rose/together-forever.html 3,500.00 Holland 4444 999999991134 FDMAKATI-Holland 4444 100 Holland Rose Holland 4444 New 0.5 kg Touch Of The Tropics Arrangement of Red Anthuriums with Bird of Paradise. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1274-tropical6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/touch-of-the-tropics.html 5,000.00 basket04 999999991274 FDMAKATI-basket04 100 Flowers Arrangement basket04 New 0.5 kg Tribute Luxurious garden style funeral basket, arranged with artistic groupings of roses, lilies, Gerbera daisies, agapanthus, larkspurs and more. Truly a tasteful gift that is perfectly suited for the funeral home or service. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2088-serenity-funeral-flowers.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/tribute.html 3,800.00 funerals 101 999999992088 FDMAKATI-funerals 101 100 Funeral flowers funerals 101 New 0.5 kg Trust me Growhair Bear 24" with Ferrero Rocher Heart Box 100g. Size : tall 24 inches https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/266-chocobear6.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/trust-me.html 2,900.00 combo8 999999999266 FDMAKATI-combo8 100 Combo items combo8 New 0.5 kg Twix Cookie Bars Candy Twix Cookie Bars Candy, Fun Size, 11.4 oz https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1450-0004000015178-500x500.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/twix-cookie-bars-candy.html 700.00 choco40 999999991450 FDMAKATI-choco40 100 Chocolate choco40 New 0.5 kg Two Days Celebration Send fresh roses to your sweet valentine & express everything what you want to say .Hamper includes two days package: DAY 1 -FEB 13 1: 12 yellow/ORANGE roses bunch along with 2 cadbury dairy milk chocolate bars .65 GM EACH DAY - 2 ,FEB 14: 18 red roses bunch + 1/2 Kg chocolate cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1449-gai2-gaih2h156.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/two-days-celebration.html 6,500.00 SREN0999 999999991449 FDMAKATI-SREN0999 100 Valentines Serenades SREN0999 New 0.5 kg Two Days Combo Send fresh roses to your sweet valentine & express everything what you want to say. Hamper includes two days package: Day 1-feb 13 : 12 pink roses bunch with 1/2 Kg mocha cake cake design may vary DAY-2 feb14: 12 red & pink roses bunch along with 1/2 Kg chocolate cake. cake design may vary- https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1448-gai2-gaih2h155.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/two-days-combo.html 7,600.00 seren 09987 999999991448 FDMAKATI-seren 09987 100 Valentines Serenades seren 09987 New 0.5 kg Two Dozen Assorted Roses Two Dozen Assorted Roses red pink orange pomelo yellow https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1510-new-777777777.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/two-dozen-assorted-roses.html 4,000.00 multi 8878 999999991510 FDMAKATI-multi 8878 100 Roses » 24 Roses multi 8878 New 0.5 kg Two Dozen mix roses A super large yellow & white Basket consisting of 24 freshly cut Long Stemmed Roses & pink Ribbon. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/421-rosb526.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/two-dozen-mix-roses.html 4,000.00 ROSB526 999999999421 FDMAKATI-ROSB526 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB526 New 0.5 kg Two Dozen Premium Long Stem Red Roses Because your sweetheart deserves to be romanced twice as much, send 24 of the freshest long-stem roses, beautifully arranged by our select floral artists in a classic glass vase with delicate florals and greens. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1048-premimum-red-roses-329x370largeimage329370-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/two-dozen-premium-long-stem-red-roses.html 3,500.00 SPL 374343 999999991048 FDMAKATI-SPL 374343 100 Roses SPL 374343 New 2 kg Two Dozen Roses Basket-2 The queen of rose arrangements, the 2 dozen selection is world renown for its message of love. Bright, full colors and crisp, fresh greens make it seem like the arrangement was picked straight out of the ground. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/439-rosb504.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/two-dozen-roses-basket-2.html 4,000.00 ROSB504 999999999439 FDMAKATI-ROSB504 100 Roses » 24 Roses ROSB504 New 0.5 kg Ube Cake Three (3) layers of Ube chiffon cake filled w/ whipped cream between layers & covered w/ Ube crumbs. Top is decorated w/ whipped cream rosettes. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/560-cak617.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/ube-cake.html 2,200.00 cake4 999999999560 FDMAKATI-cake4 100 Cake cake4 New 0.5 kg UNTAMED BEAUTY 24 Red Roses and filler in basket Bunch of Roses make up this basket of blooms, an ideal gift for any occasion with its cheerful appearance. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1213-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/untamed-beauty.html 4,000.00 BAsket 4444 999999991213 FDMAKATI-BAsket 4444 100 Roses » 24 Roses BAsket 4444 New 2 kg Valentine 5 Days Serenade Valentine 5 days serenade: DAY1: feb 10 : Bunch of 12 mix color roses, DAY2: feb 11 : Bunch of 12 yellow/orange roses, DAY3: feb 12 : Bouquet of 12 white roses, DAY4: feb 13 : Bouquet of 12 pink roses : DAY5: Bunch 14: Bouquet of 12 red roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1471-cpvalx154-valentine-roses-serenade-gifts-to-india.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/valentine-5-days-serenade.html 9,500.00 ser 0900 999999991471 FDMAKATI-ser 0900 100 Valentines Serenades ser 0900 New 0.5 kg Valentine Love Treat - Valentine Love Treat - 36 mix Roses bunch + black forest cake + 24 ferrero https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1524-images-combos-505-250x250.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/valentine-love-treat.html 6,550.00 choco47 999999991524 FDMAKATI-choco47 100 Chocolate choco47 New 0.5 kg Valentine's 3 Days Fantasy To impress your loved ones send this lovely not only for one day, but its for three days which shows how much they mean for you and its simply reflect your love. This 3 Days Serenade includes : 12th Feb - A cute teddy bear (8 inches) with 3 bars of cadbury dairy milk chocolates (60 g each) 13th Feb - Bunch of 12 red roses. 14th Feb - Bunch of 24 Red Roses with a special Valentine Greeting Card. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1464-gai2-gaiv1481.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/valentines-serenades/valentine-s-3-days-fantasy.html 7,300.00 sere 8888666 999999991464 FDMAKATI-sere 8888666 100 Valentines Serenades sere 8888666 New 0.5 kg VAlentines Ferrero treat 40 pcs Ferrero Rocher 30 pcs Ferrero Rocher heart Ferrero Rocher 5 pcs Ferrero Rocher https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1398-48ferrero.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/ferrero-rocher/valentines-ferrero-treat.html 4,300.00 choco90 999999991398 FDMAKATI-choco90 100 Chocolate » Ferrero Rocher choco90 New 0.5 kg Valentines Season 3 PC BOUQUET 24 INCHES BROWN I LOVE PILLOW https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1462-untitled-555.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/3-pc-roses/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/valentines-season.html 4,000.00 VAL5555 999999991462 FDMAKATI-VAL5555 100 VAL5555 New 0.5 kg Valentines Silver Combo We have the perfect gift for Valentines..... Includes: - 6 rose in a vase - A teddy bear 24 inchses - I love you balloon - A chocolate heart shaped box https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1135-fr0730-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/valentines-silver-combo.html 3,900.00 combo46 999999991135 FDMAKATI-combo46 100 Combo items combo46 New 0.5 kg Vanilla Chiffon Light vanilla greeting cake with vanilla creme icing and sugar flower decors. From Goldilocks. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/639-cake54-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/vanilla-chiffon.html 2,200.00 cake38 999999999639 FDMAKATI-cake38 100 Cake cake38 New 0.5 kg Vase Of Roses... An ornate greeting to say how much the special person means to you. 12 mix roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/489-ros457.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/vase-of-roses.html 2,100.00 ros457 999999999489 FDMAKATI-ros457 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros457 New 0.5 kg Vera Wang Orange Rose Bouquet - 24 Stems Premium Roses Vera Wang Orange Rose Bouquet - 36 Stems Premium Roses https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1507-v881vp-330x370.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/vera-wang-orange-rose-bouquet-24-stems-premium-roses.html 3,800.00 FLB 56579999 999999991507 FDMAKATI-FLB 56579999 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB 56579999 New 0.5 kg VOCHELLE ALMONDS 195g-Almonds by Vochelle with valentines day card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1331-images-2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/vochelle-almonds.html 1,000.00 choco6 999999991331 FDMAKATI-choco6 100 Chocolate choco6 New 3 kg Vochelle almonds 205 g Vochelle almonds 205 g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1431-vochelle.-vochelle-almond-chocolates.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/vochelle-almonds-205-g.html 700.00 choco34 999999991431 FDMAKATI-choco34 100 Chocolate choco34 New 0.5 kg VOCHELLE CHOCOLATE BARS 5 Assorted Vochelle Chocolate Bars (100g/each) https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1329-vochelle2-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/vochelle-chocolate-bars.html 1,100.00 choco4 999999991329 FDMAKATI-choco4 100 Chocolate choco4 New 3 kg Vochelle tin box Vochelle tin box,180 grm https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1390-vochelle-tin-almond180s.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/vochelle-tin-box.html 500.00 choco9 999999991390 FDMAKATI-choco9 100 Chocolate choco9 New 0.5 kg VOCHELLE: CHOCOLATE ASSOTMENT BARS 5 Assorted Chocolate Variants 50g/each https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1330-vochelle1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/chocolate/vochelle-chocolate-assotment-bars.html 900.00 choco5 999999991330 FDMAKATI-choco5 100 Chocolate choco5 New 3 kg W/ love Haft dozen pink roses bouquet w/ cake for your someone special.Your gift will come with a greeting card https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/595-cake11-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/w-love.html 3,150.00 cake31 999999999595 FDMAKATI-cake31 100 Cake cake31 New 0.5 kg WARM KISSES Pastel is fitting to level with the peaceful bearing at heart just like a warm kisses. Special for her in your lovely days 18 peach roses. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1200-showimage.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/warm-kisses.html 2,900.00 Spel 374343 999999991200 FDMAKATI-Spel 374343 100 Roses » 18 roses Spel 374343 New 2 kg We're couple couple Bear with Ferrero Rocher 200g https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/262-chocobear2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/we-re-couple.html 2,000.00 combo4 999999999262 FDMAKATI-combo4 100 Combo items combo4 New 0.5 kg We're so sorry Chubby Bear 9" with Ferrero Rocher 24 pieces. Size : tall 9 inches https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/267-chocobear7.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/we-re-so-sorry.html 2,200.00 combo9 999999999267 FDMAKATI-combo9 100 Combo items combo9 New 0.5 kg When we will meat again This cheerful arrangement of 18 pieces red roses with gorgeous glass vase will definitely bright somebody's day. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/469-ros424.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/18-roses/when-we-will-meat-again.html 3,400.00 ros424 999999999469 FDMAKATI-ros424 100 Roses » 18 roses ros424 New 0.5 kg When we will meat again This cheerful arrangement of 10 pieces yellow tulip with gorgeous glass vase. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2025-when-we-will-meat-again.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/when-we-will-meat-again.html 4,500.00 tulips018 999999992025 FDMAKATI-tulips018 100 Tulip tulips018 New 0.5 kg When we will meet again bouquet 24 pieces of different roses bouquet to say thanks to your love one. Your gift will come with a greeting card. . https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/52-flb315.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/when-we-will-meet-again-bouquet.html 3,800.00 FLB315 999999999952 FDMAKATI-FLB315 100 Roses » 24 Roses FLB315 New 0.5 kg When You Miss Someone ! A warm miss you wish for your loved ones....(heart shape of 4 dozen red roses). https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/720-heart20.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/when-you-miss-someone.html 5,550.00 Heart20 999999999720 FDMAKATI-Heart20 100 Heart Shape Basket Heart20 New 0.5 kg White & purple Sympathy Show your support and love with a beautiful lavender and white sympathy floor basket. Help those grieving feel comfort at this difficult time.Features the freshest white roses, snapdragons, carnations, lavender mums, lavender stock and more. Our florists hand-design each arrangement, so colors, varieties, and container may vary due to local availability. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1003-82129218-1486853978104983-1162574155841798144-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-purple-sympathy.html 5,800.00 symphaty_17 999999991003 FDMAKATI-symphaty_17 100 Funeral flowers symphaty_17 New 0.5 kg white Deepest sympathy white Deepest sympathy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2119-21e9e75a5a4512257d568ce10772ec60--white-wreath-funeral-homes.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-deepest-sympathy.html 6,780.00 new 777777 999999992119 FDMAKATI-new 777777 100 Funeral flowers new 777777 New 0.5 kg White easel White easel https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2118-255103623-620687932421290-2238989813642415343-n.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-easel.html 6,450.00 new 7000 999999992118 FDMAKATI-new 7000 100 Funeral flowers new 7000 New 0.5 kg White lily & red rose sympathy White lily & red rose sympathy https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2120-431600420fafe810c330b71a09c3dce2.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-lily-red-rose-sympathy.html 6,760.00 new 89999 999999992120 FDMAKATI-new 89999 100 Funeral flowers new 89999 New 0.5 kg White Malasian. mums & red gerbera White Malasian. mums & red gerbera https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2116-c46961c9a6365c983b5e1dd8a5e2a374--funeral-arrangements-flower-arrangements.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-malasian-mums-red-gerbera.html 5,900.00 gerbera 1234 999999992116 FDMAKATI-gerbera 1234 100 Funeral flowers gerbera 1234 New 0.5 kg White Mixed Fireside standing White Mixed Fireside standing https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2085-bn91296.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-mixed-fireside-standing.html 5,300.00 nation 3455 999999992085 FDMAKATI-nation 3455 100 Funeral flowers nation 3455 New 0.5 kg white roses+pink carnations 11 white roses, 12 pink carnations, green leaves, a small teddy bear sit on bouquet, available for Great love, as wells as for mother annd elder women https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1754-white-rosespink-carnations.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/white-roses-pink-carnations.html 3,600.00 591 999999991754 FDMAKATI-591 100 Mother's day Flowers 591 New 0.5 kg White Standing Spray White Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2083-12-message-us.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-standing-spray.html 5,300.00 nation 5655 999999992083 FDMAKATI-nation 5655 100 Funeral flowers nation 5655 New 0.5 kg White Sympathy Standing Spray White Sympathy Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2082-217-275-large.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/white-sympathy-standing-spray.html 5,100.00 nation 5656 999999992082 FDMAKATI-nation 5656 100 Funeral flowers nation 5656 New 0.5 kg White teddy w/ shirt 36 inches white teddy bear w/ i love you t-shirt... https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1416-teddy138-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/nice-pillow/funeral-flowers/sympathy-standing/white-teddy-w-shirt.html 2,300.00 newbear 0666 999999991416 FDMAKATI-newbear 0666 100 newbear 0666 New 0.5 kg Wishing Your Smiles Multiply... Wish your friend/ family/ loved one that his/ her smiles multiply with this beautiful and romantic 24 mix roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/493-ros461.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/wishing-your-smiles-multiply.html 4,200.00 ros461 999999999493 FDMAKATI-ros461 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros461 New 0.5 kg Wonderful Mocha cake,1 dozen red roses bouquet and 16 pieces ferrero rocker chocolates for your loveone. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/596-combo01-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/cake/wonderful.html 4,750.00 cake32 999999999596 FDMAKATI-cake32 100 Cake cake32 New 0.5 kg Wonderful Day 6 red roses roses become a beautiful love expression to your lovely person. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/466-ros420.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/wonderful-day.html 2,000.00 ros420 999999999466 FDMAKATI-ros420 100 Roses ros420 New 0.5 kg Wonderful Day 5 yellow tulips,5 blue and 5 white tulips become a beautiful love expression to your lovely person. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2026-wonderful-day.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/wonderful-day.html 5,500.00 tulips019 999999992026 FDMAKATI-tulips019 100 Tulip tulips019 New 0.5 kg XMAS GIFT BASKET Hereford Cooked Ham 16oz French Cellars Shiraz 750ml Libby’s Vienna Sausage 4.6oz DAK Pate De Foie 90g Ovomaltine Crunchy Cream 380g Pringles US Original 5.68oz Royal Dansk Butter Cookies Original 454g Toblerone Milk 200g Ceres Cranberry & Kiwi Fruit Juice 1L https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2154-merry-mix-up-1.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/xmas-gift-basket.html 4,900.00 basket 7983322 999999992154 FDMAKATI-basket 7983322 100 Fruit /Gift Basket basket 7983322 New 0.5 kg xmas_basket Description: Kraft: Tang Orange 180g Del Monte: Fresh Cut Pineapple Tidbits 234g Reno: Liver Spread 230g Libby's: Chicken Vienna Sausage in Chicken Broth 255g Nestle: Coffeemate Original 170g Nescafe: Protect 100g Cadbury: Assortment 180g Mc Cormick: Creamy Garlic 4 pcs, 35g each Orion: Choco Pie 4 pck, 112g Nestle: Honey Gold Flakes 220g Colavita: Fettuccine 500g Welch's: White Grape 710ml Lady Liberty: Crunchy Cheez Curls 156g   https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2141-1249-xmas-basket12.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/fruit-gift-basket/xmas-basket.html 4,100.00 christmas 879090 999999992141 FDMAKATI-christmas 879090 100 Fruit /Gift Basket christmas 879090 New 0.5 kg Yell0w Tulip Bouquet "Presentation" - beautiful 10 pieces of yellow tulips are they key to anyones heart. Note: Color may vary. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2027-yellw-tulip-bouquet.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/tulip/yell0w-tulip-bouquet.html 4,500.00 tulips020 999999992027 FDMAKATI-tulips020 100 Tulip tulips020 New 0.5 kg Yellow & White Sympathy Standing Spray Yellow & White Sympathy Standing Spray https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2084-bn91284.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/funeral-flowers/yellow-white-sympathy-standing-spray.html 5,800.00 nation 4555 999999992084 FDMAKATI-nation 4555 100 Funeral flowers nation 4555 New 0.5 kg YELLOW PARADISE A beautiful hand bunch of 24 fresh yellow roses. with seasonal ferns n fillers. The product is delivered along with your personal message. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1485-1296370789-n-14-y-r.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/yellow-paradise.html 4,100.00 val 5566888 999999991485 FDMAKATI-val 5566888 100 Roses » 24 Roses val 5566888 New 0.5 kg Yellow Roses with Cake for Dad Give a lovely surprise to your dearest Dad on this Fathers Day with this special hampers which includes : Bunch of 12 Yellow Roses along with delicious Chocolate Cake. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1277-gai2-gaifat1121.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/father-s-day-items/yellow-roses-with-cake-for-dad.html 3,950.00 flowers 44222 999999991277 FDMAKATI-flowers 44222 100 Father's Day Items flowers 44222 New 0.5 kg Yellow Roses with Ferrero Chocolates 24 Yellow Roses with 24 Ferrero Rocher Chocolates. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1486-1355999912-pw-12-yr-24ferr.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/yellow-roses-with-ferrero-chocolates.html 4,000.00 combo89 999999991486 FDMAKATI-combo89 100 Combo items combo89 New 0.5 kg You are GReat MOM Pretty Pinks and Purples flowers https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/935-purple-n-pink.72133346-std.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/flowers-arrangement/mother-s-day-flowers/standing/you-are-great-mom.html 3,600.00 food37434322 999999999935 FDMAKATI-food37434322 100 Flowers Arrangement » mother's day Flowers food37434322 New 0.5 kg You Are My Everything 8'' Pink  or  Brown Or White Teddy Bear Wine 16pcs. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Greeting Card Black Forest Cake OR Mango CAke white malaysian,12 white roses,1 stick white stargazer ,white alstromeria purple statice and blue hydrangea in a Vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/2069-2069-9.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/combo-items/you-are-my-everything.html 6,100.00 newcombo 999999992069 FDMAKATI-newcombo 100 Combo items newcombo New 0.5 kg you r special Teddy Bear with T-shirt 36" white you r special Teddy Bear with T-shirt https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1417-teddy136-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/bears/you-r-special-teddy-bear-with-t-shirt.html 3,200.00 newteddy 8888666 999999991417 FDMAKATI-newteddy 8888666 100 Bears newteddy 8888666 New 0.5 kg You're Always On My Mind ! Let your beloved know how much you love him/ her with these beautiful and romantic 12 Orange roses in a vase. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/482-ros450.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/12-roses/you-re-always-on-my-mind.html 2,100.00 ros450 999999999482 FDMAKATI-ros450 100 Roses » 12 Roses ros450 New 0.5 kg You're My Perfect Rose... A romantic vase of dozen red roses that will make your sweetheart feel really special. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/494-ros462.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/roses/24-roses/you-re-my-perfect-rose.html 4,200.00 ros462 999999999494 FDMAKATI-ros462 100 Roses » 24 Roses ros462 New 0.5 kg Your Love Is Precious A beautiful arrangement of 3 dozen red roses in a heart shape basket with ( 6 packs x 50 gm each)toblerone that'll make her feel really special. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1310-699-heart25-l.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/heart-sheart-shape-basket/your-love-is-precious.html 5,700.00 heart 22666 999999991310 FDMAKATI-heart 22666 100 Heart Shape Basket heart 22666 New 3 kg Your Mind 19 white roses (roses color can be changed to red, pink, champagne if you want), with purple forget-me-not. https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/images/products/originals/1712-your-mind.jpg https://www.flowerdeliverymakati.com/mother-s-day-flowers/your-mind.html 3,400.00 218 999999991712 FDMAKATI-218 100 Mother's day Flowers 218 New 0.5 kg